How To Share An Instagram Story To My Story?

Gone are the days when users uploaded content on their Story just because they were not good enough to dedicate a post to! Nowadays, businesses try their best to get more Instagram Story views because Stories can attract leads and convert customers. To enjoy the full benefits of Instagram Stories, businesses share multiple Stories daily. [...]

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8 Top tools to schedule social media posts like a pro

Quality content and consistency are two wings of your profile’s growth. That’s why a whole host of marketers and creators have turned to social media scheduling tools, and their aim to schedule social media posts is basically to remain consistent.  Every single post needs your attention in detail, whether it is the content of your [...]

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How To Save Hashtags On Instagram In 2021? +Tool

How to save hashtags on Instagram? Hashtags find their existence on Twitter first but not so long after that, IG experts asked users to add on Instagram. How many? 30! Why? Let’s dig more in. Aside from the fact that every hashtag is an entry to your profile and its impact on the number of [...]

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How The Instagram Algorithm Works? (June 2021 Update)

How did the Instagram algorithm change? When Instagram was first launched, its algorithm was chronological-based, meaning the latest posts were on top of the home page feed, and if you meant to get more reach, you should have posted as frequently as you could.  Good old days! After the Instagram algorithm changed, growth on Instagram [...]

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How to upload multiple photos to Instagram from PC?

You might have asked yourself how to upload multiple photos to Instagram from PC, especially when it seems unlikely to upload even one from the desktop Instagram.  As Instagram places focus on visual content, many prefer the quality on their laptops or personal computers to the screens of their mobile phones.  However, Instagram hasn’t shown [...]

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10 creative ideas to use Instagram stickers

Have you ever heard that Instagram sticker can grow your business? Although some people think that they are just funny things, it doesn’t seem to be true.  Over 50 million people use an Instagram sticker per day for their brands or personal users. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about using [...]

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How to delete Instagram posts on a computer? + tool

Do you ever wonder how to delete Instagram post on computer? Instagram has become miles ahead of its predecessors and successors. As it rolls out more and more features with better quality, many users have also turned to use Instagram on the computer. However, there are some small differences, like posting or deleting a post [...]

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How to run a successful Instagram contest? + Tool

An Instagram contest is one of the features that is successfully combined with creativity to increase your engagement rate and reach a wider audience. However, it might seem challenging when it comes to running it with the best possible results.  In particular, you need to consider the rules of your contest, selecting the winners fairly, [...]

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The Best Instagram Content Calendar In 2021

Doing Instagram marketing? You need an Instagram calendar! Instagram is a perfect platform to achieve your goals. But like any other goals, it needs planning, and plans are not plans without due dates. This is the part an Instagram calendar plays for your inbound marketing. Instagram calendars in fact are Instagram schedulers that let you [...]

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