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Link in Instagram bio not clickable – Top Solutions

You might have noticed that you can’t put a clickable link in the caption of your Instagram posts or the comment section. So, what should we do if we want to share a link with our followers? Or if we’re going to share our other social accounts with them? Also, most of the businesses want their followers to have access to their website, what should they do? The key is adding a bio link, but is it enough?  If you want to want to know how you can solve the Instagram unclickable link problem, keep reading.

What Is Bio Link?

If you are familiar with other social networks, you may saw many spam contents in different parts of them. Most of these spam contents are in the comment section, and that’s why Instagram disabled links in the comment section and posts’ captions. Instagram tries to control the spammers in this way, but it causes limitations for brands and businesses too. Each Bussiness has many links that want to share with its audiences, such as its website and other social accounts. However, it’s not easy for Instagram users to enter the link if it’s not clickable. They should type it in the browser or use third-party apps to copy it. Fortunately, Instagram made an exception. Instagram users can add only one link to their bio that is clickable. It is just one link, but still, it’s better than nothing! Let’s see how you can add a link to your bio in the next section.

How To Add A Link In Bio?

To add a clickable link to your Instagram bio:

  • Login to your account using a PC or a mobile device.
  • Click on “Edit Profile” on your profile page.
  • Paste your link in the website box and submit the form.

And it’s done! Now, you have a clickable link on your Instagram bio.

But, is the problem solved? It’s just one clickable link, so which should you choose? As we mentioned before, businesses usually have many links that want to share with their followers, and that’s why they found a way to do it.

How To Share More Than One Link?

Mainly, there are three solutions to add more clickable links to your bio so, Let’s start with the most efficient one.

  • Using MyURLs.bio

    Do you remember Aladdin’s story and his three wishes? Have you ever thought that if you had three wishes, you would use one of them to ask to have more? That’s almost what MyURLs.bio do!

    MyURLs.bio is a bio link tool that helps you create a page with all of your links in it. You set the link in your bio to your MyURLs.io page, and there you have all the options you want. Here is a sample MyURLs.bio page.

    It has different features to assist you in making a remarkable landing page, such as:

      • Adding your social media accounts on Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
      • Putting the links to your website, blog or anywhere else in your page
      • Giving you reports of this page’s clicks
      • Tag links on your posts that make your posts clickable
      • Adding a contact form and collecting emails
      • Giving away coupons

    These are just some of the MyURLs.bio features. Now, how can you access this tool?

    This bio link tool is part of the AiSchedul managing tool package. MyURLs.bio tool can be used as a feature of AiSchedul besides many other features that it offers to help their clients grow their Instagram page.


    AiSchedul is an Instagram managing platform that helps its clients with various Instagram services. The first thing to say about this tool is that it makes managing your account amazingly faster. Did you notice that many users have stopping problems with the Instagram app on their device? It keeps stopping because users are running low on their device storage. But AiSchedul is a web application, and you have no storage problems working with it. The other point is that it has a fantastically user-friendly interface that users have no difficulties managing their Instagram accounts with it.

    As we said before, AiSchedul provides many Instagram services that save so much time working on your business on Instagram. Some of these services are:

    • Managing multiple accounts on one page
    • Scheduling posts
    • Scheduling stories with all the features
    • MyURLs.bio bio link tool
    • Reposting followers’ content
    • Organizing reward campaigns

    They offer many other services too, and you can get to know them better by signing up for their free trial plan.
    Moreover, the prices of AiSchedul’s plans are the most cost-efficient comparing to its competitors.

  • Keep changing the link!

    The other way that we don’t suggest is changing the bio link constantly. For example, if you want to share a particular video on Youtube, use that link and when you have a special offer on your website, change the link to your website URL. Obviously, it’s not a smart plan to follow because you can target your followers to just one source at a time. Also, it becomes tiresome after a while, but still, it’s a basic solution.

  • Designing a webpage on your website

    The last way is to create a landing page on your website. Basically, it’s what MyURLs.bio does, but you will have it on your website. However, it isn’t as simple as it sounds!

    At first, you need to have a website which many Instagram users don’t. If you have one, you should ask your web designer to create one page, especially for this purpose. Then, you have to use other packages for some tools that you want, such as analytics. No need to mention that if you’re going to add any new links or make any changes, you need to contact your designer again.

    This way, You will deal with all of your followers on your website, and you can design it exactly how you want. However, keep in mind that if anything goes wrong with your website or web server, this page won’t work too.

All in all, you can share all of your links with your followers using the one clickable link in the Instagram bio. We hope you find this article helpful. Share your ideas with us in the comment section.



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