The ultimate guide to changing the Instagram name in 2021

How to change the Instagram name from the current one to a new one, or back to the old one easily? If you are having some problem with it, then we shall share everything that you need to know in this article. There are two types of Instagram Names that you should know about. One [...]

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Important Instagram Stats You Need To Know In 2021

Instagram has witnessed sweeping changes over the past decade, as it has succeeded in finding its place in online marketing and becoming the number one choice for brands and influencers. This has not been achieved easily though. Their team has rolled out an unceasing list of features to promote your products or service creatively, introduced [...]

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How to beat the Instagram algorithm 2021?

Surely if you are reading this article, you want the answer to how to beat the Instagram algorithm, especially in 2021 that this social network has become one of the main social media tools for branding.  At the end of this article, you will know how to use the Instagram algorithm in your favor, how [...]

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Top Instagram contest tools to use in your Instagram marketing campaign

Introduction Have you ever heard of Instagram competitions and Instagram contest tools? Instagram contests for business-they are a great way to increase your followers and engagement and your reach, plus the rules are way more relaxed than the Facebook contest. today we are going to show you how to run an Instagram contest for you. [...]

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