The perfect Instagram image size guide in 2021

Pictures are the most powerful way to demonstrate content. In this way, Instagram with its unique visual features is the best option for all people and businesses to show what they want. Day by day, Instagram users increase, and more people access this great platform, to the extent that, now, Instagram has more than 500 [...]

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How to change the background color on Instagram story?

Surprisingly, many Instagram users are more into viewing stories than posts. That’s why you should create and share a stunning story and change the background color on your Instagram story to encourage users to view your stories all the time. On the other hand, nowadays, you may hardly find an Instagram user who doesn’t follow [...]

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What are the perfect Instagram Story dimensions?

Instagram story is one of the best features of this social media network that lets you share temporary images and videos and automatically remove them from your page after 24 hours. Actually, most of the users prefer to share stories because they are faster to share, they can be created, and there are lots of [...]

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