Woobox Instagram Comment Picker; Full Reviews, Pros & Cons

Woobox Instagram Comment Picker; Full Reviews, Pros & Cons

You might have heard of the Woobox Instagram tool to help you run your contest. You can run a giveaway on Instagram to gain new leads and increase your engagement rate.

Third-party tools and services, such as Instagram giveaway pickers, allow businesses and creators to keep track of giveaway entrants, select winners fairly, and make the entire process easier to manage.

However, is Woobox the best option for you? This article will cover the advantages and disadvantages of this tool and let you decide.

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What is Woobox? 

woobox homepage

What is Woobox in digital marketing? Woobox is a social promotion application that offers a variety of interactive elements in its marketing campaigns, including Instagram hashtag contests, comment giveaways, and polls. But how do you pick a winner on Instagram Woobox?

  • To begin with, on the Woobox login page, you can sign in to your account using your Facebook account or an email. Make your campaigns through the landing page on Woobox with prepared templates.
  • Moving on, Woobox allows you to customize your templates to get closer to your target.
  • Lastly, you can let Woobox pick winners randomly from the comments Woobox has submitted.

Before going any further, let’s compare it with AiSchedul, the best Woobox alternative, to see what other features an Instagram giveaway tool provides you with.


Mobile device/ Website
Capability to Schedule giveaway posts
Customize hashtags for the giveaway
Optimize Campaigns Over Time
Powerful customer service
Giveaway feature
Post & Reward 
UGC contest 
Hashtag contest 
Reviews4.8 stars from 54.7 stars from 5
PriceFree, $7, & $15Free/ 32$/ 37$/ 99$/249$

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Features of Woobox

Coupon: Fan-only coupons can be created with unique coupon codes valid for only one purchase by a customer.

Woobox Sweepstakes:  Over a period of time, a sweepstake allows you to collect entries that can be used to determine the winners for your grand prize.

Pinterest PintoWin:  To be eligible to win your offer, users must pin it to their Pinterest boards.

Instant Win:  You can program the odds of winning to your liking so that a game might provide an opportunity to win an instant prize. This differs from a sweepstake because people are not required to pick the winners; they are chosen automatically.

Photo Contest:  You can create contests where fans submit photos and vote on which they like best.

Poll: You can post questions to your followers as a way to get feedback from them.

Group Deal: This option allows you to offer a coupon code only after a certain number of people request it. 

Reward: A guest list feature on your invitations allows you to create rewards that can only be accessed by people on the guest list.

UGC Contest: You can create user-generated content that allows fans to submit their content and vote for the best.

Landing Page:  You can use this tool to create an offer for a landing page.

Woobox Hashtag Contest: You can collect images, videos, and text from would-be entrants to a contest and use viral hashtags and caption contests to promote your campaign.

Woobox Review 

The benefits and drawbacks of this tool are gathered from Woobox reviews on websites such as the Get app.

Pros and Cons of Woobox

Woobox pros:

  • Woobox giveaway is user-friendly
  • Multiple ways to run the users’ contests.
  • Launch campaign.

woobox review

review of woobox

Woobox cons:

  • Users mostly have problems with the landing page
  • Limitation on the controlling of the audiences that see the ads.
  • Woobox app doesn’t have a refund policy; your money doesn’t get back if you want to cancel your service!
  • It takes a long time for users to perform technical tasks
  • You can only run Woobox giveaways from the business page

woobox reviews

reviews of woobox

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Woobox Pricing

woobox pricing

Is Woobox Free? 

Yes, you can use Woobox for free, but the free version has limited features. 

How Much Does Woobox Cost?

The pricing at Woobox depends on the subscription plan you choose, which is one of four available options. First is the basic plan, which costs $37/month. Next is the standard plan, which costs $32/month. The advanced plan costs $99/month. Lastly, the power plan costs $249/month.

Woobox Alternative

Aischedul homepage

AiSchedul focuses on Instagram scheduling, it offers a host of features designed to make increasing the number of your followers a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

The best alternative to Woobox can be AiSchedul; it has all the features you may need. And above all, it is much easier to use and quick to set up even for a novice with no skill in running giveaways. 

It offers two unique tools for Instagram giveaways that you can use, post and reward and Instagram giveaway picker. Let’s see how they work:

Instagram giveaway picker of AiSchedul

Instagram Giveaway Picker - AiSchedul

AiSchedul has developed a tool to help you select a random winner among the entries of your Instagram giveaways. The tool is extremely fast and easy to use and picks the winner quickly and fairly.

The Aischedul Giveaway picker tool makes it easy to pick the winners of your Instagram contests. Paste in the URL to your post set the criteria for winning, and let the app do the rest.

With this tool, you can also use a post and reward tool to design giveaways on Instagram from scratch. The steps below will guide you through the process of selecting giveaway winners with this unique tool:

Creating an account on AiSchedul will automatically take you to your Dashboard. The Giveaway Picker tab can be found on the top-left bar.

giveaway picker of AiSchedul

Enter your giveaway post’s URL and name in the first and second boxes, respectively.

AiSchedul Instagram giveaway picker

Decide how winners will be selected. Give specific, manageable criteria for selecting a winner, for example, using a particular hashtag or mentioning a certain number of accounts in the comments.

“Select Unique Users” prevents participants from mentioning the same user in comments more than once. And when you activate the “Eliminate Duplicate Comments” setting, a single instance of each comment is counted.

After you’ve set a date for the winner selection, you can sit back and relax! The AiSchedul giveaway picker will do the rest for you.

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AiSchedul Instagram Giveaway Picker Pricing

AiSchedule giveaway picker pricing packages

The Instagram giveaway picker is available with various pricing packages, including unlimited contests and up to 2000 comments reviewed per contest for an annual subscription.

Pick a package and sign up now!

Post And Reward Tool of AiSchedul

Here is how to use the AiSchedul post and reward tool:

Sign up on AiSchedul, and connect its dashboard to your Instagram account. Now click on “Manage Account.”

Note that you can also add more than one account to your account. 

Sign up for free> Tap on manage account

2. Then click on “Post and reward.” 

Sign up for free> Tap on manage account> post and reward

3. Click on “schedule contest” to set up your giveaway. There are three ways to make the post. You can upload your photo or video to create an Instagram carousel.  

Sign up for free> Tap on manage account> post and reward> schedule content

4. After that, define the rules to automate your giveaway entirely. You can condition entries to tag a certain number of people, enter a specific hashtag, and add a “follow” call-to-action in the comment section. On the other hand, if you set the rules on content, you can ask individuals to tag you in one of their posts that you will repost on your feed and a “follow” CTA.

Sign up for free> Tap on manage account> post and reward> schedule content> giveaway feature

5. Here, turning to send an invitation, make an auto DM inviting your target audience to your contest. This box allows you to personalize each DM by adding the username of the person who will receive the DM and utilizing alternate paraphrases in your text to avoid the recurrence of your direct message.

Here’s an example of how to make an auto DM.

{Hello l Hi} @username

We have {exciting l great} rewards for you. All you need to do is click the link below and visit this post. 


Hello Mike_biker

We have exciting rewards for you. All you need to do is click the link below and visit this post. 


Hi Rustic.Kitchen
We have great rewards for you. All you need to do is click the link below and visit this post. 

Sign up for free> Tap on manage account> post and reward> schedule content> giveaway feature> DM

6. Lastly, write the caption, add location and hashtag, and decide whether to post it right away or have it automatically posted in the future. 

Sign up for free> Tap on manage account> post and reward> schedule content> giveaway feature> DM> set the calendar

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Here are other features of AiSchedul:

  • Scheduling Instagram posts, Stories, and IGTVs
  • Listening and repost feature, repost YouTube videos directly without downloading needed
  • Mass deleting Instagram posts
  • Instagram giveaway feature
  • Social media calendar
  • Managing multiple accounts
  • Add multiple links to Instagram bio


How does Woobox compare to similar services in terms of popularity, user satisfaction, and customer support?

If you want to create a giveaway contest with Woobox, you should consider that more than just a random picker is required.

Regardless of features that might be popular with Woobox’s users, as a giveaway generator,  AiSchedul has the capability of automating all the rules of your contest as well as sending invitations to participants in bulk.  Additionally, it can help you pick a winner fairly.

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