10 Instagram Grid Layout Styles (Grid Planner Tool)

Instagram grid layout has a major role in creating unique Instagram aesthetics. Your Instagram feed is the main key to keep your profile eye-catching, and many successful creators are aware of its importance.  That’s why professionals use numerous Instagram grid layout styles. If you also want users to click the follow button as soon as [...]

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How to save Instagram Stories and highlights forever?

As an everyday Instagram user, you must have thought about how to save Instagram Stories or highlights.  Instagram Stories usually have great content but won’t remain available forever. So even if you find out an interesting Story is saved in highlights, it still won’t be an easy feat to search through all slides and view [...]

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15 Top Instagram Auto Post Tools For Android & iOS

It’s been reemphasized enough that being consistent is the main key factor to grow on Instagram after creating high-quality content. But it becomes quite a challenge to remain consistent if you manage multiple Instagram accounts or the best time to post on Instagram is inconvenient. So the Instagram auto post is what you must be [...]

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How many Instagram DMs can I send over Instagram per day?

Do you wonder if there are any limitations on Instagram? Well, the short answer is YES! Instagram doesn’t allow users to send as many Instagram DMs as users want on the platform. Actually, we should mention that Instagram has never officially announced the number of actions users can take on the platform, such as the [...]

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What Is Ainf_INC or Ainf_SOCIAL?

Ainf_INC (also referred to as Ainf_SOCIAL), L.L.C, is a holding company that, as its title indicates, controls and holds cooperation among the brands that offer a variety of Instagram services. These brands are AiGrow, DMPro, AiSchedul, MyURLs, and Ainfluencer. Ainf_INC/Ainf_SOCIAL, on its own, does not sell any product or service but once you subscribe to [...]

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How To Share An Instagram Story To My Story?

Gone are the days when users uploaded content on their Story just because they were not good enough to dedicate a post too! Nowadays, businesses try to get more Instagram Story views because Stories can attract leads and convert customers. To enjoy the full benefits of Instagram Stories, businesses share multiple Stories daily. This may [...]

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8 Top tools to schedule social media posts like a pro

Quality content and consistency are two wings of your profile’s growth. That’s why a whole host of marketers and creators have turned to social media scheduling tools, and their aim to schedule social media posts is basically to remain consistent.  Every single post needs your attention in detail, whether it is the content of your [...]

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How To Save Hashtags On Instagram In 2021? +Tool

How to save hashtags on Instagram? Hashtags find their existence on Twitter first but not so long after that, IG experts asked users to add on Instagram. How many? 30! Why? Let’s dig more in. Aside from the fact that every hashtag is an entry to your profile and its impact on the number of [...]

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How The Instagram Algorithm Works? (June 2021 Update)

How did the Instagram algorithm change? When Instagram was first launched, its algorithm was chronological-based, meaning the latest posts were on top of the home page feed, and if you meant to get more reach, you should have posted as frequently as you could.  Good old days! After the Instagram algorithm changed, growth on Instagram [...]

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