Tools to use Instagram for education

9 Tools to use Instagram for Schools

Instagram makes it easy for its users to share photos, videos, and now the top-rated reels with people across the globe. It is more widely loved and used by students than any other social media application. Launched in 2010, Instagram now boasts of more than 1 billion active users monthly and is one of the best tools to market your brand or organization. Instagram has become effortless for people to connect and grow their brands. There are several ways users can promote their content, from posts to stories to direct messages to reels. However, promoting a school can be challenging, but the task can become a lot easier and stress-free with the nine tips mentioned below. 

1) Pick a hashtag 

Choosing a unique hashtag for your school can prove to be helpful – you can leverage the right hashtagging for your benefit. The same can be used every time for posting a photo of the school and its associated events. This will become a recognizable factor for the brand and boost reach for hashtags, improving post impressions on Instagram. 

2) Host Instagram Live

Schools can do Instagram Live to promote their brand and facilities. Prospective Students and their parents can get all the necessary information through these lives, making the decision-making process easier for them.  

3) Conduct quizzes and contests 

There are a number of ways in which the attention of the new generation of students and parents, who actively use Instagram, can be attained towards showcasing the diversity and values of the school. One such way is to hold engaging quizzes and other contests from time to time on your Instagram page.  

4) Keep profile up-to-date 

When you create an account on Instagram, the first and foremost thing is to complete your profile. Update the school’s profile picture, bio, website URL, and other required things. Also 

Contact details, including the email and contact number of the institution, must stay up-to-date as well. 

5) Collaborate with others 

Instagram provides the benefit to its users to collaborate with other users on the platform and promote their business. You can also invest money in paid promotions to further your marketing strategy and reach a wider audience. For example, collaborate with other institutions or leading entrepreneurs to guide students about the know-how of entrepreneurship and related details. To know more about the important lessons for an entrepreneur, check out school tips. There is a budding entrepreneur in all students; all they need is the proper guidance to get started. 

6) Instagram stories  

The best and easiest way to increase engagement on your Instagram page or profile is to post Instagram stories. You can post as many in a day. However, they disappear after 24 hours. So, use this feature to convey any temporary yet urgent information regarding your brand, which does not need a separate dedicated post.  

7) Post media consistently  

Media includes posting photos and videos on Instagram. It is advised that one stays consistent in uploading content for their page in order to receive the required traction from users. While posting photos or videos, you can use your unique hashtag and other trendy yet relevant hashtags for better reach.  

8) Share achievements of students 

Post about students’ achievements on Instagram through photos, videos, stories, and reels and attract the attention of prospective students. Doing so motivates future students to join your school and nurtures a healthy competitive spirit amongst existing students. Whether a student won a prize in a sports competition or in writing an insightful research paper, post about it and let it display the excellence of your school. 

Students willing to excel in competitive academic spaces also need the proper guidance to achieve their goals. For instance, to draft a good research paper, a student may need the help of a professional research paper writer. Such providers may be good when you’re swamped with writing assignments. It helps students alleviate academic pressure and follow their dreams without worries. 

9) Keep Q/A sessions 

It is recommended that one holds doubt clearing sessions for parents and students from time to time. From describing the Clubs in school to the school’s functioning and curriculum, Instagram can be put to good use to reach a wider audience all at once and interact with them in real-time.


With the growing popularity of Instagram, it can be a smart move to use it for bettering your school’s marketing strategy. As prospective students look for options for their schooling, Instagram can be a great way to attract their attention and promote your brand. Furthermore, it does not just help to build a community with existing as well as future students, but learners around the world. 


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