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An easy way to schedule and publish YouTube videos on Instagram + tool

Many brands and influencers would like to schedule a YouTube video on Instagram. Clearly, statistics that matter in marketing encourages marketers to consider using the content of their other social media platforms on Instagram too. 

By way of example, there are over 1 billion people who use Instagram every month, and 81% of them use Instagram to research products and services. 

Accordingly, YouTube videos are one of the top choices when it comes to marketers sharing their content on Instagram from other social media platforms. 

However, this might not seem an easy task as it doesn’t offer an option to directly share its videos on Instagram. So, in this article, we are going to discuss an easy way to schedule YouTube videos and publish them on Instagram with AiSchedul.  

Why can’t I schedule YouTube videos on Instagram?

As mentioned earlier, YouTube doesn’t allow you to directly share its content on other social media platforms. So, what marketers and influencers usually do is download the video first. 

On the other hand, YouTube doesn’t allow users to download videos. So, you need to use another app to make it possible for you to download a video from YouTube, which makes it challenging and time-consuming.

After downloading your video, your content will be ready to be uploaded on your Instagram profile. 

Keep in mind that this method has some disadvantages. 

First, the quality of the video you download depends on the app you use. Consequently, you may be able to download the video, but there is every chance that you won’t be able to get the quality you are looking for. 

Furthermore, this method only allows you to publish your YouTube video on Instagram, not to schedule it. 

So, this will bring us back to the question; “how to schedule YouTube videos and then publish them on Instagram?”  

Schedule YouTube videos and publish them on Instagram with AiSchedul

Today, AI Instagram tools that work perfectly to increase engagement rate and grow a business organically have a major role in many brands’ marketing. AiSchedul is a perfect tool to schedule YouTube videos or publish them right away that marketers choose to work with for various reasons. 

In other words, AiSchedul is your personal assistant that prevents you from micro-management and helps you build up perfect strategies for different parts of marketing. Here are some of the main features that make businesses use AiSchedul. 

And now, you can use AiSchedul’s new feature that allows you to easily schedule and publish YouTube videos on Instagram without worrying about downloading the video first. Here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow. 

#1 – Sign up on AiSchedul to schedule YouTube videos

First, you need to  Sign up for free and connect your Instagram account to its dashboard.

#2 – Schedule your post

Then, you need to click the “Scheduler tab” on your dashboard. You will have three options, feed, story, and IGTV; you should choose “feed.”


#3 – Add the link to your YouTube Video

Next, you will see a page that lets you upload your content with two different methods. You can drag and drop up to 10 photos and videos, or you can add YouTube URL. Copy and paste the URL of your YouTube video in the box, and click “save option.”

#4 – Prepare your content to be posted

Before publishing your post, you can preview the video, write a caption, generate the popular hashtags, and if you wish to publish it later, you can set the date and time on your calendar to have it posted automatically by AiSchedul.

Note that if your video is longer than a minute, AiSchedul will automatically create it as a carousel post.


Using your YouTube videos on your Instagram profile is an intriguing idea to grow an audience. However, this could be more challenging than you think as YouTube doesn’t allow you to either share your content directly on Instagram or to download a video from its platform. 

Moreover, using another app to download videos from YouTube can lead to other issues such as the quality of the video you download. 

So, the best way is to use a tool that not only allows you to schedule YouTube videos and publish them on Instagram but also it doesn’t require you to download the video so that you can make sure it is published with the same quality you expect. What we recommend is AiSchedul because it exactly has the feature you need besides offering many other features that make Instagram marketing a lot more effective and enjoyable for you.

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