Prepare your profile for promotion in 2022

Today, Internet users are overloaded with commercial offers, so they increasingly ignore direct aggressive advertising and rarely make a decision instantly. Studies show that before buying complex and expensive products, a person goes through many decision steps and needs at least 7 touches: a visual reminder of the company, an ad, an email, a social network entry, a manager’s call, a website review. The auto sales funnel helps to build the right number of touches with the client and accelerates a customer’s way from a product introduction to purchase. This tool helps to build long-term relationships, stimulates users to the desired target action, and ensures maximum conversion. In this article, we will consider the main steps that will help you build an effective sales funnel on Instagram.

Prepare your profile for promotion

Before you start organizing an auto funnel, take care of the external design of your account. An Instagram profile is the face of your brand, that should inspire confidence and interest potential clients. So, the page must be worked out in detail.

The avatar should reflect your positioning and include different triggers. For example, for an entrepreneur whose business is related to autos, a photo shoot with a car would be an effective solution.

Choose an easy-to-remember nickname.  Many companies duplicate the name of the brand and for a personal account, you can use the first and last name or field of activity. A profile name is indexed by Instagram’s search engine, so use keywords to generate more traffic to your account. 

Profile description is a strong conversion element that should reflect your activity and explain how cooperation with you can be profitable. Add a profile picture; in the best way, it should be your logo design to help people easily recognize your brand. Support your credibility with figures, facts, and other evidence that proves your expertise. It’s effective to include testimonials and successful cases in pinned Stories. In social networks, social proof is easy to reinforce with high statistics in the profile, so at the start, it’s effective to buy real Instagram followers and other involvement indicators. 

Before creating a content plan, it’s important to analyze your target audience and identify their pains, tasks, and desires. This will help you build more personalized communication that meets the needs of your customers. 

Develop key mailing components

On Instagram, you can automate communication with a client using a chat bot. To do this, use the basic elements of the auto funnel. 

A lead magnet provides entry into the sales funnel. This is a free useful material that customers receive in exchange for contacts: mail, phone number. A lead magnet can be a consultation, an e-book, a checklist, a webinar, etc. This tool is designed to arouse the initial trust of the client, introduce him to your brand and demonstrate professionalism. This is the first step to building a relationship with the customer.

A transition from lead to a customer is provided by a tripwire. This is an inexpensive but useful product as the beginning of a financial relationship with a client. Often the tripwire is made into a large package of master classes. The value of the material should be several times higher than its price. As a result, the client will be loyal to your company and will have fewer objections and resistance to buying the main product.

Your business is built on the main product. As a rule, it’s offered 2 weeks after the user subscription. During this time, the client will get to know the company, build trust, and the probability of a deal will increase. 

After the sale of the main product, the task is to keep loyal customers hooked on repeat purchases. For this, a profit maximizer is used. These are additional sales, which should sell something even more expensive than the main product or alternative. The repeat sales cycle is the last stage of the auto funnel that never ends. Working with an already loyal audience is a very profitable strategy since it requires the least amount of resources to re-attract it to purchase.

To sum up, sales on Instagram are a system and the auto funnel is only one of the elements that work together. So, make sure you pack your profile well, regularly buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, etc., create incoming traffic with targeted ads, collaborations with bloggers, mutual PR, etc. With this approach, an auto funnel will help you monitor and improve the effectiveness of your customer interactions and scale your sales.

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