20 Top Social Media Schedulers to Post Videos on Instagram

Instagram is a great social media platform for scheduling posts in advance. However, to do so, you will need to use a social media scheduler that comes with many more useful features.

From all the top tips to sell on Instagram, using a social media scheduling tool is likely the best option to up one’s social media game. Whether you’re a fashion influencer, someone looking to start selling white-label products with your own designs, or an online custom tumbler business, scheduling your content will ensure easier workflow and provide consistency to your followers.

Why Use Scheduling Tools For Instagram Videos?

There are various reasons why creating and scheduling video content in particular, can be beneficial for your business:

  • You may post more frequently and boost interaction by using automatic publishing. 
  • When you plan and analyze your content, you will learn whether related images produce better results.
  • Thanks to scheduling apps, all of your Instagram videos and images can use the same filter, color scheme, and captions. A scheduling tool becomes increasingly valuable when your Instagram marketing strategies get more intricate. 
  • Planning, creating, and sharing consistent, high-quality content becomes simpler when some of the tedious tasks are automated.

Speed, efficiency, quality, and consistency are essentially the main gains of using social media management and scheduling tools. 

20 Best Instagram Video Post Schedulers

Let’s go over some of the best tools that allow you to schedule your content on Instagram – be it photos, videos, or more. 

1. AiSchedul

AiSchedul is a complete set of tools for managing your Instagram page. It enables the simultaneous scheduling of posts and content from several accounts. It also connects with DM management tools, growth services, and a single bio-link instrument.

With the help of AiSchedul, you can gain more followers, generate engagement, drive sales, and overall be more organized. This tool is especially great for videos, as it allows converting videos from YouTube or even IGTV. 

What is more, its social monitoring tools will enable you to analyze your social media marketing data and make the best data-driven decisions. And last but not least – it is an excellent tool for creating engaging contests and giveaways for your followers. 

2. PromoRepublic

You can schedule and automate your social media posts with PromoRepublic. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are all integrated. The majority of social networking platforms immediately broadcast all planned posts and images.

Several different plans are available, ranging from the Solo plan for individual users to the Advanced Plan for big enterprises.

But they provide more than simply post-scheduling. In addition to the other capabilities typical of social media marketing and planning software, you get access to a library of 100,000 post ideas and graphical editing tools as well. 

3. Later

Later, the latest iteration of Instagram’s scheduling tool allows you to publish to a number of social networks, although its primary focus is on Instagram. Unlike many other social media scheduling applications, Later starts a post with a picture rather than words. You submit the photograph to Later and then write the caption.

Later allows you to add notes and tags to your media assets and a star to any image. If you have one of Later’s premium services, you may also post and share movies. You can drag and drop your posts into time frames in your schedule using Later’s Quick Schedule. Later, your media item will be loaded into the next available time period. 

Finally, the Conversations section lets you control your Instagram comments right from inside Later.

4. Onlypult

Brands, agencies, and companies may use the platform Onlypult to work with social media. It enables you to publish content to sites like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Tumblr, WordPress, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Medium. You can employ a variable number of managers, accounts, and monitored users with each of the plans.

5. Meet Edgar

With the help of the application MeetEdgar, you may plan social media posts for a variety of sites, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You may make many categories for various forms of content, such as blog entries, advertisements, quotations, and inquiries. 

Edgar continuously promotes your material without your involvement, increasing its exposure to new audiences and more individuals. Reposting evergreen material is very simple, thanks to it.

6. Buffer

Buffer makes it incredibly simple to share material. You may choose which social media accounts you want to utilize. Higher plans allow you to access information from other websites, such as your preferred blog. Buffer only serves as a reminder if you just have an Instagram Personal Profile. 

You need to establish an Instagram Business Profile if you want to schedule posts to your Instagram account in a manner similar to how you schedule posts to your other profiles.

You may upload articles from relevant RSS feeds, contribute material via the Buffer browser extension, or write your own posts inside of Buffer. You don’t need to worry about post dates and timings since Buffer automatically moves new posts to the appropriate position in the queue.

7. HeyOrca

More than 10,000 social media managers worldwide rely on and adore HeyOrca. Its user-friendly layout places a lot of emphasis on calendars, which make it easy to see all of your upcoming articles and instantly identify any days when you might not have enough material prepared. Starting is simple as it provides various tutorials and tips to assist with the onboarding procedure.

You can share and manage your content and media assets with ease using HeyOrca, a terrific solution for agencies. It contains integrated social calendars that let you distinguish between various clients. 

Directly in the platform, clients have the option to accept or reject a post. All options allow for direct publication to Google My Business, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. Unlimited users are also included in each of these subscriptions.

8. Planoly

Designed as a visual planner for Instagram, Planoly was established in 2016. Since then, it has added capabilities for social media marketing on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to its list of functions. Additionally, it provides extensive Instagram statistics and advice on when to publish on Instagram, depending on the behavior of your target demographic.

You can transform every social media post into a social shop with its built-in Sell-It function. Additionally, its Stories-Edit function provides designer templates and stickers to aid with content creation and customization.

9. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a social media scheduling app that allows users to upload videos to TikTok and more. Crowdfire allows you to post to virtually every prominent social network and share content from online stores and video sites. It emphasizes content curation – you tell Crowdfire what topics interest you, and it proposes articles, photographs, postings, and RSS feeds.

10. CoSchedule

You can schedule and arrange your marketing materials with CoSchedule. With one integrated calendar, blog and marketing initiatives, and all-in-one social promotion, you are provided with. It even enables firms to plan every project for every customer. 

Prices start at $29 per month; the Professional and Enterprise plans are more expensive but include more functionality, mostly for various kinds of marketing campaign activities.

11. Sked Social

Sked is the only tool you require if you are seeking social media management software that enhances ROI and saves time. You may use the platform’s strong features to build stunning graphic marketing materials. You have all the tools you need to generate leads and close sales, including the ability to edit photos and tag them on Instagram.

12. Eclincher

Eclincher offers three different plans. The basic plan’s price is $59, the premier plan is $119, and the agency plan is $219. The visual calendar on the platform makes it easier to organize, produce, and schedule content. Additionally, it provides you with all the resources required to plan and manage your Instagram posts.

Only a few functions are absent from the lowest tier of Eclincher’s membership levels, which offer progressively larger functionality. The variations between each level often correspond to the extent to which you may utilize a feature, such as the number of individuals, social profiles, brands, recommended content feeds, and similar features. 

13. SocialPilot

Each pricing tier of SocialPilot enables you to register additional social media profiles. For instance, the entry-level Professional plan allows you to register 10 social media profiles. The UI of SocialPilot is straightforward, tidy, and well-structured. Each account may be sorted into the appropriate groups (by channel, by the client, etc.)

As you set up a collection of social channels, posting to many channels is very simple thanks to this. Currently, the app supports Instagram Direct Publishing, allowing you to post straight to every one of your profiles.

14. Tailwind

With the help of Tailwind, you can find content, plan posts, keep an eye on discussions, broaden your reach, and evaluate the outcomes. Marketing professionals can upload, tag, and publish their Instagram and Pinterest posts in bulk using the tool’s drag-and-drop capability. 

Based on the times your audience is most engaged on the appropriate site, Tailwind will automatically suggest the best times to pin and share your content.

15.Hopper HQ

Hopper HQ is wonderful for planning and scheduling articles and opening comments. Scheduled postings may be moved about quite easily and intuitively. Its grid view is useful and essential for professional enterprises.

16. SocialBee

SocialBee is an Instagram app that lets you plan, schedule, or repeat single-image posts, carousels, stories, or videos. Thanks to SocialBee’s grid view capability, you can use the software to see your Instagram Feed in real time. You may also add tags or mentions to your posts to increase their reach.

SocialBee, in contrast to market leader HootSuite, lacks functionality such as social media listening, A/B testing of posts, interaction, content curation, and PDF report generating. 


17. Combin

The features of Combin Scheduler include hashtag management, link in bio, bulk story uploading, location tagging, and image size editing. 

The in-app mobile preview allows customers to visually design their grid. Three Instagram posts, 15 Instagram stories, and one Instagram account management are all included with the free plan. The platforms it supports include Ubuntu, Windows, and Mac. 

The free plan includes location tagging, link in bio, and bulk image uploading options. You can tag an infinite number of users, locations, and stories with premium plans.

18. Sendible

Sendible is a social media marketing and management platform designed for agencies, freelancers, teams, and businesses. The Scale Plan – “For Growing Agencies & Brands” costs $199/month or $89/month. 

Sendible allows you to geo-target your audience and publish videos to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You may connect to almost any social network and instantly post to your WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, or Blogger blog.

19. Hootsuite

Hootsuite allows you to have and manage several social media networks in columns, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. 

The straightforward interface is quite simple to use, while the amount of data available may overwhelm you at first. Suppose you’re part of a large team. In that case, the app allows for easy, collaborative publishing and processing because each person has easy access to digital materials.

The biggest disadvantage of Hootsuite is the pricing, which may be too expensive for small organizations. However, for a larger organization with a larger crew, this is a valuable, complicated tool. It features one of the most advanced analytics tools available; however, it restricts some of the most crucial templates for more expensive subscriptions.

20. Semrush

Semrush offers tools for automating publishing, following, promoting, and analytics across the main social networks. You may plan and schedule posts for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn with its assistance. 

It may measure your social media performance and identify the top-performing content. A link shortener, a UTM builder, and an image editor are all included within Semrush.

Concluding Notes

Instagram content scheduling tools are essential for any business and will assist you in keeping your posts balanced. Platforms such as AiSchedul offer full marketing tool kits that are must-haves if you wish to effectively create, post, and track your content’s performance.

We hope these recommendations will help you uplift your Instagram game and make you earn a lot. Good luck!

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