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UNUM vs. AiSchedul – Which Instagram Planner to Use in 2021?

Nowadays, many businesses focus on Instagram for marketing and are always looking for ways to attract more followers. The critical factor for growing Instagram pages is to keep posting and adding stories regularly. According to Dash Husdon’s blog, you should post once a day if you want your page to be on top. Also, more than 500 million Instagram accounts create stories daily, so you shouldn’t overlook this feature. But It’s not as simple as it sounds! Creating posts and stories every day to post at the optimal time is both time-consuming and exhausting. That’s why most brands are using Instagram schedulers to manage their pages. In this article, we will compare UNUM and AiSchedul Instagram planner apps and discuss their features. So if you are looking for an Instagram scheduler, follow us to the rest of the article.

AiSchedul Instagram Managing platformAischedul Instagram managing tool

AiSchedul is an assistant platform designed especially for Instagram. It provides efficient services based on various Instagram features to help its clients improve their Instagram pages. One of the strengths of this platform is that it’s a web application. Maybe you experienced Instagram stopping errors because your device runs low on storage. But with AiSchedul, you can work on your Instagram tasks using any device you want. You need a browser to sign in to your AiSchedul account, and there you have access to all the Instagram features.


UNUM Instagram Visual DesignerUNUM Instagram Designer

UNUM is an application that helps you improve the visual sight of your page. It has some photo editing tools that you can use to make your posts and stories more attractive. Also, you can design the whole look of your page by arranging your posts.

UNUM Instagram Designer

Now let’s have a look at these two applications from different aspects.

  • User Interface

    One of the most significant factors of each platform is its user interface. Many apps provide amazing features but don’t have many users because of their confusing interface. A proper user interface should be attractive and make working with it simpler for the user. Accessibility of the options should also be considered in the interface.


    AiSchedul interface

    As you can see, AiSchedul has a chic and straightforward interface, and you can have access to all of the features from the list on the right. We had no difficulties using the scheduler, bio link, or the repost tool. You can get familiar with all the services and their options in 5 minutes because everything is straightforward.


    UNUM interface

    On the other hand, we didn’t have a great experience using UNUM Instagram features.  As you can see above, it has a simple black and white design. Although it has a minimal chic design, it has too much white space that sometimes feels you are dealing with a blank page! Also, the tools are not accessible in the first look, and we found no help to guide us through that. Moreover, there is no description of what these tools do, and we had to examine each of them!

  • Accessibility

    Another important factor that you should consider is having access to the platform via different devices. For example, if you lost your cellphone, you can manage your account using a PC or another device.


    As we mentioned before, AiSchedul is a web application. It means that it doesn’t matter which operating system or device you are using; all you need is a browser. Also, you don’t need to be worried about your device’s storage since it doesn’t use any extra storage.


    UNUM has a website, too; however, you can’t post to Instagram or even edit the pictures using this website. You have to use the mobile application if you want to use UNUM for Instagram posting. Also, the app is just available for iOS mobile devices. There is no Android support on the website. Although we found a UNUM application in the Google Play Store, it doesn’t work at all! So, the only way you can use UNUM is by having an iPhone!
    UNUM app

  • Posting to Instagram

    Many platforms can help you post to your Instagram accounts; however, the process is not the same in all of them. Some platforms can’t connect directly to Instagram API, and all they can do is open the Instagram app on your phone, and you would have to do all the steps manually. On the other hand, some platforms simplify the process for their clients by connecting to the Instagram API. So, there you can design your post, and it will post it to your page automatically.


    In this platform, you can connect to Instagram directly. So, you should log into your Instagram account through this platform for one time. Then, you can always design your posts there, and AiSchedul will post them for you on your account automatically.


    Unfortunately, UNUM can’t post directly to Instagram. So, you can design your post using this tool, but you have to do all the steps manually. Let’s have a look at the process:

    1. Select your photo and edit it in the UNUM application.
    2. Write your captions and hashtags.
    3. Choose the Instagram option.
    4. Confirm posting to Instagram.
    5. The Instagram app opens, and your photo is uploaded.
    6. Edit the photo using Instagram edit tools.
    7. Paste your caption in the caption box and tag people or locations on your photo.
    8. Post it to Instagram!

    Isn’t it just too many steps?!

  • Scheduling tool

    Using the Instagram schedulers, you can design your posts or stories from days or months before and schedule them to be posted on a specific date. Also, it’s useful when you want to post at the optimal time. This way, you don’t have to be online at that time; the content will be posted automatically. You can read more about the best Instagram schedulers here.


    AiSchedul has all the features you need from a scheduler. You can design your posts and stories and select the time you want them to be posted. You can even set multiple times for content to be posted. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you have no difficulties working with it, and it saves so much time.AiSchedul planner


    UNUM doesn’t have an Instagram scheduler feature; actually, it’s just a reminder. We mentioned before that this platform couldn’t connect to the Instagram API. So, you design your post and select a date for it; then, it reminds you to get online and post your content manually. That’s just it!

  • Other features

    There are other features included in each of these applications. We will mention some of them briefly, but you can always get to know them better by signing up on their website. Both of these applications have a free plan to introduce you to their features.


    • Bio link

      You can’t put any clickable link on your page except one link in the bio. This feature helps you create a landing page with all of your links in it, such as social media accounts and even clickable posts.

      bio link sample

    • Repost tool

      Creating new content takes so much time. You can repost your followers’ posts on your page with just a couple of clicks.

    • Mention Tracking

      Using this feature, you can find a talk about your page and brand and even repost them using the previous tool.


    The strength of the UNUM application is its photo editing tools. I know some of you say that you can use professional image editing Softwares such as Photoshop instead, but it’s not an available option for everyone, and also, you need some skills to work with those apps. UNUM has many beautiful filters and editing tools that are easy to use for everyone that helps you improve the visual sight of your page.


All in all, AiSchedul offers many practical services that help you grow your page in many ways. UNUM is more like a photo editing tool that includes some basic Instagram tools too. We hope you find this article useful and we could help you make your decision. Please share your ideas with us in the comment section.

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