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How to tag people on Instagram after posting?

Today, Instagram is the most popular app all around the world. This application has become one of the best places to share photos and videos, record memories, advertise and manage a business. One of the most popular Instagram features among people is the ability to tag other users. If you have posted an image of your friends on your personal account, you can tag your friends to notify them, let others see your post and also introduce the people on the image. And if you have uploaded something on your business account, you can tag other markets of yours, or your partners in order to get more attractions and introduce other services to your audiences. But imagine you have posted something and forgot to tag! What can you do? Read the whole article to find out how to tag people on Instagram after posting?

How to tag people on Instagram?

Tagging people on Instagram is really easy. You can simply upload the content you want and just by tapping the tag button you can tag up to 20 people on your photo or video. But there are some different ways to do so and we will explain it by details in the following.

1. Tag people in-app

To tag people on the official Instagram app:

Step 1) Tap on the “+” button to upload anything you want.

Step 2) Identify the content you want and tap on the Next button at the top right side of your screen. 

Step 3) Edit your content and go to the next page.

Step 4) Below the caption box you can see the Tag People button. Tap it and tag whoever you want. 

You are done! You have tagged people successfully. However, you may want to tag people using your computer. Actually, Instagram does not let users do so. Hence you have to do it using the nest way. 

2. Tag people using third-party apps

Just like other Instagram issues, you can solve this one using a third-party app. There are so many apps that let you edit your posts after being shared and also do it on your computer. But, while choosing an app you must be conscious. Most of the apps you will find by the search are not reliable and they might be hacking apps that contradict Instagram privacy policies. In the following, we introduce the best app that helps you through this issue. 


The best third-party app that helps you manage your account from a pc is AiSchedul. AiSchedul has so many features like scheduling posts and stories, autoresponse to comments, automatically repost posts and also edit your previous posts. 

How to tag people on Instagram after posting using AiSchedul?

To tag people on Instagram after posting using AiSchedul, follow these steps:

Step 1) Post your content following the steps explained here.

Step 2) On the dashboard, tap on the scheduled bar. 

Step 3) Tap on the edit button on the lowest part of the post you want to tag people on. 

Step 4) On the following page, reupload your post, and tag people you want using the tag people button on the left side of your image. 

Congratulations! You have tagged people successfully. 

As you this, this app is literally user-friendly and you can easily manage your Instagram account and edit post on all kinds of technological devices with all types of operating systems. Note that you can tag people using AiSchdul only when your content has not been posted.

How to tag people on Instagram after posting?

Imagine that you have already posted an image or a video on Instagram and forgot to tag people you wanted to. Hence, you will have to do it in an unusual way. In the following, we discuss possible solutions to get rid of this problem. 

Tag people in-app

Actually, Instagram lets users edit their posts after posting. This edit contains an edition to captions, tag or untag people, and add location. To tag people on Instagram after posting:

Step 1) Open your Instagram app and go to your account page. 

Step 2) Go to the post you want to tag people to.

Step 3) Tap on the three dots icon on the top right of the post.

Step 4) Tap on edit on the following list. 

Step 5) Tap on the left icon on the lowest part of the post and tag whoever you want. 


To sum it up, you can always edit your posts after posting using the official Instagram app for mobile phones. But what if you are working on your computer and don’t access to your mobile phone? Here comes AiSchedul. This app has so many extra super features that let you manage your Instagram account on every single technological device you are working with using a web browser. One of the best features that may be useful is that you can simply tag people on Instagram after posting. So sign up for free on AiSchedul and enjoy the fast and easy services.

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