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VSCO username and link


When we talk about social networks, It probably reminds you of Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and more.

There are many social networks that are competing with one another nowadays.

In fact, social media is a topic that has been referred to as a set of sites and communication tools in recent years.

More networks are being added each year, including VSCO, it is one of the new networks.

Internet users can create profiles and personal pages for themselves by joining social networks

In fact, VSCO is a program we can compare it with Instagram.

You can save your photos on this network without sharing them and use the types of filters in the program.

The difference between VSCO and Instagram is its features and capabilities.

VSCO does not have like or comment features. Users also can’t see who is following them.

In fact, because of the many filters that VSCO has for photos, as well as the effects used in photography applications, the program is more artistic and used for photography.

Keep reading this article to teach you more about VSCO.

The free version of the app can now be downloaded from the Google Play, App store, and Galaxy store.

Click here to download this app.

Where is your VSCO username and link?

First, select the emoji shape at the bottom of the page to redirect you to your profile page.

Then select the Edit option below your username.

VSCO username and link

You can now see your VSCO link address.

With this address, you can invite your friends to visit your VSCO page.

VSCO username and link


How to share VSCO links on Instagram-Bio?

As explained in this article, this program is in the category of photography programs.

VSCO makes it easy for you if you want to create quality and attractive photos.

To share these photos with other users on different social networks, just link to them.

When adding your VSCO profile to your Instagram bio, you must add before your username.

But since Instagram is an app for your business, it is not sensible to put one link in the biography section.

We suggest you use your biography wisely and create a wide-ranging advertisement for your business on social media by placing multiple links in this section.

But the question is how to do this if Instagram has restricted this and does not allow you to redirect your users to other networks?

We suggest you sign up for AiSchedul and use the MyURLs feature.

With this feature, you can have a biography filled with different links.

You can also use other features of the platform for free, including to hold Instagram contests and scheduling your posts for free.

If you want to have multiple links in your biography you must first create a landing page.

To create this page, first, register in AiSchedul for free by clicking here.

After logging into the homepage of the site and completing the registration process you can enjoy a free three-day course that includes all the features of this platform.

VSCO username and link

To complete the registration process, complete the form that contains the items shown in the photo below.

After completing the steps you will be redirected to a page called Dashboard and you can add your Instagram accounts to this page and manage them all at the same time.

AiSchedul for adding your VSCO username and link to Instagram bio

Add multiple links to Instagram-Bio by using MyURLs

Once you’ve completed your AiSchedul sign-up and added an Instagram account to your dashboard page, click Manage Account option.

Then select the Bio-Link option from the new page options.

AiSchedul for adding your VSCO username and link to Instagram bio

Now you can build your landing page and add your Social Links to Your Instagram Bio or Add as many ULRs to Bio as Buttons and finally, you can choose a theme for your page.

In the last step, AiSchedul will provide you with a link that you need to copy and paste into the Instagram-Bio section.
In this case, the user by clicking on this link will be redirected to a space that all of your links are located there.

You can also add your VSCO link to this page.

AiSchedul for adding your VSCO username and link to Instagram bio

Other features of AiSchedul include:

  • Feed Posting:

With this feature, you can pre-plan the posts you want to share and set them up for publication in days, weeks, or even months, by setting a specific date and time. Scheduling posts allows the user to update their Instagram page in their absence.

Select your favorite photo or video; add your caption or text, choose the hashtag and more, and then specify the timing.

  • Story Posting:

Instagram stories are fun and the content is casual, But they still require considerable time and planning.

As we said, the scheduling feature of posts is not only to feed and you can pre-prepare your stories to share on the specified date.

  • Multiple Account Posting:

AiSchedul allows you to manage multiple accounts at the same time, which means you can add as many accounts as you like to your dashboard and take advantage of all the features this platform offers.

For example, you can hold the contest in three accounts simultaneously, and this platform will do all the racing-related tasks for you automatically.

  • Repost to your Feed:

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has not provided users with a way to publish others’ posts with your own account.

Not having this feature can be very annoying, especially when you want to repost a friend’s post with your account.

Fortunately, AiSchedul has provided this feature to its users and paved the way.

To use this feature you must have the share URL of the post you want to rpost it.

  • Schedule Posts For Deletion:

You may need to delete your posts after some time for any reason.

With no worries, you can specify the date you want your post to be deleted to automatically delete on the specified date.

  • Hold Instagram Contests:

One of the most attractive ways to increase the visibility of your Instagram Page and then increase the actual followers is holding and running Instagram competitions.

If the number of participants and commenters is low, it is not difficult to choose a winner, but if the volume of comments is high (such as over 30 comments), It will be difficult to extract, analyze and select the winners at random, but don’t worry because AiSchedul has already made the process easy for you.

All you have to do is determine the rules of the contest and the winner will be selected automatically using advanced tools.

  • Search Hashtags

Hashtags are the best way to make your posts more visible and thus attract more likes and followers.

If you want to attract more visitors to your posts, you need to use the hashtags that are popular.

Have you ever wondered where to find these hashtags?

AiSchedul offers you the best hashtags using a sophisticated and intelligent tool.

  • And more…
Summary: In this article, we give you a brief explanation about VSCO and how to add its link to your Instagram-Bio.

We’ve also introduced a platform to help you manage your Instagram and conquer the features that Instagram didn’t offer its users!

If you like this article and the ways it has been introduced to you, share it with others and help us to provide you with more services by signing up for AiSchedul.


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