How to promote your business by using DM on Instagram

How to Use Direct Messages to Promote Your Business on Instagram?

Instagram has become a must-have tool for many businesses these days, but few people realize how powerful an Instagram direct message can be. Instinctively, it’s a way to engage with your customers directly, asking them to “like” or share your page, or show you care about your audience. You can use direct messages to promote your business on Instagram as well, although doing so tactfully may help you achieve your desired results faster.

Why you should be using direct messages to promote your business on Instagram?  

The easiest way to use an Instagram direct message is to write a brief message, and then attach your link in the body of the message. For instance, if you run a fitness business, you could write a quick and snappy “check out our new workout program”. Include your link in an Instagram direct message. This will prompt any user to “like” your page or tag your link in their posts. This results in encouraging them to take action.

However, there are some things you need to keep in mind when using Instagram’s direct message. One of the most important things to remember is that you should not spam your link to anyone, even if they follow you. If someone following you on Instagram doesn’t want your business, they won’t tag your link, and they will not share your page. Instead of writing an Instagram direct message, why not use the DM tool. These are links on Instagram that you can craft yourself, and they are great for getting started in the business.

Key to use direct message

Key tips for using Instagram direct messages

Instagram Direct messages are probably one of the best-overlooked tools when it comes to social networking marketing. Many small companies and start-ups struggle with the basics of promoting themselves on such a platform without any prior experience. suppose companies finally discover the immense possibilities of the Instagram Direct message, in that case, they’ll probably start re-evaluating their entire social networking marketing strategy, giving the powerful Instagram DM whole new importance. Here are some key tips on how to use direct message on Instagram to promote your business:

Tip #1 – The first thing you have to keep in mind is that the top right corner of your Instagram profile is where you can have all direct messages sent. Click on the little gear icon at the bottom. Then you’ll see a drop-down box with a list of different chats that can be joined. If you’re sending a message to one particular person, make sure that the chat is in a direct message format. This will ensure that the other person will see your message.

Tip #2 – In the “direct massaging” tab, write a message that will automatically send to all your targeted users. Use different formats to send multiple variations of the same message to the list of users you have chosen. This could be a list of new followers, current followers, or the usernames you have selected. You can also send DMs to users who utilize specific hashtags or follow a specific profile, particularly, a brand, or an influencer.   

Tip #3 – Another important tip to use in Instagram’s direct messages to promote your business is to give your brand as much attention as possible. You don’t want to send someone a message and they don’t reply. For example, if that person will see you as part of a niche that they might not visit regularly, they might ignore you. You want to be seen as a credible business that people can trust. If your brand makes small talk and never seems to be interested in helping people out, then perhaps you need to revise your target market and give your brand a bit more focus.

“According to James Durr of UK-based homebuying company Property Solvers: “we have been using DMs in Instagram to offer free property valuations. We’ve found that it’s important to provide value to people otherwise your messages will definitely get ignored or, worse still, reported.”

Tip #4 – Remember that Instagram’s direct messaging system allows you to send links from one post to another. This is where all the magic of direct messaging comes in. A brief overview of Instagram direct messages and how to send them. Use Instagram direct messages for your business to increase the amount of traffic you receive on your page.

Tip #5 – The best thing about using direct messages on Instagram is that they are very quick to create. You can even create a quick reply in less than 5 seconds after sending the message! This is a big deal because potential customers are looking for businesses right now, and if you make a quick reply, you will stand out from the competition. So, make sure that you use Instagram direct messages to your business and receive the best results possible!

How to use DMs effectively to promote your business

How to use DMs effectively on Instagram?

Direct messaging has a huge impact on Instagram marketing. However, this will fall short of expectations if you are not using DMs effectively. Here are two ways to utilize DMs to promote your business on Instagram. 

  • Learn to read the messages effectively 

At times do you delete your online marketing messages from your phone and wonder how you can get them back? Or even maybe you delete certain messages for some reason and later realize you actually need them in your marketing strategy. You actually have an opportunity to add them back by sending a direct message on Instagram. It’s important to know how to read messages on Instagram so you can be sure about not cutting out anyone on here. By learning how to read messages on Instagram you’ll be able to follow along with your friends and learn what they’re up to and ensure your business gets noticed online.

So how does one learn how to read messages on Instagram and find new followers? Well, there are a couple of ways that you can get around this. There are a few different ways that you can make use of your personal Instagram accounts such as posting pictures. These pictures, videos, and notes can be viewed on the web from your mobile device, or even both.

With any of these methods, you should have a Facebook login and an email address. This gives you access to your email through the Facebook app. Once you have these two things, you can use the following steps.

Go into the Facebook account where you’ll find the login button, and click on it. Enter a new user name and password. Afterward, tap on the Facebook application’s icon where you’ll find a button for accessing your online accounts, click on it and you’ll find the option to add a direct message. Now you have an open account from a new contact on Instagram. Thus, you can simply send a message from your phone or a computer.

Using app of AiSchedul to promote your business

  • Using app of AiSchedul

Maintaining your direct messaging strategy and practicing those tips mentioned earlier is demanding and daunting concerning the number of your target users. This means that you need a tool to help you with managing your DMs, and we recommend

This application offers 5 sections and each section fulfills various goals. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to using 

Register for free and use to promote your business

Register for free and create your account.

Visit your Direct messages from your dashboard to start promoting your business

 Visit your Direct messages from your dashboard.

 Use different features that are offered on

Use different features that are offered. 

Here are some features offered on 


reach out to new followers, current followers, or the usernames you have selected. This feature enables you to generate leads, run contests, reward followers, and more to use a focused DM campaign.

 2.Send An Auto Reply

This feature crafts a strong message each time someone sends you a DM.

3.Send Bulk DMs

If you think direct messaging to hundreds or evens thousands of people is time-consuming, this feature allows you to do this by choosing your target users – no matter how many – within few minutes.  

4.Connect Your DMs to Email

Don’t let a DM go unresponded for days at a time. Get all your DMs directly in your email inbox. You can even respond right from the email.


This not only allows you to see the inbox on your mobile app but also gives you access to do anything virtually without even opening your mobile app.  


Direct messages are easy-to-use, yet effective to promote your business on Instagram. Keep in mind that personalizing these messages play a major role in developing your strategy. Once you do it right, DM will become a great approach to get new followers and grow your relationship.

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