Social Media Guide for Students_ Writing While Under the Influence of Depression

Social Media Guide for Students: Writing While Under the Influence of Depression

Social media is a platform that attracts almost every adolescent who takes pleasure posting their photos, their latest experiences, and catching up with friends and colleagues. The positive effect students get on social media can help them perform better on various issues. 

However, social media can negatively impact college students, especially when the level of criticism is high. The effect can progress to various degrees of depression. At the time of writing assignments, the depressed student can use different methods to achieve their goal. So, a perfect social media guide will help you.

influence of depression

Create a schedule

As the first social media guide, a schedule might help you achieve more if you make it routine. The schedule should not just include writing but also other activities. You may decide you will be starting with some exercise, then some few minutes to socialize online or physically with a few people. 

The next thing could be to sit in a quiet place and write. You might not immediately write an official piece, but scribbling your thoughts can help express yourself on paper how you feel and release part of the stress. After you feel some relief, take some time to write the official work. 

Write something daily

Being depressed means you are limited on the much you can achieve in your writing. This is because you are not psychologically stable, and you might be slow to achieve goals. If you try and write something daily, it will have a positive effect on your depression. 

The more you write, you become less depressed, and eventually, you will find yourself writing something great. Do not get concerned if your writing doesn’t make sense, it will make sense someday, and the different pieces might help someone somewhere. 

Find the inspiration from free essay examples on anxiety 

Several factors can contribute to anxiety, including stress, deadlines that you cannot meet, and uncertainty in life. A student can find the topic of anxiety favorable for writing essays related to health and wellness.  

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find inspiration

Be relaxed and don’t make it compulsory

If you are not a depressed person, it’s easy and possible to make mandatory demands upon yourself. When writing a piece of work, you can create a rule for yourself and say something like, ‘I must write six paragraphs today,’ and you will achieve your goal, which is another social media guide.

If you are a depressed person, it is different, though. You have depression to manage and a piece of content to write. The best way is to relax and not put a rule on yourself. If you make it to write three paragraphs only, that’s good enough for the day. You will do better the next day. 

Find the inspiration from free essay example on depression 

Depression can drain student’s energy physically and mentally and reduce their ability to write essays. Experts advise that the student can try different ways to help them relieve the stress to start writing again. One of these ways is to get insights from essays online. 

Many websites have free essay samples, but one of the best samples to check is students’ insights on depression essays by WritingBros. The site has a wide collection of free essay examples for almost every academic topic for both school and university-level students.  

Don’t post anything yet

Depression that has been caused by social media criticism can be painful, especially when it was known who wrote hurting comments. Some depression emanating from social media can be because of hate speech or criticizing someone’s writing too much. 

The victim can defensively express themselves and call the followers all sorts of names and hurl all manner of harsh words. The action will not help you in any way, but it will hurt more. It’s not likely that the people on social media will become silenced by your post. Instead, they will reply with harsher words and phrases.

To avoid your posts or writing from undergoing criticism while you are depressed:

  1. Do not post anything yet.
  2. Write all that you can, but keep it to yourself. If it’s a school assignment, write but don’t ask for anyone’s opinion yet.
  3. Hold it for a few days. 

Join like-minded people

Many people have gone through depression and overcame it. Some of these people have created groups to help those already affected by depression heal faster. Indeed, some of the groups were created by writers who, at one time or another in their writing career, had to face depression. 

These are positive social media groups, and the members will only post comments and messages aimed at causing healing. Join one of these groups, and do not fear to share your frustrations and concerns in the group. Someone will give sober feedback. 

If you join a writer’s group, write something and share it in the group. Because the group members have gone through issues, they will be careful about how they comment. Their comments will be uplifting, and even if your writing is not good, they will have ideas on how to correct you with love. 


Depressed people might be sick, but they have a life to live, education to pursue, or something to write. The first thing to do should be to seek help from a doctor, but as your therapy continues, you can help boost the healing process by writing something daily. College students should be selective on what they share on social media, and those commenting should consider the other person. Writing doesn’t offer a total cure, but it’s part of the whole healing process, so consider it as a social media guide.

Author’s Bio:

Robert Everett works for a publishing company as a senior writer and editor, and his work is mainly around college and university textbooks. He also freelancers for a well-known research paper writing service and has helped numerous students overcome writing problems. In his free time, he meditates, watches movies, and reads novels.

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