Viraltag Reviews and Alternatives in 2021

Instagram has become one of the most popular social applications in recent years. As the number of Instagram users rises, the importance of this social network for businesses increases too. Instagram marketing is a significant goal for many businesses these days, and they seek assistant tools to automate the processes. Here, we are going to talk about the Viraltag social media management tool. We will mention the users’ reviews of the Viraltag platform and discuss its strengths and weaknesses. In the end, we will introduce you to some alternative platforms to consider if you are looking for a management tool. So, make sure to read this article before making your decision.

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What Can Viraltag Do?

Viraltag websiteViraltag is a social media management tool that supports Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It offers multiple tools to help you in growing your accounts on different social networks. It’s mostly helpful for businesses that are focusing on multiple social networks at the same time and are seeking a platform that lets them manage all the accounts in one place. We will get to know this platform and its features in the Viraltag Reviews section.

Viraltag Top Reviews

This platform provides many great features to help you in managing your accounts. Here, we are going to discuss both its strengths and weaknesses. We will also mention the services it provides and their performance.


Post scheduling

One of the most services that you can find in many management platforms is the content scheduler. Posting content regularly is of great importance for all the businesses, but creating and designing content every day is not an easy task to do. Using content schedulers, you can plan your content from days or even months before and also set them to be posted at the optimal time. However, Viraltag doesn’t support story scheduling for Instagram; we will discuss this later in this article.

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Comfortable interface

Viraltag interfaceViratltag has a simple interface that is not confusing for users at all. It is straightforward to use, and also, there are enough helps available on the app to help you in the beginning.


This platform can give you detailed statistics to have a better assessment of your performance. Although professional analytics is just available on the Brand plan, they are helpful for businesses that can afford that. Using this feature, you can monitor your growth and know your strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, this tool can help you find out the type of content that is more appealing to your followers.

Excellent customer service

When you read the users’ reviews about Viraltag, you can easily see that most of the users are satisfied with the customer service’s support. They have a diligent support team that get in touch with users in no time and guide the users in resolving their problems.

Points to consider

ٌWe talked about the strengths of this platform. Now, it’s time to mention some points that Viraltag still has to work on them.

Connecting to mobile device

Viraltag connect to mobile

For connecting your Instagram account to this platform, you have to download the app on your cellphone. Many users do not appreciate it since many platforms can connect to Instagram without the need to install a mobile application. Especially if you own a mobile device with low storage capacity, you don’t want any new applications to fill your storage. Also, some users mentioned that the mobile app needs improvement since they face many bugs currently.

No story scheduler

As we mentioned before, Viraltag doesn’t offer a story scheduler. Stories play an important role in Instagram marketing these days, and this leads the users to find other platforms providing this service. In the Alternatives section, we will introduce some options that offer this feature even at more affordable prices.

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High prices

There are many platforms out there for managing social media, and businesses have a limited budget to spend on this goal. So, if you want to find the most suitable platform for your work, you should compare its price and features with its competitors.  In the users’ reviews of Viraltag, many people claimed that they had found the same or even more services at lower prices on other platforms. Here, you can see the cost of this platform’s plans:

Viraltag pricing

I have the same opinion about its Instagram management tools. The prices are higher than many of its competitors, and it doesn’t provide any special features which you can’t find on other platforms. You can have a better comparison in the next section.

Viraltag Alternatives

We mentioned before that if you want to have a better evaluation of this platform, you should compare it to its competitors. Now, we are going to introduce two social media management platforms with similar features.

AiSchedul AiSchedul Instagram managing platform

This platform is designed especially for Instagram, and it provides you with different assistant tools to grow your Instagram page in various aspects. Also, it is a web application, and you can have access to it via any device; you just need a browser. It doesn’t need any mobile app to be installed on our phone too. Some of its features are:

AiSchedul calendar

  • Scheduling posts and stories
  • Automatically publishing
  • Holding automated giveaways
  • Designing the bio-link landing page
  • Track mentions

Also, it offers a free plan to introduce you to its features. Tou can try AiSchedul for FREE by hitting the button below.

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Preppr Preppr management platform

Preppr is a management platform that supports Instagram and Pinterest. It offers great assistant features such as:

  • Post scheduling
  • Designing a simple bio-link landing page
  • Hashtag search tool

But you should keep in mind that this platform doesn’t have the story scheduling option. Also, the prices are lower than Virlatag and more affordable, even for individuals.

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All In All…

In this article, we talked about the Viraltag social media marketing tool and discussed its both strengths and weaknesses. We saw the Viraltag reviews, and then we introduced some alternatives to consider for Instagram account management. We hope we could help you in choosing the most suitable platform for your business. Share your ideas with us in the comment section.

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