4 Social Captain Alternatives (That Won’t Shut Down Anytime Soon)

4 Social Captain Alternatives (That Won’t Shut Down Anytime Soon)

SocialCaptain is down, and no one can use it anymore! That’s why you need to know its alternatives.

SocialCaptain used to be a useful tool for getting followers based on targeted locations, age, gender, etc. However, users noticed that SocialCaptain has shut down recently.

But don’t worry about it!

Some SocialCaptain alternatives offer more useful services and tools that help Instagram users manage their Instagram account, get a high engagement rate, grow their accounts, and more. If you are looking for SocialCaptain alternatives, then you are in the right place. Today, we are going to mention the 4 best SocialCaptain alternatives.

To skip the article and find the best SocialCaptain alternative in a second, you can use AiSchedul, which provides all the services you need on Instagram, such as scheduling posts, sending auto direct messages, link in bio, etc.

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What was SocialCaptain and its services?

It was one of the popular Instagram tools with many services. As they claimed:

“SocialCaptain is a growth tool to help you grow your Instagram organically. In the words, SocialCaptain automatically grows your Instagram audience and saves you time by automating your activity. Thus, earning you more real Instagram followers, likes, and comments using organic automation – real growth, instant results.”

It offered several pricing plans, including 7 days for 15$, 30 days for 39$, and Turbo for 99$ for giving real-time results and powerful Instagram growth.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work anymore, and the question might be left in users’ minds that what would be the best SocialCaptain alternative.

SocialCaptain shut down

SocialCaptain reviews

Reading a service’s review helps users decide whether to use it or not; that’s why we are going to show some SocialCaptain reviews.

SocialCaptain reviews on Trustpilot

Socialcaptain review

Trustpilot review of SocialCaptain

Trustpilot reviews

As most of the reviews show, SocialCaptain got the Instagram accounts banned, charged too much from the user’s credit card, and had unresponsive customer support, which might be the reasons that SocailCaptain has shut down.

Obviously, there would be more serious reasons that most of the users are unhappy with it and don’t recommend it at all. Furthermore, a legitimate company won’t sell fake services to users and make their accounts banned.

What are the SocialCaptain alternatives?

After knowing all about SocialCaptain, now you may be looking for its best alternative to save your time and manage your Instagram account. So, let’s know the four best SocialCaptain alternatives.



It is a useful service for Instagram users that offers beneficial services such as social monitoring, all in one bio link, post and story scheduler, etc. AiSchedul would be one of the best SocialCaptain alternatives.

AiSchedul features

The main services of AiSchedul include:

  1. Social monitoring
  • Monitor #hashtags and @accounts
  • Monitor your @account’s mentions
  • Find out about special events each month
  • Repost instantly
  • Schedule or save the post for future
  • Receive daily alerts
  • Find interesting story and posts’ idea
  1. All in one bio link
  • Add links on your Instagram bio (blog posts, social media channels, eCommerce pages, etc.)
  • Get custom URL
  • Publish your custom link
  • Connect your social media and external links
  1. Reward
  • Reward your followers automatically
  • Schedule posts
  • Specify steps
  • Configure DM
  • Reward
  1. Post scheduler
  • Schedule Instagram posts and stories
  • Design posts and stories before publishing
  • Add effects, emojis, tags, etc. before publishing
  • Add carousel posts
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Repost any content
  • Schedule post deletion
  • Search hashtags

AiSchedul pricing and plans

It provides all the services users need on Instagram at 9$ and 29$. You can also use the free version of AiSchedul forever.

AiSchedul pricing

   2. AiGrow


It is another useful Instagram management tool that works based on the Instagram algorithm. By AiGrow you would never face an Instagram shadow-ban or permanent ban. So, users can feel free to use AiGrow to manage their Instagram account.

AiGrow features

The main services of AiGrow include:

  • Organic growth
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Post scheduling
  • 24/7 support
  • Content creation
  • AiPowered Hashtags and many more
  • All-in-one Bio Link

AiGrow pricing and plans

Since different people and businesses use AiGrow services, it offers several packages and plans to give users the opportunity to choose the one that fits them.

AiGrow pricing

3. Follow Adder

Follow Adder

Another SocialCaptain alternative is Follow Adder. It helps users grow their Instagram account as well as other social media management tools. Its search feature allows users to find and explore users, photos, and comments related to the user’s niche. It is also famous for its strong customer support.

Follow Adder features

  • Gets real Instagram followers
  • Schedules automated photo posts
  • Automated photo and video liker and commenter
  • Powerful searches, including by location, hashtags, and more!
  • Find and create exportable lists of users

Follow Adder pricing and plans

As you see below, it offers several pricing and plans to let users choose the one that fits them the best. Actually, compared with the other three services, it offers more expensive plans.

Follow Adder pricing

4. Growthoid


Last but not least is Growthoid. It helps users to manage and grow their Instagram account. By using Growthoid, users will get targeted and real Instagram followers.

However, its price is not as cheap as other growth services. So, if you care about the price, you should choose one of the three mentioned tools.

Growthoid pricing and plans

It offers two different packages with “Moderate growth speed” and “Maximum growth speed” at 49$ and 99$.

Growthoid pricing

The last word

Since SocialCaptain has shut down, and there is no customer support anymore, the best option for growing and managing your Instagram account would be one of the mentioned services.

Actually, we recommend using AiSchedul the best; it has a user-friendly dashboard, offers services at a very affordable price, and provides all the services you need on Instagram in one place.

Have you ever used SocialCaptain? What are your experiences of using Instagram management tools? We are all ears to hear your ideas and experiences.

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