Share a YouTube Video on Your Instagram Feed & Story in an Instant!

Ever wanted to share your YouTube videos on Instagram story and feed but couldn’t because of IG limitations?! Well now, you can!
AiSchedul enables you to share YouTube videos on Instagram. Whether you want to piggy-back on a trend with someone’s YouTube post or to repost the YouTube content you created and worked for your audience, AiSchedul is the answer!

How to share YouTube videos on Instagram?!

Connect your Instagram account to AiSchedul

Open the Instagram scheduler tool on your dashboard

Paste the link to the YouTube video

Schedule the content for later or publish immediately

Does it take long to turn YouTube videos into Instagram posts?

“I thought AiSchedul would only help me automate Instagram posts and stories until I realized they offer much more! One of the scheduler features that really sets AiScheul apart was the YouTube-to-Instagram convertor tool. I never thought bringing my YouTube videos to Instagram would be so easy! Pasting the link is literally all it takes!”

Add Trending YouTube Videos to Your Instagram
and Engage Your Followers!

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