NapoleonCat top reviews & alternatives

NapoleonCat Top Reviews & Alternatives for Instagram Marketing

The number of Instagram users is growing every day, and Instagram has become one of the most popular social media all around the world. Also, Instagram is adding new features to the application to make a more exciting experience for its users. This creates an excellent opportunity for marketing, and businesses can address their niche audience using this application. But do they manage their Instagram pages manually? Of course they don’t. They use Instagram managing platforms to manage their page more efficiently. In this article, we are going to discuss NapoleonCat, which is an Instagram marketing platform. We will talk about its features, the users’ reviews, and then we will introduce you to some alternative platforms.

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What Is NapoleonCat?

As everyone knows, the effect of social media on people’s life has risen vastly, and you can hardly find a person not using them. According to Oberlo, more than 500 million Instagram users use this application daily! So, the businesses are looking for marketing tools to assist them in growing their page and attracting new users. You can read more about Instagram marketing tools here.

napoleoncat website

NapoleonCat is one of these marketing tools which supports many social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It provides different features like detailed analytics reports and scheduling tools to help their clients both manage their pages and track their growth. Also, you can manage multiple social accounts through one platform, which makes content management a lot simpler. Moreover, it’s a web platform so you can manage all of your accounts on a PC, which is more convenient than a mobile device. Plus, you won’t face common mobile devices’ stopping errors caused by running low on storage. Now let’s talk about its features in the net section.

NapoleonCat Features

As we mentioned before, this platform offers many services to help their clients in managing their accounts. In this article, we will focus on NapoleonCat Instagram services.


The biggest strength of this platform is the helpful reports they provide. In NapoleonCat, you can track the growth of your account. Tracking your page’s engagement, you can find your most effective posts and also the best time to post content to attract more followers.

But it’s more than this! You can monitor your competitors’ growth too. By comparing your business to your competitors, you can understand your weaknesses and try to resolve them. It provides detailed analysis to give you a better assessment of your job.

NapoleonCat Analytics

Additionally, you can download the reports in PDF or CSV formats, which is useful for agencies that need these reports for their clients.

Content scheduling

The Instagram post scheduler is the new feature added to the Napoleon platform. Using this feature, you can schedule your posts from days before. Plus, you can share them at the optimal time to have to best effect.

It’s worth mentioning that most of the Instagram platforms offer this feature; however, just a few support Instagram stories. Unfortunately, NapoleonCat doesn’t provide a story scheduler, but in the Alternatives section, we will introduce you to a platform that does.

Automatic comment handling

Another helpful service that NapolenCat provides is the social inbox handler. You can manage your comments manually or automatically through this platform. For the repetitive questions, you can define an automatic response. Additionally, you can hide or delete comments automatically based on their content. This way, you don’t have to worry about spam comments under your posts anymore.

Teamwork handling

If you are going to work within a team, NapoleonCat helps you with this too. You can assign posts, comments and tasks to the team members both manually and automatically. By defining keywords, the contents related to them would be assigned to a specific teammate automatically. Moreover, the changes made by everyone is simply trackable.

NapoleonCat Reviews

Now that we talked about the strengths, it’s time to know about some user reviews.


NapoleonCat prices vary depending on the number of users, the number of profiles and the kind of plan you choose. Here we can see the most basic plan:

Napoleon pricing

Most of the users are satisfied with the services, but some of them say that prices are a little high for them. Also, the costs increase for more social profiles and users. The prices are not that high, but still, there are some alternatives at more affordable prices.

More comprehensive reports

Although NapoleonCat does a perfect job of providing useful page’s statistics, some of the users said that they wish the comprehensive reports were available for all the social networks. However, it should be mentioned that NapoleonCat is supported by a diligent developer team that is working on new features. It’s likely that in the future updates, all the reports will be available for different social networks.

Story scheduler

As we mentioned before, you can’t schedule your stories on this platform. It’s a relatively new feature, but it’s included in some Instagram platforms. The users find this feature really useful since they don’t have to design stories every day, and also, they don’t have to be online at the specific optimal time.

User Interface

NapoleonCat interface

Its interface has a simple design that doesn’t confuse the users at all, despite many of its competitors. But some of the users mentioned that they don’t understand the meaning of some icons and tasks. They said that the interface is not designed in a way that it’s familiar to the users. However, keep in mind that the customer service is ready to help you with any task as soon as possible, so it won’t take much time until you get used to the interface.

NapoleonCat Alternatives

Now it’s time to introduce some Instagram marketing alternatives to NapoleonCat as we said before. These options are different by the social networks they support and the features they offer. We are going to mention some of their features, but you can always get to know them better by visiting their website or signing up for their trial plan.

AiSchedulAiSchedul Instagram managing platform

AiSchedul is a platform designed especially for Instagram, so it provides more Instagram features than many other multi-network platforms. It offers various services focusing on different features of Instagram. If you have multiple Instagram accounts, in this platform, you can manage all of them on one page and share content with them or schedule them all together.

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AiSchedul scheduling

Some of AiSchedul features are:

  • Scheduling your posts and stories and automatically publish them at the desired time
  • Designing the perfect bio link landing page (read more about bio link here)
  • Organizing giveaways on your page automatically
  • Tracking your mentions
  • Repost your own’s and your followers’ content with a couple of clicks

Also, the prices are more reasonable than other platforms, which makes it an ideal option for all types of users. So, if you are focusing on Instagram for growing your business, we definitely recommend you to try AiSchedul.

HootsuiteHootsuite managing platformdulers

Hootsuite is another platform that supports multiple social networks. This platform is known for its equipped pack of features for each social network. It’s known as a perfect choice for businesses having multiple social accounts.

Read a comparison between Hootsuite and AiSchedul here.

Some of its Instagram features are:

  • Scheduling posts (not available for stories yet)
  • Receiving analytics to track your growth
  • Having access to other apps and integrations

The prices are higher than previous options; however, it seems reasonable since it provides many practical features, especially in the more professional plans. You can use their trial plan to get to know them better, but you should know that it asks for your payment details at first, and after the trial plan, it will charge you if you don’t cancel it!

SocialBakersSocialBakers managing platform

SocialBakers is another multi-network platform, and it provides various services for each social network. Although its high prices make it affordable only for big brands and businesses, its clients are satisfied with its performance.

Some of its Instagram features are:

  • Scheduling posts (not stories yet)
  • Monitoring performance by detailed analytics
  • Targetting customers using artificial intelligence

You can read more about this platform here. Also, signing up for its trial plan needs no credit card details.


We discussed both strengths and weaknesses of the NapoleonCat platform. In fact, it has many helpful features that you can hardly found all together on another platform. However, the most suitable platform depends on your needs. Then, we also introduced some other well-known platforms as alternatives to help you in making your decision. We hope you find this article helpful. Share your ideas with us in the comment section.

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