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Instagram Giveaway Picker

How to pick a winner on Instagram giveaways?

When you are here, it just means that you are aware of the power of Instagram in social media marketing. This way, you probably know how to use Instagram giveaways as an effective tool for your Instagram account, business, and brand to grow. Clearly, you are here to find the best Instagram giveaway picker for your giveaway campaign.

Actually, Instagram giveaways help you increase your followers and build awareness for your business.

Today, we are going to review the general points of Instagram giveaways and teach you what you should do at the end of the giveaway period time. This article will also answer this very important question; How can you pick a winner on Instagram giveaways randomly?

Don’t you have enough time to read this article and look for a quick answer? Or aren’t you interested in learning how you can pick a winner on Instagram giveaways?

 It’s not a big deal! Let AiSchedul be your Instagram management tool for any Instagram purpose, and manage your Instagram account in different ways, including Instagram giveaways.

How do Instagram giveaways work?

Nowadays, if your business is not on the Instagram world, there is no room for improvement! Instagram giveaways are among the most popular strategies, which provide businesses with a great opportunity to gain more followers and boost engagement.

People love and are seduced by any free service. As a result, they would participate in your giveaway campaign whenever you decide to run.

In this way, you can ask your audiences to do different things to participate in your giveaway campaign. The following are some of the ways that you can ask your audiences to participate in your Instagram giveaway campaign.

  • Follow your page
  • Tag someone
  • Like your post
  • Post a picture on their own page with a specific hashtag
  • Share a specific Post on their page
  • Enter your website


The most important question remains unanswered; what’s the best way to pick a winner on Instagram?

You should keep track of all requests you had from participants, to choose the winner. Keep in mind that your audiences are watching you see if you choose the winner fairly.

Besides, you are not allowed to pick one of your friends or family as a winner because of its bad consequences including losing the trust of your followers and getting their negative perception.

In other words, you should be transparent during picking a winner for your Instagram giveaway campaign process.

How to pick a winner on Instagram giveaways?

There are different ways to choose a winner on an Instagram giveaway. When the number of participants is small, you can select a winner quickly. But it would help if you have a reasonable manner when the number is large.

In what follows, we are going to bring some of them; you can choose your way, based on your giveaway entry request.

  • Pick a winner on Instagram giveaways Randomly

It’s the easiest way to pick a winner. What do we mean by randomly? We mean that you should assign a number to each participant. You can use a random number generator on Google, which is easy to use, and free.

After you have assigned a number to each of your participants, enter the number between 1 to the number of participants from minimum to maximum. Tap the generate button. A random number appears on the screen. After that, you can announce the name of the number as a winner.

If the number of participants is small, it is ok. You can count by your hands, but if there are many participants, it takes a huge amount of time to count and find the winner.

Getcombot is another option. It is a bot that can help you to select a winner randomly.

After you enter your Instagram giveaway link, the bot will choose the winner at random. Although it is free, it takes a lot of time to get your result.

  • Pick a winner on Instagram giveaways with judges

This way is suitable when you’ve asked your followers to post a picture with your products or with a specific theme in your giveaway rules.

You can use different people such as judges to select a contest winner. Judges could be influencers, experts in the specific field, your team members, or even your followers, etc., as an Instagram giveaway picker.

To reassure your followers that the judges have chosen the winner fairly, you can record a video of their discussion to choose the winner. You can also share this video in IGTV form or compress it and share it as an Instagram Reel.

  • Pick a winner on Instagram giveaways with the most views or likes

It’s related to your giveaway request. You can ask followers to upload specific content with specific hashtags in their feed. After your giveaway time ends, review all posts your participants have shared. You can see the video view number or count the number of likes. After that, you can choose the winner based on the most like or view.

Pro tip: Repost the most-watched video or most liked post on your Instagram page. Then, your followers make sure that the winner was chosen fairly.

  • Pick a winner for your Instagram giveaway by AiSchedul

In the end, you need a tool not only to be free but also to choose a winner as quickly as possible. We strictly recommend you the AiSchedul as an Instagram giveaway picker service.

When you use AiSchedul as your Instagram management tool, it plans everything for you. 

It chooses winners and automatically informs them by sending DM.

All you have to do is writing the DM text, and AiSchedul will send it to the winner at random. AiSchedul will automatically select the winners of the giveaway, and this DM will be sent to them.

As shown in the picture, by AiSchedul you can specify your contest rules as easily as possible.

Note: After the winner is chosen, don’t forget your entire community of customers and followers who have participated, and thank them. AiSchedul does this for you too.

Instagram giveaway picker of AiSchedul

The process of picking a winner fairly from all those giveaway contest participants is not as easy as it may seem. You have to check all the entrants to make sure if they are qualified to win (qualified entrants are those who have followed all the contest rules, including leaving comments, liking the post, following your account, tagging friends, and whatever the rules are).

After that, it’s time to pick the winner. Picking the winner manually is kind of impossible and unfair. So you need an app to give you a hand in the process of picking the winner.

Wait! You don’t need a separate app since AiSchedul provides you with a giveaway picker feature as well.

So the easiest way to randomly pick winners from your likes, followers, comments, etc., is the AiSchedul giveaway picker.

Try AiSchedul’s giveaway picker

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Final thought

To put it in a nutshell, the Instagram giveaway is an effective way to boost your Instagram account’s engagement and build awareness for your brand. 

The best ways to select a winner have been mentioned. Choosing a winner randomly is the easiest way, but it would be time-consuming when the number of participants is large. As a result, AiSchedul could be the best option as an Instagram giveaway picker service.

Do you know any other ways? Is there anything we forgot to mention? Please let us know.

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