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Wishpond vs. AiSchedul: Comparing Instagram Contest Managers

Instagram contests are all the rage these days. Thousands of brands are taking advantage of them every day in order to increase their popularity and/or make a name for themselves. This is why contest managers like Wishpond and AiSchedul exist out there; they help you hold effective contests. Think of them as real-life marketing managers that only receive a fraction of the pay (or none at all).

In this post, we are going to compare Wishpond and AiSchedul and decide which one is better for holding Instagram contests. But first, let’s get some basics out of the way (feel free to skip if you know them).

What are Instagram contests?

In order to understand Instagram contests, you first have to learn about its different kinds. There are two major types of Instagram contests: giveaways and competitions . Let’s take a look at each one of them below.

Instagram Giveaways: Good for Gaining New Followers

It’s a popular belief that in order to gain something, you have to give something first. In business that something could be a range of things; it could be your time, energy, or money. When it comes to people, the last one is especially effective: people absolutely love getting free stuff.

This is why Instagram giveaways are born. In order to attract new followers, and increase their account’s engagement rate, hundreds of thousands of brands are holding Instagram giveaways every day. These giveaways work in a simple way: people need to do a few things (e.g. following your page, tagging their friends) in order to become eligible for a prize. This is a surefire way to gain new Instagram followers and increase your Instagram account’s engagement score. We will later examine if Wishpond is the right choice for holding giveaways, and if you should seek an alternative instead.

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Instagram Competitions: Good for Generating Contest

Source: Go Beyond Asia

Instagram competitions are divided into two categories. In the first kind, you will ask participants to post a picture to their Instagram feed or story and tag your page on it. This is a good way for attracting certain groups of people. Additionally, you can use the participants’ pictures to generate content for your account in days to come. The downside of this method, however, is that not many people are comfortable posting contest-related pictures in their page. Therefore, the engagement rate of this method is minimal compared to Instagram giveaways.

The other type of Instagram competition takes place in the comments section. In these contests, the winner is usually the comment with the most likes. One popular example of this kind of competition is caption contests. The way it works is that you will post a picture and ask people to write captions for it. The best caption (decided by the number of likes it gets) is declared winner and gets the prize. However, a major problem with this kind of competition is that cheating is commonplace, and people use bots to give their own comments a head start.

Now, it’s time to examine AiSchedul and Wishpond in detail and decide which one is better for holding Instagram contests.

AiSchedul vs. Wishpond: which one is better for Instagram giveaways?


AiSchedul has an in-built feature called “Post & Reward”. It is an automated bot designed for Instagram contests and giveaways. If you want to hold an Instagram giveaway, this feature can help you in a variety of ways. They include:

  • Automatically selecting winners
  • Automatically sending DMs to winners
  • Criteria template
  • Hashtag suggestions for your giveaway
  • Scheduling your giveaways for later
  • Automatically deleting your post after a set period

In addition to the above features, one of the biggest advantages to using AiSchedul is its beginner-friendliness. All you have to do is to upload a picture, write the caption, and fill in a few gaps. AiSchedul will take care of the rest for you.


While Wishpond is a fantastic contest manager, it sadly doesn’t have an exclusive feature for Instagram giveaways like AiSchedul does. If you want to hold your giveaway through emails, however, Wishpond has a dedicated feature for that.

Aischedul vs. Wishpond: which one is better for Instagram competitions?


Like we said before, there are two major types of Instagram competitions: comment competitions and photo competitions. In general, these kinds of Instagram contests don’t need much automation, so you can do them by yourself just fine. However, AiSchedul can still provide a few quality-of-life features for you. They include automatically responding to comments, providing a list of the best hashtags for your post,  scheduling multiple posts for later, and automatically deleting your post after a while.


As we discussed before, there are two types of Instagram competitions. If you want a comment-competition in your Instagram page (usually in the form of a caption contest), Wishpond doesn’t offer any features. However, if you are looking to hold a photo competition on your Instagram, Wishpond offers a custom-made competition called Hashtag Contest. To learn more about it, visit here.

Pricing Plans


You can use all the basic features of AiSchedul for free, though there will be a post limit. If you want a higher or unlimited post limit, you have to invest in a premium plan. For full pricing details, visit this page.

Plans (Monthly): 0 USD (basic), 9 USD (starter), 29 USD (pro)


Wishpond offers two types of plans: Managed by you, and managed by the Wishpond team. For the latter, you have to select a period and custom the Wishpond team to get a quote. For full details, visit this page.

Plans (Monthly): 49 USD (starting out), 99 USD (everything you need), 199 USD (rapid growth)


While Wishpond is a great contest manager in general, it is lacking when it comes to Instagram. In almost every way, AiSchedul is a superior platform for managing Instagram contests. Additionally, Wishpond’s pricing is significantly higher, so you might want to consider that as well.

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