Awario review

Why you shouldn’t use Awario for your Instagram monitoring efforts – and what to do instead

Are you thinking of using Awario to monitor your mentions on Instagram? Are you looking for an assistant to help you manage your page? Do you need an application to help you in growing your Instagram page? In this article, we are going to talk about the Awario monitoring tool and its services. Then, we will compare it to other similar platforms to see whether it worth it or not! So if you want to know the answers to these questions, follow us to the rest of the article.

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What is Awario?

Awario logoAwario is a social media and web monitoring tool that searches for your brand name and keywords. It supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. It shows you where there is a talk about you and your brand. Also, you can track your competitors and see their performance. It’s like a powerful search engine that looks for your brand name in every corner of social networks and web. The strength of this monitoring tool is its performance on Twitter, which does a perfect job tracking your mentions on it. However, is it practical for Instagram too?  Let’s have a look at its pros and cons.

Awario Features And Pros

  • Search and filter tools

    As we mentioned before, Awario searches for your keywords, and it has some tools to help you in managing them.

    Awario search tools

    You can see in the image that it has tools for searching in the mentions, sorting them by date, grouping and filtering them. Also, you can narrow down your search by choosing the social media you want.  It can help you a lot in finding the mentions that are useful for you. However, these tools are not working flawlessly, and we will discuss in the next section. Moreover, it has an export tool that you can use to save your results. You can choose the PDF or CSV version, but these features are not available in the starter plan.

    The filter tool is another feature of this application, which gives you many options to find what you want. You can choose the date interval, number of mentions and even location and language.

    Awario filter options

  • Report options

    Another service that this platform offers is detailed reports about your mentions. You can find many helpful statistics about your audience through this feature. It provides information about:

    • The growth rate of the number of mentions
    • The gender of the mention authors
    • The countries that most of your audience are located
    • The language of the mentions
    • The gender of most of the authors
  • Helpful support

    Awario has a diligent support team that guides the users right to the point. Most of the users are satisfied with the quality of customer support. Although there are some complaints about not having online support, the team members do their best to help their clients.

Awario Cons

We talked about the pros, and now it’s time to discuss its cons for Instagram.

  • High prices

    Awario pricing
    The biggest complaint that many users have is the high prices. As we mentioned before, Awario is like a powerful search engine, but it doesn’t offer other services that Instagram users need. Many platforms provide practical assistance for Instagram users besides the mention tracking option, and their prices are lower than Awario! Also, many of its features are just available in Pro and Enterprise plans such as Data export, which is a basic option in many platforms. To have a better understanding, you should compare it to other platforms. So, we will introduce some of them in the next section.

  • No special services for Instagram

    Instagram has many features, and Instagram users try to grow their pages by improving those. So, many platforms help their clients manage their pages by time-saving services. For example:

      • Scheduling posts
      • Scheduling stories
      • Hashtag suggestion
      • Bio link

    But Awario doesn’t provide any of these services, and its users have to use another tool for managing their Instagram accounts.

  • Inefficient user interface

    Most of the users mentioned that they have problems the first time they worked with Awario. It’s not easy to find out how to work with it, and there isn’t a comprehensive tutorial about working with it too. Although they have a diligent support team that helps you with your problems, the process is time-consuming, and many users don’t appreciate it. It has a learning curve that takes time, and it’s difficult for many ones to deal with it.

  • Some filter option doesn’t work.

    As you know, the filter option is used to narrow the results down to what we are looking for it. However, many users claimed that the filter option, especially the language option, doesn’t work correctly. We checked it, and that’s true. The filter tool can’t distinguish between English and many other languages.Awario filter check
    This makes the user confused between lots of mentions that are not relevant, and it’s frustrating for users to deal with it.

Awario Alternatives For Instagram Users

We saw that Awario is fine as a search engine, but it’s not a suitable platform for Instagram. As we mentioned, many platforms offer more services at more affordable prices. Now let’s see some of the most practical ones.

  • AiSchedul

    Aischedul Instagram managing toolAiSchedul is an Instagram management platform that focuses on different features of Instagram to help its clients improve their pages. It provides many features, and one of them is tracking mentions. Besides that, it offers many other Instagram services that grow the page in many ways. You can know about them better by signing up on their website and using the free trial plan. Here are some of these features:

      • Managing multiple Instagram accounts on one page
      • Track mentions
      • Scheduling posts
      • Scheduling stories with all the features
      • Hashtag suggestion tool
      • Repost your followers’ posts and stories
      • Organizing reward campaigns
      • Bio link tool

    As you can see, AiSchedul has way more capabilities than Awario. Now let’s have a look at the prices. AiSchedul pricing

    That’s right! The unlimited plan only costs as much as Awario’s starter plan. So, which one do you prefer?

  • Hootsuite

    Hootsuite managing platformdulersHootsuite is a platform that supports various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. The notable point about Hootsuite is that you can manage all of your social accounts through one platform. It provides useful services for Instagram, such as:

      • Scheduling posts
      • Basic story scheduling
      • Mention Tracking
      • Hashtag suggestion

    You can compare AiSchedul and Hootsuite here. Now, what about the prices?

    Hootsuite pricing

    Their plans are more expensive than AiSchedul but still more worthy than Awario, but Keep in mind that Hootsuite is a multi-network platform. Also, the user interface is a bit more complicated than the previous option, but it’s unavoidable for multi-network platforms.

  • SocialBee

    Socialbakers alternativesAnother platform that supports multiple social networks is SocialBee. However, It uses third-party apps for some social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest. This platform offers various services for Instagram like:

      • Scheduling posts
      • Hashtag suggestion
      • Categorizing posts
      • Many ways to import content

    You can read more about them here. Let’s see the prices.SocialBee pricing

    The prices are more cost-efficient than Hootsuite and more affordable than Awario for sure. No need to mention that it provides more useful services too.

To summarize all the said above, we don’t suggest using Awario because it offers limited services at high prices. We introduced some more affordable platforms with more capabilities. I hope you find this article helpful. Share your ideas with us in the comment section.

Good luck in improving your business.

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