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Why you shouldn’t get the linktree pro package? (And what to do instead)


We are going to let you know today why you do not need to spend six dollars on premium features that Linktree Pro plan provides.

matter of fact we want to show you why you don’t need to use Linktree at all!

Firstly let us give you some brief information about “What is Linktree?”

Linktree is a way to create a specific landing page with links and it has been used mostly for Instagram bios.

Now after that being said,  we are gonna jump right on into it.

Linktree is advertised as  “The Only Link You’ll Ever Need!”

To sign up for this platform, simply fill out the form as shown below which can be accessed by clicking on the “Get Started For Free” button and after filling it out and signing up, You can log into your dashboard.

let’s go ahead and check out the pricing structure.

they have got a free plan of all the basics as long as you like and it includes all of the basics features to get you started right.

The bad news is you have to get a premium plan to get unlimited links on your Linktree.


It looks like they have got some themes that you can choose from now given that it is free pretty sure that these things probably aren’t the best.

We are sure that there is probably a handful of whether it is a handful of ten or a handful of a hundred but we are probably certain that a good majority there are only so many days

everybody is gravitating to.

Let’s look at the options available in Linktree Pro plan

They have the Linktree Pro plan where you get everything that is including in the free but then you also get help quickly and priority support once again we are like we get it but at the same time.

if it is from what we see Linktree be we don’t know how much we will need to contact Linktree to just link to outside sources.

Capture your visitor’s email addresses with the email /newsletter signup integration it sounds pretty cool right.

The next option is More Linktree themes that are awesome.

Remove the Linktree branding. me personality that is the big one there I never believed in having another people logos for anything that you are using to promote I am like go

ahead pam removes the branding because in most cases that I have seen you don’t get paid when somebody clicks on that Linktree or in front for the Linktree free things.

I don’t know if you get paid for when somebody clicks on Linktrees link on your page for them to make Charlies get a free account set up where ultimately people will start paying at

but nevertheless, see a day-by-day breakdown of the link traffic and also Complete customization of your Linktree colors, button styles, and fonts.

basically you can actually design out this thing it looks like pretty much like designing a web page right.

Change the title of your Linktree let’s see Time your links to go live in-line with scheduled posts that it is a pretty cool feature.

Retarget your Linktree visitors on Facebook and Instagram by adding your Facebook Pixel ID.

obviously mean if it is meant for Instagram I think that goes without saying he whole pixel ID.

Show traffic as ‘Social’ in Google Analytics: it is something with Instagram and Google Analytics are being able to track that traffic that something doesn’t necessarily proper.

These are some of the Linktree Pro plan features that you get but once again that cost you six dollars a month.

Unless you are getting the paid plan you are really not getting much to be using the free plan.

Why you shouldn’t use Linktree pro and what you should do instead?

we are going to show you exactly how you can make your own Linktree for Instagram accounts for free!

really there is no sense for you to have to pay to send people to very specific links when you could just do it all for free.

So today and that is what we are going to be showing you in this article.

If you are a small business and you are trying to make sure that you are using your budget well and you are trying to limit your expenses as much as possible this article is perfect for you.
we will show you how you can get all of these features on your website without spending anything extra.

All these little things in Linktree Pro plan and even more you can have them for free if you signup at MyUrls.bio by AiSchedul.

you can do most of them without having to pay any type of fees because of anything.

In fact, MyUrls.bio by AiSchedul is the best alternative to Linktree.

So let’s jump right into how to do this.

we make our own version of Linktree using MyUrls.bio and if you click on the link inside of bio it will look like as shown in the photo below.

One of the prominent features of using MyUrls.bio than Linktree is providing a user-friendly environment that is exactly like Instagram.

As you can see in the video below, you can see all the posts you have on Instagram on this page and click on each photo will take you to the address you linked to.

Just click here on MyUrls.bio to explain more features you can use.

Then fill out the form below to complete the registration.

You will now be logged into a page called Dashboard, where you can add multiple Instagram accounts and manage them simultaneously.

You can add as many Instagram account you like to this page by selecting the Add Instagram Account option at the top of the page.

How to create your landing page using MyUrls.bio by AiSchedul

First of all, take a look at the free package and services it offers.

As you can see, the services offered by Linktree Pro for $ 6 a month can be used for free on MyUrls.bio.

You will also be offered a service that is not offered in any way on Linktree, like scheduler or hold Instagram contests and more…

Once you register and log into MyUrls.bio by AiSchedul you will be offered the following services for free.

  • Schedule content
  • Feed scheduler
  • Tagging(location,people)
  • Automated deleting post
  • Post galleries
  • Multiple links in bio
  • Schedule to reward

Now to create your landing page using this platform, log into your dashboard page and click on Manage Account.

From the available options, select Bio-Link.

In the new page, you enter you can create your own landing page using the tips and finally copy the link that MyUrls.bio gives you and pastes it into your Instagram biography.

Two basic differences between MyUrls.bio and Linktree

  1. MyUrls.bio provides all the services on this platform for free to its users, but Linktree offers a limited portion of its services for free, and if you want to use the rest of the services you should buy Linktree Pro plan.
  2. Linktree is a tool that is limit to creating link services in bio and doesn’t help much in growing your Instagram, but MyUrls.bio not only helps you build your own landing page in the biography and it also have advance tools that will affect on Instagram growth and provide you with free services.

How to create a professional Instagram using MyUrls.bio by AiSchedul?

As we told you, you no longer have to buy Linktree Pro plan because you can easily get all these services for free at MyUrls.bio.

Now we’ll explain how to create a professional Instagram with this tool.

  1. Use Scheduler:

Imagine you manage multiple Instagram pages at the same time and you want to publish a few specific posts on per page.

In this case, the method by which you can post automatically to Instagram will be very valuable.

Automatic posting on Instagram is a professional way of generating content for your Instagram social network.

Then your Instagram page will always be up to date.

Automatic posting is more suitable for people who have a lot of work to do and are using Instagram for business.

Follow the steps below to start scheduling your posts.

  1. If you want to prepare a post for your feed select it, otherwise select the story option.
  2. Select an image and drag and drop it into the box.
  3. Add a description for it.
  4. Select the hashtags you want for your post.
  5. Select a location.
  6. Specify the day and time you are considering.
  7. Your post will be share on the date you specified.


MyUrls.bio by AiSchedul also lets you repost from other accounts.

You can schedule up to 10 posts individually and queue them to load in order.

2-Use Post and Reward

The Instagram contest is one of the best ways to increase real followers, branding and increase page engagement rate.

But before you start any contest on Instagram, you must first look for a fair way to find the winner.

Fortunately, users using AiSchedul can easily skip this step, as it uses advanced tools to easily identify the winner and automatically send the message you have prepared in advance to

the winning person.

All you need to do is define the rules of the contest for this tool to select the winner according to these rules.

Services provided by MyUrls.bio by AiSchedul to its users

  1. Schedule Content
  2. Auto Response to Comments
  3. Multiple Account Posting
  4. Tagging (Location, Users)
  5. Post Galleries
  6. Multiple Links in Bio
  7. Schedule to Reward
  8. Automated Deleting Posts

Conclusion:As we explained in this article, MyUrls.bio by AiSchedul offers you more services than Linktree for free.

Now you know that one of the reasons you should not buy Linktree Pro plan is that it is unprofitable for you and that most of These services are

provide to users free of charge in tools that can be a good alternative to this platform.





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