Fitness hashtags

Top fitness hashtags to grow your Instagram + tool

Nowadays, lots of personal trainers and fitness experts share their amazing activity on Instagram. So they want to promote their content by posting usefully and using effective fitness hashtags.

Moreover, fitness hashtags help users to find the exact thing that they are looking for. 

These days over 95 million posts are shared pre a day on Instagram so it is obvious users may miss the post that they are looking for but just by searching hashtags they can find the exact posts that they want. 

We are going to present to you a complete guide to fitness hashtags.

Top fitness hashtags

Fitness is one of the most popular topics on Instagram all around the world.

So here you can see the most popular fitness hashtags:




































Instagram popular hashtags

Why should we use fitness hashtags?

In terms of covid-19 and lockdowns, most people are exercising at home and follow step-by-step of their activity online. Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. Therefore, by using correct fitness hashtags in your posts your content will reach more new people.

Use the practical tool to find the best Instagram hashtags

AiSchedul is one of the best hashtag generator tools for Instagram. That grows your followers organically. Additionally, you can use AiSchedul’s hashtag analytic tool to not only generate popular Instagram hashtags but also get some analytic results regarding the hashtags you chose. The following is a step-by-step guide to using the AiSchedul hashtag analytic tool.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how the AiSchedul hashtag generator works.

Step #1 – Firstly, you need to Sign up for free and connect your Instagram account to your dashboard on AiSchedul.

Step #2 – Next, click “listening and repost” on your dashboard. This will open your analytic tool with 4 tabs, hashtag monitoring, account monitoring, mentions, and saved media.

Aischedul dashboard

Step #3 – Then, you can search for hashtags or add your hashtags. AiSchedul tells you how many times each hashtag you choose has been used so far.

Aischedul fitness hashtags

Additionally, you can sort the list of your hashtags by usage or name.

You can watch this video to learn more about the details of the hashtag generator tool of AiSchedul.


Find top Instagram hashtags and schedule your posts

After you build up your strategy and schedule your content in Aischedul, it will automatically post your content directly to your Instagram profile.

Step #1 – Sign up for free on the AiSchedul website.

Step #2 –  Open your dashboard.

Step #3 – Click the tab called “Schedule Posts”. Choose feed, story, or IGTV to indicate where you wish to post your content.

Aischedul hashtag generator tool

Step #4 – Upload your photos or videos and think of a caption.

Step #5 – Search for a keyword related to your post, and AiSchedul will give you the most popular hashtags related to your keyword in descending order.


Step #6 – Find suitable hashtags for your content through AiSchedul to match perfect hashtags for your posts.

Aischedul hashtag analytic

AiSchedul pricing

AiSchedul has three cost-effective packages to offer that you can choose based on your various needs. 

Package #1 – use AiSchedul for free

For the following features on AiSchedul, you don’t need to pay anything at all. The following is what features AiSchedul offers on this package and the number of times you can use them. 

Package #2 – Essentials

In this package, you can have all features in AiSchedul’s free package with more numbers of times to use only for $19 per month. For example, you can schedule your post once a day, or organize reward posts three times per month.

Package #3 – Pro 

This is by far the best package you can purchase for $49 per month. All the features will be unlocked for you with unlimited numbers of times to use plus having 24/7 running and support. 

pricing package


This blog discusses the importance of using fitness hashtags to improve your content and reach more audiences. So you can make useful content for your business while you are training and publishing them.

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