Tapbio vs MyURLs.bio – Which one is better to get more links in your Instagram bio?


Tapbio vs MyURLs.bio


First of all, we will briefly explain the Bio-Link and the importance and benefits of using it.

Those who use Instagram to post photos, videos and ads on their products know the importance of using outbound links.

As you know, Instagram does not allow users to use clickable links in their feeds.

That means you can’t click on the link to take you somewhere else and the only place you can use clickable links is in the biography section of Instagram.

You will be restricted here too, and you can only add one link, that is clickable and drives your audience to your target page.

For example, if you want to add a post that introduces your products and you want to redirect your audience to that page, you have to delete the previous link so that you can add another clickable link.

It’s a hassle for you to change the link every time So today in this article we are going to show you the solution.

What are the Benefits of Using Bio-Links on Instagram?

Tapbio vs MyURLs.bio

You can easily redirect your visitors to other pages like your site, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and etc. And elsewhere you can also advertise extensively and.

You can also make a link to your favorite posts and redirect people to see the post you want and increase the visibility of that post and make good ads for your products or anything else.

Now the question that comes to mind is why Instagram created these restrictions, if it weren’t limitations for users, it would be very easy for users to advertise widely.

The answer is quite simple, maybe if you were instead of the Instagram executives and the creators of this great network, you wouldn’t want to introduce your users to other social networks and you did not encourage them to use another social network other than Instagram.

But now that these restrictions are in place, what is the solution?

No doubt the solution to this problem should be found somewhere outside of Instagram!

There are platforms that break these restrictions and pave the way for you.

Now we want to introduce two of them and then compare their differences and similarities.

at first, we are going to introduce you to Tapbio and explain how to sign up for this platform.

Tapbio vs MyURLs.bioTapbio

Tapbio is one of the newest marketing tools for Instagram that allows you to create a professional profile that can be filled with various links that are hidden in one link!

Would you like to know how this happens?

So Click here to go to the homepage and start the registration process.

Click on the “Make your Tap Bio now” option when you enter the homepage of the site.

Tapbio vs MyURLs.bio

Then name the link you want to appear in your bio section and enter a valid email to receive a 6 digit code to complete the registration process.

Tapbio vs MyURLs.bio

Enter the 6 digit code and after entering the new page you can modify and complete your profile information


there are some different template that called cards and you can choose from to make your Tapbio:

each card you add to your account can have a different function.

  • Simple card: for a single call-to-action
  • Instagram card: Automatically display posts with links.
  • Links card: let you add multiple buttons on a single card
  • Email collection card: let you build your list.
  • youtube card: Automatically featured your latest video.
  • Twitter card: Automatically featured your latest tweets.

Tapbio vs MyURLs.bio

After your registration is complete, on the new page, select Tap to add your name and enter the required information including the following and add the links you like.

Take a look at the video below to find out how to add multiple links to bio through this platform.

Once you’ve completed your data, just copy the link you originally created and paste it into your Instagram profile or biography.

To manage your Tap Bio, just tap your profile link in Instagram returns to your Instagram profile. Tap “Edit Profile” and paste this URL into the website field.

Tapbio vs MyURLs.bio

Note: After signing up you will have a free seven-day course.

After that, you have to choose one of the plans offered by Tapbio as you see below.

Tapbio vs MyURLs.bio

Pros and Cons of using Tapbio

✅Easy to integrate, flexible to use, fast to build

❎ More to come

✅More features than you would ever need.

❎ It is a convoluted way to link to your content.

✅Looks nice

❎ You would need to try it…

Is Tapbio harmful to Instagram accounts?

This question has caught the mind of all users who want to use this system, There are currently several Instagram robots available that we have reviewed in the previous articles on the capabilities of existing robots.
Instagram is an intelligent platform, with its artificial intelligence able to detect existing bots and to disrupt a large number of their users who use these bots by disabling their pages.

If you care about your time and money and your page security, always try to use a system that will create a good future for you and not disrupt or disable your Page after 3 or more months.

According to our reviews and reports of users using this platform, It has caused severe disruption for their customers and their page has been disabled after a time using it.

Tapbio Alternatives 

As you know, caution is always the first condition for doing anything. Tapbio is a great option to add links to your Instagram bio, but not the most perfect option.

Now the question is what other solutions can be used instead?

We want to introduce you to the best alternative of Tapbio called MyURLs.bio. With this platform, you can insert all-in-one links and experience security.

Tapbio vs MyURLs.bio MyURLs.bio

In fact, this platform is a very complete system that does several things together. You can create a profile on Instagram that is full of links on different social networks.

You can also schedule your posts on Instagram by using this platform.

Below are some advantages of using AiSchedule:

  • Schedule Content:

One of the things that keep your page active is posting regularly with up to three posts per day. Also, there are advanced tools that AiSchedul uses to search for the most popular hashtags that will help you get the most traffic for your posts. You can create and share your own content at a specific date that you had determined and even schedule multiple accounts at the same time. This is the easiest way to automatically publish your posts and stories. All you have to do is produce the content yourself and prepare it for sharing in the coming days, weeks and months!

Tapbio vs MyURLs.bio

  • Reward Post:

AiSchedul (Instagram contest tools) automatically detects the winner and sends the message to him/her. You can also set race rules and create your own hashtag. What makes this platform unique is that it is not limited to one task and it can be used in different ways.

  • Multiple Bio Link:

In this section, you can place a link in your biography section where the user by click on it will be redirected to a page containing all the social network links you had determined. In short, we can say the All-in-one bio link. The following video explains how to create a bio link by using AiSchedule.

  • Multiple Account Posting:

AiSchedul has the ability to manage multiple accounts at the same time. For example, if you have three different Instagram accounts and add all three to this platform, you can schedule each account separately and plan your posts before sharing them so that each They will be published in a specific date and time. You can also find the most popular hashtags and use them for your posts by using the advanced AiSchedul tools.

  • Automated Deleting Posts:

You have the option to specify any of your posts that you publish to be automatically deleted after a while. With these features, you can avoid wasting your time on Instagram and keep growing professionally.

  • Safe & Secure: 

The most important feature of this platform is the security it provides for your account, as it progresses in line with the algorithm of Instagram and so far no complaints have been reported from users who use it.

Compared to Tapbio, this platform has more features, which you can use to increase your followers, and except to add lots of bio links to your profile you can do the things that we explain for you above.

How to sign up for Tapbio vs MyURLs.bio MyURLs.bio

Click here to enter the homepage of the site. Click”start free today” to start registration.

Tapbio vs MyURLs.bio

Complete the login process by entering your name and a valid email and password.

Tapbio vs MyURLs.bio

Your registration process is now complete and you will be taken to a page called Dashboard.

All the good things that are going to happen to your account will start here.

The first thing you need to do when you log in to this page is to add your Instagram account to this page. You can also log in and manage multiple accounts at once.

Tapbio vs MyURLs.bio

Now to add your account click on the Add Instagram Account option at the top of the page.

Then select the name of the city and country where you live.


Tapbio vs MyURLs.bio

Your account is now added to your dashboard page and just click on the Manage Account option to start managing it.

How to add multiple clickable links on Instagram bio by using the AiSchedul links tool?

At the beginning of the article, we talked about the importance and benefits of having an Instagram biography that is full of links.

Having such a biography is important for people who have jobs on different social networks because they know well that attract targeted followers is a very difficult task for them and can also take a long time.

Now to add multiple links to your bio, click on the manage account option you want.

You will now have the following three options that you need to click on the Bio- Link option.

Tapbio vs MyURLs.bio

Then select the account icon that you want to add the link to in your biography and paste the link there.

However, you can add as many links as you like.

Tapbio vs MyURLs.bio

In the final step, just copy and paste the link mentioned below in your biography. Users will now be redirected to the page where all the links you want are there.

Tapbio vs MyURLs.bio

summary: In this article, we compare two Instagram platforms that are dedicated to adding multiple links to the Instagram biography section. We have also introduced a safer and better alternative to Tapbio. If you are one of the people in different social networks who are worried about planning for your future posts and also want to boost your business by performing contest on your Instagram page but don’t know how to handle them, we recommend using AiSchedule

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