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Woobox Instagram Comment Picker; Full Reviews, Pros & Cons

Regardless of their limited-time promotions, Instagram giveaways are a great way to generate new leads and increase your engagement rate. On top of that, you might have heard about Woobox as a tool to help you run your contest successfully. 

An Instagram giveaway picker is a third-party app that allows you to announce the winners reasonably. By the way, These tools and services are so, popular with businesses and creators because they make the whole process of creating and running your giveaway more convenient. 

However, is Woobox the best choice you get? 

This article will learn about the answer while you get total reviews of Woobox and evaluate its pros and cons.

What is Woobox?

Be it an Instagram hashtag contest, a comment giveaway, or an Instagram poll, Woobox will enhance your strategy to run them. Here is how. 

  • To begin with, you can make your campaigns through the landing page on Woobox with prepared templates.
  • Moving on, Woobox allows you to customize your templates to get closer to your target.
  • last but not least, you can let Woobox pick winners randomly from the comments Woobox has submitted.

However, let’s compare it with AiSchedul, one of the best alternatives to Woobox, to see what other features an Instagram giveaway picker provides you with. 



Mobile device/ Website
Capability to Schedule giveaway posts

Customize hashtags for the giveaway

Optimize Campaigns Over Time

Powerful customer service
Giveaway feature
Reviews4.8 stars from 54.7 stars from 5
PriceFree, $7, & $15Free/ 32$/ 37$/ 99$/249$


Features of Woobox

Woobox provides different features that help create contests, giveaways, coupons, polls, quizzes, and more creative posts to increase customer engagement and access all campaign types. 

Pros and Cons of Woobox

The merits and drawbacks of this tool are gathered based on the reviews of Woobox on websites like G2 or TrustPilot. Read on.

Woobox pros:

  • Woobox is user friendly
  • Multiple ways to run the users’ contests.
  • Launch campaign.

Woobox cons:

  • Users mostly have problems with the landing page
  • Limitation on the controlling of the audiences that see the ads.
  • Woobox doesn’t have a refund policy; your money doesn’t get back if you want to cancel your service!
  • It takes a long time for users to perform technical tasks
  • You can only run giveaways from the business page
  • It doesn’t have a UGC feature

So that, UGC is an important feature for users, and most of the giveaway picker platform doesn’t have although most of the users really need it!

If you ask your audiences to make content for you and post or Story it on their Instagram and tag you there. This is UGC ( User Generated Content) Instagram giveaway!

Why Do We Need UGC?

  • Users make content for you
  • Expand your followers
  • Generate awareness

If you tell them to mention 5 followers on that post-it can make organic and real followers for you!

Sign up for free on AiSchedul to make UGC!

Woobox Alternative

Woobox doesn’t focus on Instagram giveaways as AiSchedul. AiSchedul could be the best alternative for Woobox because it has more features. Moreover, you can use most of the elements freely. 

Here are AiSchedul features:

  • Scheduling Instagram posts, Stories, and IGTVs
  • Listening and repost feature, repost YouTube videos directly without download needed
  • Mass deleting Instagram posts
  • Instagram giveaway feature
  • Social media calendar
  • Managing multiple accounts
  • Add multiple links to Instagram bio

The focus of AiSchedul is solely on Instagram, and it offers features that make the organic growth of your Instagram account much more convenient and pleasurable.

Here is how to use the AiSchedul giveaway:

  1. Sign up for free on AiSchedul, and connect its dashboard to your Instagram account. Now click on “Manage Account.”

Note that you can also add more than one account to your account. 

2. Then click on “Post and reward.” 

3. So, click on “schedule contest” to set up your giveaway. There are three ways to make the post. You can upload your photo or video to create an Instagram carousel. Add a YouTube video link to share it to your feed without the need to download that video. And last but not least, use Unsplash to download high-quality images for free.

4. After that, define the rules to automate your giveaway entirely. You can condition entries to tag a certain number of people, enter a specific hashtag, and add a “follow” call-to-action in the comment section. On the other hand, if you set the rules on content, you can ask individuals to tag you in one of their posts that you will repost on your feed and a “follow” CTA.

5. Here, turning to send an invitation, make an auto DM inviting your target audience to your contest. This box allows you to personalize each DM by adding the username of the person who will receive the DM and utilizing alternate paraphrases in your text to avoid the recurrence of your direct message.

Here’s an example of how to make an auto DM.

{Hello l Hi} @username

We have {exciting l great} rewards for you. All you need to do is click the link below and visit this post. 


Hello Mike_biker

We have exciting rewards for you. All you need to do is click the link below and visit this post. 


Hi Rustic.Kitchen
We have great rewards for you. All you need to do is click the link below and visit this post. 

6. Last but not least, write the caption, add location and hashtag, and decide whether to post it right away or have it automatically posted in the future. 


An Instagram giveaway is a great tool to generate new leads and increase your engagement rate. However, it is vital to perform it successfully using a giveaway tool sometimes.

If you have Woobox in mind as a familiar name, you should remember that the tool you use must be more than a giveaway comment picker to announce the winners randomly. 

Regardless of features that might be popular with the users of Woobox, as a giveaway generator, AiSchedul has the capability of automating all the rules you wish to set for your contest, sending invitations in bulk, and picking the winners fairly. 

Try AiShcedul for free today. 

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