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Top 10 Instagram schedulers in 2021

 Nowadays, apart from being a social media website to share daily photos and videos, Instagram has become a free tool to advertise on and get new consumers. Most of the big brands and famous companies use this app in order to get a better attraction and introduce products to people. However, preparing and sharing content may take a lot of time. Hence, Instagram content specialists prefer to use an Instagram post scheduler to make things easier. In this article, we introduce the top 10 apps that help you schedule Instagram posts on Android. 

Why schedule Instagram posts?

Having so much work to do, you may sometimes forget to upload a specific post on its time. Therefore, whenever you are editing the posts, you can send them to scheduler apps and set the date and time you want to share the post on. Using schedulers, you can simply upload posts you want to send at a time and they will be posted on your Instagram automatically. This is really good because you can prepare all the posts you want to share during a week and without worrying to forget it, you can do other tasks you have. 

Why do you need to schedule Instagram posts on android?

The Instagram official app on android and ios devices is literally user-friendly and easy to work with. Most of the companies prefer to work with this app from computers. However, imagine that you want to show something on Instagram to your coworker. In this situation, you may need to take your mobile phone to get things okay. So you’ll need an Instagram post scheduler that works on both your pc and your Android device. In the following, we introduce the top 10 apps that let you schedule Instagram posts on Android. 

Top 10 apps to schedule Instagram posts

Actually, Instagram doesn’t access users to schedule their posts and stories. Therefore, to get through this issue you need to use a third-party app. Choosing one app between the thousands available on the internet is going to be tough. In addition, making a safe and good choice is not that much easy because some of the apps out there might be hackers and using them puts your privacy in danger. So if you want to know the top 10 apps that help you schedule Instagram posts on Android, keep on reading!

#1 AiSchedul, as an Android Instagram scheduler

The top 1 Instagram scheduler is AiSchedul. AiSchedul is an amazing tool that gives you some extra features to manage your Instagram account much easier. AiSchedul helps you to:

  • Schedule posts.
  • Schedule stories.
  • Repost your previous posts automatically.
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts from a PC or a mobile phone.
  • Autoresponse in comments.

To use AiSchedul you don’t need to download and install any apps and this is one of the positive points about it. You can simply go to the AiSchedul website using your browser and try every single feature of it by paying only 9$ per month. Hence, if you want to schedule Instagram posts on Android devices and even computers, you can easily use AiSchedul just by having a web browser. 

How to schedule Instagram posts on Android using AiSchedul?

Step 1. Open your browser, go to the AiSchedul website and signup for free using your e-mail address.

Step 2. When on the dashboard, log in to your Instagram account by tapping on the Add Instagram account. Note that you can add and manage as many accounts as you want.

Step 3. Then tap on the manage account button.

Step 4. On the appeared page, tap on schedule feed on top of the page. 

Step 5. Drag and drop or select up to 10 photos you want to share, write down the caption, and write the hashtags you want if needed.

Step 6. Now, add locations if you want and finally set the time you want to share the post on and click on the schedule story button.

And Done! You have almost automated the process and your content will be posted to your Instagram account at the specified date and time. If you want to schedule stories, click here


#2 Loomly, schedule Instagram posts on Android

The second app on our list is Loomly. Loomly lets users check and examine the features using the 15 days free trial. This app has an Android version that makes things much easier. This app lets you schedule posts and stories, get expertise analytics, and calenders that notify the tasks you have to do. Using Loomly costs 25$ per month which would be 300$ per year. 

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#3 Apphi, an Android scheduler

Another choice can be Apphi. Apphi has so many awesome features that help you schedule and automatically post for Instagram. To use this app, you need to download and install an application on your device and you need to buy an account. The prices are different for this app. If you want to just use the basic features for an Instagram account, the price is 6$ per month and if you want to manage up to 30 Instagram accounts, it is 60$ per month. Although it is a good choice to schedule Instagram posts on Android, it has some disadvantages. For example the necessity of downloading the application, and the high cost to manage more than 1 account. 

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#4 Hopper HQ, Android Instagram scheduler

The fourth app that we want to introduce is Hopper HQ. This app has so many amazing features like:

  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts.
  • Upload up to 50 posts in one go.
  • Schedule posts and stories.
  • Collaborate with team members.

Hopper HQ costs 19$ per month and if you get an annual account, you need to pay 16$ per month.

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#5 Sked Social, social media scheduler

Another app to schedule Instagram posts on Android is Sked Social. This app helps you to schedule and automatically post everywhere. Moreover, it helps you to manage not only your Instagram account but also your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Features of Sked Social contains hashtag manager, set link in bio, schedule posts and stories, and product taggings. This website gives a wide range of plans and the most economic one is about 25$ per month. 

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#6 PromoRepublic, social accounts manager

The sixth position goes to PromoRepublic. PromoRepublic is another social media management platform that helps you access all your social accounts at a place and manage them more professionally. The prices for this platform start from 49$ per month and lets you schedule posts, manage multiple accounts, and also grow your business. 

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#7 BigBangram, as a scheduler

Another good choice to schedule posts on Android devices is BigBangram. Actually, using this platform you can:

  • Schedule posts
  • Post videos
  • Growth bots
  • Auto likes/ comments/ follows/ unfollows
  • Post removal timer
  • Manage multiple IG accounts
  • Manage Instagram DM inbox

Obviously, using all these features you can become an intellectual Instagram user and manage all your tasks in the best way possible. So, give it a try and to know more about it, take a look at the following article. 

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#8 MeetEdgar, as an Instagram manager

If you are searching for an amazing scheduler for all your social accounts, you might better check MeetEdgar! Actually, Edgar is a cute octopus that will help you with managing your social accounts better and faster than before. Also, using this platform you can re-share posts, get a calendar view, and also direct video uploading. 

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#9 eClincher, a good social media management platform

Another tool you can use to schedule posts on your social accounts is eClincher. Actually, this platform offers you the following features:

  • Schedule posts
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Receive analytics
  • Auto-post with queues

Moreover, using these features you can grow your engagement rate and become more successful. 

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#10 Social Pilot, social scheduler

The other option you have to schedule posts on your social media accounts is SocialPilot. Actually, using this platform you can receive advanced analytics, grow your social media engagement rate, and so many more than this. However, the prices start from 20$ per month and it might not be economic enough. 

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Which app to use to schedule Instagram posts on Android devices?

To sum it up, using an Instagram scheduler has become essential because human beings are not complete creatures and they may forget things to do. Using an Instagram scheduler, you can simplify sharing posts and stories and automate the process in order to save a great amount of time. According to this article, AiSchedul is the best choice to schedule Instagram posts on Android, ios, windows and other operating systems because you just need a browser to use it and it gives you 5 days free trial that makes you sure about your decision.

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