Top 14 Instagram Growth hacks to use to grow your page

Top 14 Instagram Growth Hacks to Use to Grow Your Page

As everyone knows, the impact of Instagram in our lives has increased strongly in recent years. People are spending about an hour a day on Instagram and that is an ideal opportunity for many businesses to introduce themselves and engage the audience. However, making a successful page is not as easy as it used to be. In this article, we will show you 14  Instagram growth hacks to grow your page. So, if you want to increase your followers and boost the engagement of your page, keep reading!

  1. Make The Best First Impression By A Captivating Profile!

    Instagram ProfileWhat’s the first thing you see on a new page? Exactly, the Profile! Designing your bio is of great importance. Listing small sentences and using emojis can make it more attractive. Choose a picture to make people recognize you by it, especially if you have other accounts.

  2.  Keep Posting Regularly.

    Instagram is a visual media, so clearly, you must post creative content to make people follow your page. But how often should you post? A study by Tailwind shows that you should post about once a day to magnetize your followers and grow your Instagram page. 

  3. Grow Your Instagram Page by Using The Best Hashtags.

    Hashtags are the way you get in touch with people who don’t follow you yet. The key is to use the right hashtags. You should make sure people are going to visit your page when they search for related subjects. So the more accurate hashtags you choose, the more chance you have to come across new followers.

  4. Make Stories!

    Instagram Stories
    Another Instagram growth hack for improving your page is to make use of Instagram stories. Instagram followers enjoy watching stories and each story you send moves you right to the top. Be creative with your stories, ask people to join in, talk about the recent news, and ask for their opinions. Don’t forget that having a cordial conversation with your followers will help you make a strong relationship with them.

  5.  One of the Simplest Instagram Growth Hacks: Use Geo-tags In Your Posts. 

    This one is as easy as a pie! If you are posting a picture or video in a well-known location, use the geo-tags to contact the new followers who are looking for that. Studies show that geo-tags have a great effect on increasing the views of your posts.

  6. Create A Unique Instagram Style.

    <Instagram Growth Hacksb>While many pages on Instagram use the usual simple style for their posts, there is a chance for you to stand out by having a remarkable style that attracts attention. This way, the followers will distinguish you every time you post and keep you in mind which is exactly what you want.

  7. A New Growth Hack: Writing Longer Captions.

    Longer captions are the new trend to let your followers know you and your business better. Studies show that people paid more attention to captions in recent years and the average length of captions has been doubled. So, use this opportunity to introduce yourself and contact your audience.

  8. Collaborate With Brands And Influencers.

    Instagram Growth Hacks
    Another way to get new audiences to know you is by introducing your page through pages with a great number of followers. The more your business is related to this page, the more chance you will have to attract their audience and grow your page. Also, being tagged in related posts can lead many followers to your page and following it.

  9. Run Contests On Your Page.

    Improve the engagement of your page by running contests on your page. This will not only involve your current followers but also invite new audiences to your page. Everyone gets excited when there is a prize to win, so take this opportunity to grow your page.

  10. Posting In Optimal Times.

    Depending on the country which most of your followers live in, there are some preferable times to post new content. In this way, you will have more chances to be at the top of your audience’s home pages and raise the views of your posts.

  11. Make More Instagram IGTV Series.

    IGTV series is a new way to post a series of content that fascinates many audiences. Many followers spend hours watching IGTV videos these days. This will lead your audience to follow your page and wait for new content to come. 

  12. Make Your Followers Involved.

    Do you want to boost the engagement of your page? Involve your followers in your discussions. There are many ways to do this. Asking them questions in the caption, asking for their opinions in your stories, and having live videos with them are a few examples. But remember, you can always come with new ideas, people love that. So be creative!

  13. Communicate In The Comment Section.

    If you want to have a friendly relationship with your followers, you should answer their questions or get involved in their discussions in the comment section. This way, they will know you better and also respect the time you are spending with them. 

  14. Grow Your Page With Social Media Managing Tools.

    There are many applications that can help you in managing your social media accounts and save time. AiSchedul is one of these managing tools that is designed especially for Instagram accounts. It helps you schedule your posts and stories for the most optimal time, suggests you the best hashtags and give you tips to improve your content. They also have a free plan to introduce you to its features.

    AiSchedul Management tool
    We hope these tricks help you with your page. But you should remember, it takes time and you should be patient. Do you have any other Instagram growth hacks in mind? We appreciate your opinions. Discuss them with us in the comment section. Good luck with improving your page!

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