Delete All Your Instagram Posts in a Fraction of a Second with AiSchedul!

Going through every single post and manually deleting them one by one is a pain in the neck; if not impossible! AiSchedul, as an all-in-one Instagram tool, allows you to conveniently delete all or a large number of your Instagram posts!

How to Conveniently Mass Delete Instagram Posts

Connect your Instagram account to AiSchedul.

Open your dashboard and the ‘Bulk Posts Delete’ tab.

Click on the ‘Select All Posts’ button or manually choose which posts you’d like to remove.

Conveniently delete any number of posts!

Are you a visual learner? To learn how to mass delete posts on Instagram, check out the  video below:

Is mass-deleting Instagram posts effective?

“At some point, I just felt that my Instagram content no longer feels like ‘me!’ So I thought perhaps it’s best to delete all the posts and have a fresh start! But after posting on this account for 6 years, there were just too many posts to go through one by one. I found myself in desperate need of a tool to remove all of them without violating any Instagram rule or exceeding the daily limits. And AiSchedul did not disappoint! I was able to select all my content and delete it immediately. Thanks to the service, I’ve turned on a new leaf in my Instagram life!

Here to save you from the trouble of removing posts one by one: AiSchedul!
Choose the package that best suits you

Delete Posts Essentials

$15 /lifetime

# of Instagram accounts: 1

Delete Posts Pro

$29 /lifetime

# of Instagram accounts: 1

Delete Posts Advanced

$99 /lifetime

# of Instagram accounts: 1

Delete Posts Turbo

$399 /lifetime

# of Instagram accounts: 1