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What is Social Network Optimization? What is Social Network Optimization? And how can Improvado help you optimize your social networks?

Keep reading this article to help you answer this question step by step.

Ever heard the word SMO? This word stands for Social Media Optimization.

Social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram and more…

Social networking does not end with these few sites and there are many strong social networks.

Optimizing these networks means to attract fans and followers.

That is, raise your business banner on these networks and attract followers.

Like, Share, Plus, Tweet, LinkedIn, Pin Pinterest, etc. are all examples of social networking activity called Social Signal.

SEO means increasing the number of Social Signals for your site.

There is a perception that attracting fans of social media can be effective in SEO.

Many believe that optimizing social networks means increasing the likes or positives of a page on Facebook or Google Plus where your link is.

But the fact is that fake Likes can be easily bought, so it is not possible for search engines to detect them.

But there is a proven impact on SEO.

The fact that sharing your content on social media, especially on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus, even if it doesn’t have any likes, tweets, plus, will quickly index your content on Google.

Ranking depends on many factors. It’s better to highlight the role of social media for your site.

But the question is how to operate multiple social networks at the same time and not worry about lack of time?

Or how can we find out the analytics of our performance and grow on different social networks?

With the advances in science and technology, don’t worry about it anymore – all you have to do is choose from the available options and tools that fit your purpose.

We now want to introduce you to a tool that is capable of helping you.


The name of this tool is Improvado. In fact, this tool helps marketers get data and details of their customers and social networks.

Improvado automatically aggregates all of their data into one place.

This data gives you valuable information on how to reach your goals.

Improvado is a cloud-based marketing data aggregation system which allows users to connect to a range of marketing platforms, business intelligence (BI) and data visualization systems, without needing help from developers.

More than 70 native integrations are offered, including Google AdWords, Analytics, BigQuery, Data Studio, Looker, Tableau, Power BI, Excel, and more.

To learn more about this tool and how it works, click here to start the registration process.

Enter your email to create a demo account, then prompt you to select one of the available offices and specify a date and time.

Now complete the information you have been asked for.

After you have completed the information, a person from the company will be selected for you to begin the scheduling process.

In the next step, you need to agree to the registration requirements, and in the new window that opens, you need to grant access to the program.

the next step Improvado will ask you to choose a URL that describes you or your business in a concise way.

Make it short and easy to remember so you can share links with ease.

Answer the information you are required at every step to make it easier for Improvado to help you.

when you arrive at the Improvado interface the next photo is going to be the first screen that you see.

You will have the ability to connect into any of over 90 different APIs that Improvado currently supports.

all you have to do is connect to your credentials and the data will start flowing into the database.

If you want to take advantage of the transformation capabilities then what you are going to want to do is create a report.

each client will have their own separate report for their own custom transformations.

In the next step what you are going to want to do is pick and choose the platforms that are most important to you and the accounts that are going to be important for this client.

We are clicking on Facebook and then we are going to navigate down our Demo account where we can pick and choose again the account that is important to this client.

When we add the account completely we will be able to pull in any new camping s that we launched in the future without extra work.

Now the data will be updating and be pulled directly through the API.

if we click down we can see every single camping that is pulling in.

additionally, if we want to add more platforms we can do.

What are Improvado Features?

  • Campaign Management
  • Incentive Management
  • Lead Management
  • Order Management
  • Channel Analytics
  • Opportunity Management
  • Partner Management
  • Reseller Management

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Improvado?



  • Expensive price
  • has a lot of integration options
  • It’s too complex
  • user-friendly
  • Some services cannot be used
  • It has visualization tools
Tip: For those who need management and evaluation tools for Instagram, and Improvado is a complex and expensive option, we suggest an alternative tool called AiScedul.

Improvado’s perfect alternative to growing your Instagram

The things we just outlined above were just part of how to work with Improvado, and as you can see,

working with such a tool requires expertise and knowledge, otherwise, it might have the opposite results.

You also have to pay for services that you may not want to use and that you don’t even need.

We now want to introduce you to an alternative tool for Improvado that is easy to use and that you can easily manage multiple Instagram account by adding them to this platform.

Optimize your Instagram with AiScedul

We’ve designed AiSchedul to help you save more time and increase the followers, likes, and comments on your page.

This tool will automatically plan and manage your page’s activities.

AiScedul is updated monthly by its programmers and new features are added, some of its features are including automatic posting, bio-links, Instagram contest management, and more.

Click here to sign up for this platform.

At first, you can have free experience getting started on this platform.

To complete the registration, enter the information you are asked correctly and you will then be taken to your dashboard page.

On the Dashboard page, you can add and manage multiple Instagram accounts at the same time.

To add your Instagram account, click the Add Account option at the top of the page and enter the information you are asked.

You can now view and manage the account you added to your dashboard page.

The 3 main options you will see them are:


Post scheduling on Instagram can be a tremendously useful tool for you.

Doing so will allow you to have accurate statistics for each post.

It means you can analyze and decide where is the best time to post and where your biggest fans are.

AiSchedul gives you access to prepare your posts in advance and schedule them in a content calendar so they can be shared on the date and time you set.

You can also do this for stories.

Click the manage account option of each account you want to start scheduling.

then select the scheduler option.

Then start planning according to the photo below.

How to use the scheduler


The question has often been asked how the winner of the Instagram competition will be determined?

How can we find out who has followed all the rules?

The answer is very simple. Here are some tools that will help you to do all this very cleverly.

AiSchedul is one of these tools and it’s easy to work with.

To determine the winner, you must first define the rules of the contest for AiSchedul so that the tool can automatically identify the winner and automatically send a message to him.



Because Instagram wants to retain its users, it limits the spaces where links to other platforms are available.
However, driving traffic to a website and measuring website clicks are important metrics for measuring the impact Instagram has on your business.
Currently, pages with 10,000 or more followers can place links to their stories, but for smaller businesses, this is not possible.
Instagram bio is the only way to direct traffic to your website.
But here you are again restricted because you can only place one clickable link here.
AiScedul has solved this for you very easily and recommends building a landing page!
But what is a landing page and how is it made?
In fact, a landing page is a page where the user is redirected to a page where all your links are located by clicking on a pre-made link.
Now go to AiSchedul to create your landing page and click on the Manage Account option.
In the new page that opens, select the Bio-Link option.
then you can create your own link and place all your links in one link!
In the final step, copy and paste the link provided by AiSchedul to your biography.


To get started business on any of the social networks you will need some tools to analyze and help you to arrive at your goal successfully.
In this article, we had been reviewing Improvado and introduce an alternative method.
In fact, the tool is highly complex and we recommend AiSchedul for those looking for a tool that is easier to work with for optimizing Instagram.


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