How to utilize partnerships with brands as a strategy for growth

If you have a brand you want to make visible to the world, then you are probably looking for ways to do this. Marketing has changed tremendously in the past years. As technology is evolving more and more, marketing strategies change. So, if you want to grow your brand and increase its awareness on the market, then you have to utilize partnerships.


Of course, there are many strategies out there you can apply in your case. However, brand partnerships are one of the most effective marketing strategies that lead to brand growth. So, you might ask yourself. How to partner with brands? What is a brand partnership? Are there any tips and tricks to make branding partnerships efficient? Let’s find out together.


Identify Complementary Brands


The first thing you should do is identify complementary brands. What does this exactly mean? Look for brands that complement your services or products. This does not mean looking at your competitors. But choosing brands whose audience overlaps with yours, but does not compete. For example, you might be a company that produces sports shoes.


So, a complementary brand would be a fitness app. Take a look at their photos online, and what videos they post, and think about how a successful partnership would look like. These are some essential details to consider. Photos are essential to marketing because most people are visual learners. Photos and videos are catchy and this is how you can attract the attention of your target audience. Learning some iPhone photography tips or how to shoot videos on iPhone, organize photos, or turn on night mode is crucial. The Backlight Blog has quite a few posts on these topics. And it would help you learn more about the current trends in marketing photography. Which will positively impact your relationship and collaboration with brands you will partner with.


Define Mutual Goals

Another essential thing you should do next is to identify mutual goals. Do not rush into starting the partnership. You should move forward with the cooperation of both brands striving to achieve the same goals and objectives. A few of the shared objectives could be expanding brand recognition, breaking into untapped markets, or introducing a collaborative good or service.


Offer Value

The other brand can help you grow yours, but it has to get something in return. Make sure that the partnership brings value to both the brands involved and their customers. What does this exactly mean? Well, you might give each other discounts, bundled offers, or exclusive access. There should be something, a unique experience that customers would not get access to otherwise.


Create Joint Marketing Campaigns

Once you know your common goals and objectives and the special value you offer to your customers, you can go to the next step. Making these extraordinary offers known to the target audience. Today, as social media platforms continue to evolve, new features become available.


And brands that utilize partnerships as a strategy for growth can benefit tremendously from these features. You can create joint marketing campaigns that leverage both brands’ strengths. You can start with joint advertisements or social media campaigns. You can even go further and create co-branded content or events. The world is your oyster and you can come up with any idea that will help both brands grow. And to whom your target audience will react and respond.


Utilize Each Other’s Channels

As briefly mentioned above, it is essential to use each other’s channels when you secure the partnership and decide on what to do next. With the newly introduced features, you can invite each other to be collaborators on joint social media posts or advertisements. You can mention each other in newsletters, websites, and so on. This cross-promotion helps in reaching a wider audience and reinforces credibility by association.


Measure and Analyze the Results

Knowing if the actual form of the partnership is successful is essential. Use metrics and analytics to find out more about this. Track key performance indicators (KPIs) to get a clearer idea about this. Some of these might be increased sales, social media engagement, or website traffic. If you analyze the data, you will understand what worked well. Or you can identify some areas that need improvement.



If you have a brand you want to grow and increase its awareness, then you should think about securing some partnerships. These often involve cross-promotion, which helps you reach a wider audience. Make sure you identify the ones that are complementary to yours. You can define mutual goals and objectives and proceed to create joint marketing campaigns. Use all the resources you have efficiently and measure and analyze the results.


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