Preppr reviews and alternatives

Preppr top reviews and alternatives

Are you looking for an assistant platform that helps you manage your social accounts?  Do you need a platform to help you schedule your posts in advance?   In this article, we are going to talk about the Preppr scheduling tool, which supports Pinterest and Instagram. We will discuss its features, strengths and weaknesses. Then, we will introduce you to some other platforms with similar characteristics. So if you want to know more about Preppr or other Instagram managing tools, make sure to read this article.

What is Preppr?

PrepprPreppr logo is a scheduling tool designed for Pinterest and Instagram. Scheduling your pots for the optimal time is one of the hacks that can help you in growing your page. Using this platform, users can schedule their posts to manage their pages more efficiently. It also shows all of your scheduled posts in a calendar which help you in controlling them. You can choose each post to be automatically published or publish manually with a reminder notification. This platform offers some other services too that we will talk about them in the next section.

Preppr Features

In this article, we are going to discuss Instagram supporting features. Now let’s have a look at Preppr Instagram features.

  • Post scheduling

    Preppr scheduler
    As you can see, Preppr has a simple interface for scheduling posts that users feel no difficulties working with it. You can select the most optimal time for your post since it gives you the best options. Also, it has a hashtag search tool that helps you find the most popular hashtags. Moreover, you can mention tag people or locations to your posts too.

  • First comment

    This scheduling tool gives you the option to write the first comment under your posts. In the above image, you can see that it has a user-friendly interface, and you can simply write your comment in the second tab.

  • Simple Bio link

    Preppr bio linkYou can design a basic link page using the Prepper’s link managing tool. It’s too easy to work with it; however, this simplicity is not appreciated by many users. We will discuss it in the review section.

  • Calendar view

    As we mentioned before, Preppr has a calendar view that shows all your scheduled posts in a calendar. Also, you can select a date and add a post for that day. It helps you to have more control over your page and analyze your performance better.

Preppr Reviews

This scheduling tool does a great job help you with organizing your posts. However, there are some suggestions and reviews that they can use to improve the quality of their software.

  • No story scheduler

    Creating Instagram stories feature is popular these days and plays a significant role in growing the page. But, Preppr doesn’t support this feature, and this may lead its users to use other platforms that have this service. Scheduling stories is a feature that is included in many Instagram managing tools, and you can read more about them here.  Maybe, it’s the time for Preppr to add this feature too.

  • Not attractive link managing tool

    Bio link is the way that you can share your links and other social accounts with your Instagram followers. The visual sight of this page is important for many users, especially brands with marketing purposes. However, Preppr’s link managing tool is too simple compared to other managing platforms such as AiSchedul.

    AiSchedule bio link sample

  • Not much features

    Many Instagram managing tools support new features to help their clients grow their pages in different ways. However, Preppr doesn’t support many features and is almost just a scheduler. I guess Preppr can make the platform more efficient, adding some new services.

Preppr Pricing

We talked about its strengths and weaknesses. Now it’s the time to see whether it worth it or not.

Preppr PricingThe pricing is not too much, but if you want to know if it worth it, you should compare it to other platforms with similar features. As we saw so far, Preppr is mainly a post scheduler with some small features aside. If you want to see what other platforms offer and what their prices are, follow us to the next section.

Preppr Alternatives

To make a better comparison, you should know about other managing platforms too. So let’s go for it!

  • AiSchedulAischedul Instagram managing tool

    AiSchedul is a managing platform that is designed particularly for Instagram. It focuses on different aspects of Instagram and makes suggestions to help their clients improve in that. It has many features, and we are going to mention just some of them here. Although you can get to know them better signing up on their website and using their free trial plan.

    • Scheduling Instagram posts.
    • Scheduling Instagram stories.
    • Managing multiple Instagram accounts
    • Share content between your Instagram accounts.
    • Creating the bio link landing page.
    • Hashtag suggestion tool.
    • Organizing reward campaigns.

    Do you want to know about its price? Let’s have a look.

    AiSchedul pricing

    As you can see, in the starter plan, it costs like the Preppr’s selfie plan, but it offers many more features. Moreover, its prices are more affordable for businesses,  costs only $29 per month to have all the unlimited options. AiSchedul is an ideal option for Instagram users who want to grow their page in various aspects.

  • HootsuiteHootsuite mnging platformdulers

    Hootsuite is another platform that supports multiple social networks. It offers many useful services, and we mentioned some of them. You can read an article comparing Hootsuite and AiSchedul here.

    • Managing multiple social accounts on one page.
    • Scheduling Instagram posts.
    • Scheduling Instagram stories.
    • Hashtag suggestion tool.

    Hootsuite provides services for each social network, and it’s a perfect choice for businesses with accounts on different networks. Although it doesn’t support tagging in the Instagram story service, it’s one of the best Instagram scheduling tools. The prices are a little higher than the previous option, but don’t forget it’s the price you pay for a multi-network platform.

    Hootsuite pricing

  • Sked SocialSkedsocial managing platform

    Last but not least, Sked Social is another platform that supports multiple social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Various services are included for each network, and these are some of its Instagram features. You can read more about them here.

    • Managing multiple social accounts on one page.
    • Scheduling Instagram posts.
    • No push notification for publishing.
    • First comment writing option.
    • Scheduling Instagram stories.

    Like every other platform, Sked Social has some weaknesses too. The high price is one of them, and many users can’t afford its costs.

    Sked Social pricing

    Additionally, the story scheduler is not complete yet and needs some works. However, keep in mind that Sked Social is developing quickly, and there may be many new features in the next updates.

To conclude, you should look at what you expect from a managing tool and look for the one that is more proper for you. I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any suggestions, we will be glad to hear that. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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