How To Create Unique Instagram Aesthetics? +Aesthetics Hashtags

Instagram is a social media platform with over a billion users with many influencers and brands in each niche. That is why many think that Instagram is an already oversaturated social media platform that makes it so much harder to stand out from many rivals. However, there are still many ways that would make your [...]

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How To Upload High-Quality Photos On Instagram Without Compression

Visual social media platforms have the greatest capacity for photographers to show off their visions. According to statics, over 95 million photos are upload on Instagram daily. However, the process of uploading photos can end up in an Instagram quality loss, and the photos go live blurrily, which can be frustrating. The same goes for [...]

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All you need to know about Instagram IGTV in 2021

After IGTV videos, the success of Instagram guides proved that long-form content has lots of potential for marketers, brands, and Influencers.  While Instagram TV, also known as IGTV, has been around for some time, it is definitely growing bigger with a more effective use for creators and brands.  An IGTV video allows you to get [...]

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7 Content Ideas for Instagram Reels

To do business today, it is simply vital to be present online. On top of that, having a website might not always be enough, and it is reasonable to establish some presence on social networks. Instagram has become one of the best platforms for businesses in particular in a relatively short amount of time as [...]

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What are the best Instagram carousel post scheduling tools?

Instagram is a social media platform with various features, from an Instagram carousel to Instagram guides, that help you run your business with the most creative ideas that make your marketing fun and flourishing.  Today many creative ideas turn the Instagram carousel into an effective tool for all marketers on Instagram.  In other words, the [...]

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How to create great IGTV videos on Instagram in 2021?

Instagram has been the ruler of social media for the past few years. This is because it is constantly updated with new trends and features to keep its users on edge. Before 2018 you couldn't post videos for up to a minute, but with launching IGTVs, you can make an IGTV video for up to [...]

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5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Instagram Content Plan

Do you want your Instagram content to bring results? Then you need to have a plan. The strategy is what can take your Instagram content from time-consuming activity to goal-achieving tool. A content plan streamlines your efforts. It helps you move past the randomness of posting and sets an impactful strategy in motion.  5 Steps [...]

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How to create Instagram highlight covers? + ideas

Do you want to organize your Instagram highlight covers and make them look more cohesive with your theme and feed? Instagram highlight covers make your page look more authentic and cute,  Instagram is all about visualization; spend more time on collecting your Instagram highlight covers as well as your profile picture and your feed, if [...]

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