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How To Use Instagram

Want to know who viewed your Instagram video? Keep reading

One of the greatest Instagram features is that it lets you post videos. This feature helps people to grow their Instagram interactions and achieve their goals. Actually, you can repost videos from other users, send them on direct messages, and much more than this. However, sometimes it is important to know who has viewed your Instagram videos. But can you see who viewed your Instagram video?  or you are asking yourself: can I see who views my Instagram videos? Continue reading. 

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Why are Instagram videos important to people?

Instagram videos help you in numerous ways. Imagine that you are a content specialist at a big company, and your duty is to introduce your products to people. Sometimes sharing images cannot show people what does the product exactly does. Hence, by sharing a video of the product, you can show people how to do the thing and what it can do. Therefore, you will get more attractions and more consumers. Moreover, if you are a video editor, film director, or you have one of the similar jobs, you need to share videos to introduce your services in the best way. 

How to upload videos on Instagram?

You can upload Instagram videos in four different ways: 

Instagram feed

To share videos on Instagram feed, you can upload them just like regular photos that you share. You can simply tap on the “+” button below the screen, tap on the intended video, and share them. However, it is essential to know that Instagram has time limits for videos. Actually, the videos you share shouldn’t be more than 1 minute long. So if your videos are longer than this, you have to chop them up into separate parts and share them. Note that you can upload up to 10 photos and videos simultaneously so, you can upload a 10-minute long video on a single post. 

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Instagram story

Another way to share videos on Instagram is to share them on stories. When you open the story tab on Instagram, you have to choices to share videos: you can simply upload it from your mobile phone, or you can take videos at the moment and share them with people. Actually, Instagram story videos can have at last 15-seconds length. So, if you are sharing a video on Instagram that is longer than 1-minute, it may be better not to share it on stories. 

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Instagram live

As it’s obvious from the name, Instagram live is a way to share live videos. It is somehow like a video call that you are having with all of your followers. Using Instagram Live, you can share a 60-minutes length video, and you can have interactions with people who are watching you. 

To start a live video on your Instagram account:

Step 1) Open the Instagram app and tap on the camera icon on the top left corner.

Step 2) Choose the LIVE option from the bottom and tap the record button to start.

Step 3) You can write comments and see others’ comments from the comment section on the bottom of the screen.

Step 4) To finish the live, tap the record button again. You can save the live by tapping the download button.

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In the past few years, Instagram added a new feature called IGTV. IGTV is a place that you can share videos up to 10 minutes long, and your followers can watch them by tapping on the IGTV icon on the top right side of the screen. Actually, for some accounts, especially business accounts, IGTV video lengths can be up to 1 hour. So, it is a perfect choice to share long videos. 

Can you see who viewed your Instagram video?

In all types of videos shared on Instagram, you can see how many people have viewed your videos. But can you also see who viewed your Instagram video? Let’s find out!

As mentioned above, there are different ways to share videos on Instagram. Therefore, it is natural that each one has various features. In the following, we discuss whether you can see who viewed your Instagram video shared using each possible way. So, keep on reading!

Can you see who viewed your Instagram video shared on the feed?

Yes, you can! Instagram lets users find out who has viewed their videos shared on feed. Actually, this is an option that is added because of users’ requests, and right now, almost all the users use it to check if the intended group of people viewed their videos or not. 

How to see who viewed your Instagram video (Step-by-step)?

To check who viewed your Instagram video, follow these steps:

Step 1) Open the Instagram app. 

Step 2) Open the video that you want to check its viewers. 

Step 3) Tap on the view count right below the video.

Now, you can see usernames who viewed your video shared on feed. Note that this feature is available for Instagram version 7.17.1 and above for all platforms. 

Can you see who viewed your Instagram video shared on a story?

The answer to this question is also “YES”! In fact, whenever you share a story on Instagram, doesn’t matter if it is an image, video, Boomerang, vote, etc. In all cases, you can see who has viewed your stories, and hence, if you share a video, the story viewers are who that viewed your videos too. You can simply see your story viewers by swiping up the story. 

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Can you see who viewed your Instagram Live video?

When you start a live video on Instagram, you can see how many viewers you have at the moment from the eye icon on the top right hand of your screen. Then, when your live video ends, Instagram shows you how many viewers you had and lets you know who has viewed your live story. 

Can you see who viewed your Instagram video shared on IGTV?

Actually, “NO”! You cannot see who has viewed your IGTV videos on Instagram. The only thing that you can check is the number of viewers, but you cannot know who has exactly watched your IGTV video. However, you can see who has liked your IGTV, and this gives you a good approximation from the people who have viewed your videos. 

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You might be asking yourself: can you see who views your Instagram videos? or can you see who views your IGTV?
To sum it up, you can see who viewed your Instagram video when you share your videos on feed, stories, or live stories. However, if you share a long video on IGTV, you can only check the number of viewers and people who liked your post. Also, there is no third-party app that helps you see the IGTV viewers, so avoid installing any of the apps that claim to let you see IGTV viewers.

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