Top 20 most-followed accounts on Instagram in 2021

Being one of the most-followed accounts on Instagram has a huge impact on prestige, recognition, and business. Follower count is a feature that has been with the users since the story of Instagram began. It has always been an exciting feature, and the idea of increasing it has intrigued people for years.  What are the [...]

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How To Schedule IGTV videos on the desktop in 2021?

It wasn't too long ago that Instagram announced they'd be adding the ability for users to schedule IGTV videos stream on their desktop. Now, more than one year later, that functionality is finally here! Users can now easily schedule videos for both mobile and desktop viewing. They can also view the latest videos from friends [...]

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Important Instagram Stats You Need To Know In 2021

Instagram has witnessed sweeping changes over the past decade, as it has succeeded in finding its place in online marketing and becoming the number one choice for brands and influencers. This has not been achieved easily though. Their team has rolled out an unceasing list of features to promote your products or service creatively, introduced [...]

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Everything about Instagram dark mode on iPhone and Android

Instagram often surprises users by releasing new features and makes users say, "Wow!" As you may know, Instagram Reels is the latest Instagram update that helps both personal users and businesses in many aspects. One of the Instagram features that we are going to talk about today is the Instagram dark mode for Android and [...]

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How to write your contest rules for Instagram?

  What are the Instagram contest and contest rules? Knowing the contest rules of Instagram is essential. An Instagram contest is a great idea to acquire posts from your followers. So you can share it on Instagram and other social media. On the other hand, be sure it's clear in your contest rules that you might [...]

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