Is Apphi down and under maintenance? Use this alternative instead!

More than 1 billion users use Instagram, and the number of users is increasing every day, meaning that you should do your best on Instagram to be a step ahead of others. As some users claimed on Reddit, Apphi has disappeared overnight and has stopped working all of a sudden! But don’t worry about losing the app, there are a lot of Apphi alternatives.

If you are looking for the best Instagram management tool and post scheduler, you should try AiSchedul. It offers a lot of useful services at a very affordable price.

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What is Apphi?

Apphi is a social media post scheduler service that automatically posts and schedules Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter photos and videos. Also, users can tag people, add hashtags, tag locations, add several accounts, and check comments by the app.

Surprisingly, Apphi has been down and under maintenance all of a sudden! To face reality, no one can use it anymore, and it seems that the problem won’t be fixed. As the reviews show, its users weren’t notified about the service being down as well.

But don’t worry about it! We are going to introduce some of its best alternatives that provide even more useful features.

Apphi reviews

As we have always said, reading a service, product, or app’s review is a good way of deciding whether to use it or not. This way, you will be aware of its good sides and bad sides before using it, then you can make up your mind about it. Furthermore, reading reviews is a big help in saving your time and money.

Here we have gathered some reviews of the Apphi app to share its user’s ideas about with you. For reading more reviews, you can click on the links.

Apphi reviews on Just Use App

Apphi review on just use app

Apphi reviews on just use app

Apphi used to work properly; however, there were some bugs on the service, and some users were unsatisfied with it. As you see, the major problem with the Apphi app was its support system. Also, there were a lot of negative reviews about its free service.

Apphi review on Reddit

Apphi review on Reddit

Its users on Reddit are still wondering what happened to the service, and most of them are mad at Apphi since they have to reschedule posts on a new service and waste a lot of time. If you are interested in reading the full conversation, you can click on the link to read the user’s comments on the Reddit platform.

Apphi price

As you see below, it provided several plans at different prices, which was more expensive than similar services. You can check all the available services on each plan as well.

Apphi pricing

What are the Apphi downsides?

As the reviews showed, Apphi doesn’t provide a powerful support system, which makes users unsatisfied. Moreover, it claimed that the free version of the service is totally free and unlimited, which is not true based on the users’ experiences and reviews.

Besides, Apphi has become down overnight without any pre-announcement, while many users had scheduled their posts for the future and didn’t even think about such problems!

Anyways, just don’t worry about losing Apphi! There are a lot of Apphi alternatives that work better that it and provide more useful features.

What are the Apphi alternatives?

  1. AiSchedul

It is not only an Instagram scheduler, but also it is an Instagram management tool that offers a lot of useful services that any Instagram user needs! AiSchedul provides services such as post scheduling, all in one bio link, Instagram monitoring, campaign management, etc. Let’s know more about AiSchedul’s scheduling service.

Moreover, we talked about AiSchedul vs. Apphi earlier, while it worked properly.

AiSchedul features

  • Schedules Instagram posts and stories
  • Designs posts and stories before publishing
  • Adds effects, emojis, tags, etc. before publishing
  • Adds carousel posts
  • Manages multiple accounts
  • Repost any content
  • Schedules post deletion
  • Searches hashtags

AiSchedul price

AiSchedul provides three different plans, including “free,” “starter,” and “pro” at a very affordable price.

Aischedul pricing plans

2. Postcron

It is another post scheduler that can schedule Instagram and Facebook posts for the future and publish your posts immediately right after adding them to the platform. It offers useful features that are mentioned below.

Postcron features

  • Adds stickers, locations, and hashtags to the posts
  • Tags people and products
  • Provides Bulk Uploader
  • Lets users design their posts
  • Offers 7-days free trial

Postcron price

postcron price

3. Sked Social

To mention another Instagram post scheduler, we can name Sked Social. It schedules posts as well as AiSchedul and Postcron.

Sked Social features

  • Supports both mobile device and desktop
  • Adds locations, text, stickers, and hashtags
  • Tags users and products
  • Provides visual planning
  • Adds a link to stories
  • Edits photos
  • Provides Instagram analytics
  • Offers 7-days free trial

Sked Social price

It provides useful services as well as most of the Instagram schedulers, but the price is higher compared with other services.

sked social price

Final thought

Since Apphi is down and under maintenance, you should use its alternatives instead. However, it had a lot of bugs, and it may not have been the best Instagram scheduler.

Growing your Instagram account and getting a high engagement rate won’t happen overnight and needs a lot of effort! So, choosing the best Instagram management tool helps you reach your goals in a short time.

Try AiSchedul and watch your account’s growth every day.


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