MeetEdgar vs. AiSchedul- Which Instagram scheduler is better for you?

Have you heard anything about MeetEdgar? According to its website,

MeetEdgar makes it easy to schedule and automate your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn!”.

In this article, we want to compare this platform with AiSchedul, which is one of the best Instagram management platforms and makes it possible to manage all your Instagram accounts at a place. 

Our comparison consists of the following sections:

  • Setup
  • Connecting your Instagram account(s)
  • Features
  • Maintenance and support
  • Price
  • Conclusion


AiSchedul vs. MeetEdgar- A comparison between two Instagram Schedulers 



To create an account on AiSchedul, follow the two steps below:

Step 1) Open the AiSchedul website and click on “Register Now”.

AiSchedul homepage

Step 2) Enter your name, email and set a password and click on “Register now”.

AiSchedul signup

That’s it! You have signed up on AiSchedul successfully. 


To start with MeetEdgar, open the MeetEdgar website and click on the “Sign Up” button. 

MeetEdgar homepage

Then, enter your email and password and click on “Let’s Go”.

MeetEdgar signup

Finally, you need to enter your card information and pay the price to complete your registration. 

MeetEdgar payment

Note that it is essential to pay the price to register on MeetEdgar and you cannot use this platform without entering your card information. 

Connecting your Instagram account(s)


AiSchedul is one of the most user-friendly platforms out there, and you can simply connect multiple Instagram accounts on this website. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1) On the dashboard, click on the “Add Instagram Account”.

AiSchedul dashboard

Step 2) On the following page, enter your Instagram username and click on “Next”.

AiSchedul connect to Instagram

Step 3) Finally, enter your Instagram username and click on “Submit”.

AiSchedul connect to Instagram

Done! Remember that you can add multiple accounts to your AiSchedul account using the same way. 


To connect to your Instagram account on MeetEdgar, on the dashboard click on “Accounts” and click on the Instagram icon. Actually, you can connect to your Instagram account on MeetEdgar through Facebook or directly from Instagram. Choose the one you want and click on its button.

MeetEdgar connect to Instagram

Then, authorize Edgar on Facebook. Finally, select the business accounts you want to connect on MeetEdgar and click on the “Add Selected Business” button. 

MeetEdgar connect to Instagram

That’s all! Now you can use MeedEdgar features for Instagram. 



As we have mentioned in the previous articles, AiSchedul is more than an Instagram scheduler. Using AiSchedul you can:

  • Schedule posts
  • Schedule stories
  • Repost content
  • Schedule multiple contents
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts
  • Tag people and locations
  • Autoresponse to comments 

It is obvious that by having these features, you can become a professional Instagrammer and save a great deal of time. In the following paragraphs, we describe each feature in detail and find out how does each one works. 

Schedule Posts

To schedule Instagram posts using AiSchedul do the following steps:

Step 1) On the dashboard, click on the “Manage Account” button. 

AiSchedul features

Step 2) Now, click on the “Schedule Feed” button.

AiSchedul schedule posts

Step 3) Then, upload the photos or videos you want to share on your Instagram feed. 

AiSchedul schedule posts

Remember that you can upload up to 10 multiple contents. Here, you can:

  • Crop the images
  • Tag people
  • Rotate photos 

After doing all the things above, click on the “Save” button and go to the next step 

Step 4) Now, write the caption in the caption box if necessary, tag locations, and set a date and time you want the post to be shared on.

AiSchedul schedule posts

Moreover, if you want to automatically respond to comments, you can type it on the determined box and turn on the auto-response. Actually, autoresponse to comments is active for all the premium accounts. 

Note that if you have connected multiple Instagram accounts to AiSchedul, you can select the ones that you want to share the post on and post your content simultaneously to all the intended accounts.

Finally, click on “Schedule Post”.

After scheduling, you can see the scheduled images on your dashboard and delete or edit it before posting. 

AiSchedul features

If you want to know more about post scheduling and reasons for why do you need an Instagram post scheduler, click here

Schedule Stories

You may need to schedule stories for so many reasons. Actually, scheduling stories helps you a lot with your time-consuming considerations. Scheduling stories on AiSchedul is very similar to post scheduling. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1) On the dashboard, click on the “Schedule Story” tab. 

AiSchedul features

Step 2) Now, upload the photo or video you want to post on your Instagram story.

AiSchedul schedule stories

Using the toolbox at top of the story screen, you can:

  • Add links
  • Draw something on your photo
  • Add stickers and gifs
  • Geotag your Instagram stories
  • Add questions and polls
  • Change the background
  • Add texts

After doing all the things above if necessary, click on the “Save” button. 

Step 3) Finally, schedule the date and time, select the accounts you want to post the story on, and click on the “Schedule Story” button. 

AiSchedul schedule stories

After scheduling your stories, you can see the scheduled stories on the dashboard and edit or delete them. 

To see the scheduler in action, watch the video below:


Another helpful feature suggested by AiSchedul is reposting. Despite most of the similar apps, AiSchedul lets you not only repost photos but also repost videos on Instagram. Using this feature you can repost public Instagram accounts’ content by searching for HashTags, Locations, URLs, and Usernames. 

AiSchedul repost

In the following, we describe each one and tell how do they work. 

  • HashTags

Hashtags on Instagram are like keywords that let you find content related to a specific word or phrase. On AiSchedul, you can search for HashTags, see the related images or videos, and easily repost them on your own page. 

AiSchedul repost by hashtag

  • Location

Another way to repost on AiSchedul is to find and repost photos or videos of a special location. By selecting the “Location” tab from the list above, and entering a specific location, you can view and repost content on Instagram. 

AiSchedul repost by location

  • URL

As you may know, Instagram lets users copy the share URL of public posts. If you have identified a photo or a video from a public account, simply copy its share URL and paste it to AiSchedul and repost it. 

AiSchedul repost by URL

  • Username

Finally, if you want to repost content from a specific Instagram page, you can enter the username on AiSchedul and view their posts to repost them easily. 

AiSchedul repost by username

Once you have chosen one of the ways described above, you can click on the “Repost” button below the content and share it on your Instagram account immediately or schedule it. To know the best Instagram repost apps, click here.

The time you have signed up in AiSchedul, you can use all the features above and receive more Instagram attractions. 


There are so many amazing features offered by MeetEdgar, such as:

  • Social media scheduler 
  • Automated social sharing
  • Automatic post-re-sharing
  • Manage multiple social profiles 
  • Direct video uploads
  • Calendar view

And so many other features that will help you to become a professional user of social networks and save your time. 

To schedule posts on MeetEdgar, click on the “Schedules” tab, upload your content, edit the caption, set date and time, and finally, click on “Save to Library”. 

MeetEdgar features

You can edit or delete the scheduled posts whenever you want and you can manage to share your posts on all your social profiles simultaneously. 

Maintenance and support


If you have any problems getting started with AiSchedul or face any issues, you may find a solution on the AiSchedul FAQ part. 

AiSchedul help

In case you didn’t find your problem on this part, you can contact the AiSchedul help center and troubleshoot your issues using their specific guidelines. Actually, while working with AiSchedul, you can always find the message button on the right corner of the screen and contact the help and support center easily. 


There is a categorized help center on the MeetEdgar website that helps you find solutions to your problems easily and by recognizing their category. Moreover, if you have any problems that cannot be found on this part, you can use their online help service and chat with them to get exact solutions for your issues. 

MeetEdgar help



AiSchedul offers two different plans for users. In addition, it gives new users a 5-day free trial which is not limited at all and you can examine almost all the features to know the app better and decide whether you want to pay for it or not. 

AiSchedul price

One of the two plans offered by AiSchedul is always free but in this version, you can only access some of the features and you cannot enjoy the total ride of this application. Moreover, the other plan that gives complete access to features costs only 9$ per month which is economic in comparison to other apps.


Actually, there is only one plan offered by MeetEdgar and this platform does not offer you any other plans. The only plan offered by this website costs 49$ per month and lets you manage 25 social media accounts and use all the features of this platform. If you are a new user of this website, you can get a code that gives you 20$ off for the first four months that you use this platform. Moreover, you can receive a 30-days free trial. But remember that in all cases you have to enter your card information and pay the price after the deadline. 

MeetEdgar price


MeetEdgar is one of the best social media managers that let you manage all your social accounts at a place, schedule and queue posts, and share them on the best time possible. However, this platform doesn’t let you schedule Instagram stories and repost content from other users. Therefore, you might prefer to use AiSchedul which is a specialized Instagram platform and let you become an extraordinary Instagrammer. In addition, if you compare these two platforms by their prices, you see that using AiSchedul is definitely more economic and by paying a less amount of money, you will be able to do more amazing things on your Instagram. 

Compare these two apps by their features, prices, and setup steps and choose the one that meets your needs best. 

Want to start your journey with AiSchedul for free? Click here.

If you are interested in MeetEdgar, you can visit their website.

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