5 Best Sites to Buy Real Facebook Followers (5 Stars and Safe)

5 Best Sites to Buy Real Facebook Followers (5 Stars and Safe)

The age of social media has coined a lot of new terms in our dictionary. Social media marketing is one of them, and it keeps rising each day. There is almost not a single brand or company that doesn’t try to enhance its existence on social media. That being the case, social media platforms have become more than just fun tools. There are many brands, new start-ups, influencers, artists, musicians, and entertainer doing their best to stand out among the crowd.

However, as you can guess, with so many candidates around, it’s quite challenging to show yourself, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Especially being one of the oldest players in the game, Facebook has a huge user base, and even trying your best is not enough sometimes to enlarge your audience.

At this point, there is a 100% safe, fast, and organic way to change the game. We know it sounds like the ultimate dream, but it’s true! You can reach thousands or even millions on Facebook in an instant if you buy real Facebook followers. Well, if you’re in and want to discover more, let’s unravel the list of 5 best sites to buy real Facebook followers to boost your authority on Facebook.

#1 InstaFollowers

If you want to buy Facebook followers, there are some criteria you need to add to your checklist. For instance, you cannot simply ignore the security of your account. There are service providers that require your personal information or password to operate, which is very risky because you might end up losing your account, let alone promoting it.

However, when you buy real Facebook followers from InstaFollowers, there are no security risks you need to consider. It’s one of the most popular and renowned service providers, offering fast and organic engagement at quite reasonable prices. In the meantime, the whole process is 100% safe from transactions to delivery. Now, let’s discover InstaFollowers’ “buy real Facebook followers” service to start off.


Below, you can find the advantages of buying 100% safe Facebook followers from InstaFollowers:

  •         When you buy real Facebook followers from Instafollowers, you only need to provide the link to your page or account. InstaFollowers values customer security, so it uses a simple link to ensure a 100% safe process.
  •         You can either go for real or regular followers to ensure fast and organic growth. It’s totally up to your target, preference, and budget.
  •         InstaFollowers works enthusiastically and processes your order the moment you complete the purchase. Well, if you seek instant delivery, you know the address. 
  •         But what happens if your order exceeds the promised delivery period? In that case, you can promptly reach out to InstaFollowers’ customer support to use your right to withdraw.
  •         To prevent any potential decrease in followers, InstaFollowers offers an additional 25% on top of your order. You can consider this as a generous gesture or bonus from their side.
  •         Regarding the payment process, there are various secure payment methods you can opt for based on your preference.
  •         You can always contact InstaFollowers’ 7/24 customer support service for your questions. 


Below, you can read the probable disadvantages of buying Facebook followers via InstaFollowers:

  •         As aforementioned, there’s an outlined refund policy for particular situations. For instance, you can withdraw from the purchase if your order fails to be delivered or exceeds the estimated deadline. However, apart from these cases, you can’t want your money back simply because you’re not satisfied or have decided to cancel the order.


Apart from quality, pricing is one of the principal criteria when users choose a service provider to enhance their online existence. Particularly if you haven’t managed to monetize your Facebook account yet, you might not want to spend a great deal to promote your page or profile.

 Well, you’re in the right place. InstaFollowers is famous for affordable pricing and profitable discounts. Namely, it balances affordability with fast and organic improvement. 

Besides, you can even customize the order by choosing from two different options: regular and real. The real option offers the starting package consisting of 100 followers for $3.90. Nonetheless, if you want the regular alternative, the starter package costs just $0.98. Both packages provide active and real people to boost your account, although there are some differences. You can check out InstaFollowers’ website to explore more about it.

Delivery Time

Looking from the customer’s perspective, we perfectly know that no customer wants to wait for ages to receive their order. This is why we particularly included delivery time as a primary criterion in this list.

Luckily, the extended delivery period is out of the question when we talk about InstaFollowers. The service is 100% real and fast, and we don’t say it for nothing! When you buy real Facebook followers from InstaFollowers, you receive your order in an instant. InstaFollowers promises to deliver your new followers within three days at the latest. You can directly reach out to InstaFollowers’ customer support for deliveries that exceed three days to use your right to withdraw from the purchase.

Customer Feedback

Do you know the feeling when you’ve researched a service thoroughly but still need real-life experiences to be convinced? Rest assured, we see you!

Suspecting and seeking honest reviews is totally understandable. Luckily, InstaFollowers has a customer review section at the end of the page where customers can evaluate their personal experiences. You can review the feedback from real people to compare and contrast what you’ve read and what people have received. Namely, if you want to buy real Facebook followers from InstaFollowers, you know where your first stop is.

#2 Buyrealfollows

Follower count on social media acts as a social proof and authority. It’s no different when it comes to Facebook followers as well. When people visit your profile or page, the first thing they pay attention to is your follower count for the most of the time. It’s more than just a number; it defines your recognition and reputation. 

Therefore, when you buy real Facebook followers, you add to your credibility and popularity. Moreover, when you choose reputable service providers such as Buyrealfollows, your new followers consist of active and real people. It basically means that there are more people to interact with your content and promote your account.

Pro Tip: here’s how to use social media for your business the right way.


Let’s review the benefits of Buyrealfollows’ “buy real Facebook followers” service: 

  •         When you buy real Facebook followers from Buyrealfollows, you only need to provide your email, profile, or page link to proceed. Buyrealfollows doesn’t demand your private information and values your security.  
  •         Who doesn’t like some extras, right? Well, Buyrealfollows likes to surprise its customers with a little extra. It tends to deliver more than you have purchased to be prepared for potential drops.
  •         Buyrealfollows orders are delivered within 24 to 72 hours. Namely, your 100% real and fast followers arrive in the blink of an eye.
  •         Buyrealfollows supports transactions via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Network, and Bitcoin. 
  •         You can effortlessly reach out to their ‘ 7/24 available customer support service team if you require some assistance.


Here are the potential weaknesses of Buyrealfollows’ “buy real Facebook followers” service:

  •         If you’re interested in bulk ordering for a cost-effective solution, you might be upset to hear this: Buyrealfollows doesn’t offer special discounts on bulk orders. Regardless, it is to be noted that the prices are affordable.
  •         If you change your mind and want to withdraw from the purchase, cancellation or refund is not an option for successfully delivered orders. So, it’s important to carefully consider before using Buyrealfollows services.


We assume that 100% real and fast engagement sounds exactly what you are looking for. However, choosing a service provider requires more than considering just one aspect. Pricing is one of the most important criteria for users wanting to buy real Facebook followers

Sadly, Buyrealfollows doesn’t provide any special offers or discounts, not even for bulk orders. Nonetheless, the packages are still reasonably priced and affordable. For instance, you can buy the smallest package for $9, which offers 500 followers in total.

However, keep in mind that the packages become more cost-effective as the quantity increases. You can buy 1,000 followers for $15. If you feel bold and go for the largest package, you can purchase up to 100,000 Facebook followers in one go for $649. However, we recommend checking your account’s average impression rate and follower flow before deciding on a package.

Delivery Time

If we are to ask what’s the most challenging part of placing an order, we assume that order tracking would surely be among the most popular answers. The waiting might feel like a never-ending torture, especially when you buy real Facebook followers to boost your engagement. 

The thing with buying Facebook followers is that people resort to this solution to see instant results. Rest assured, it usually takes 24-72 hours when you order from Buyrealfollows. It’s actually an optimal delivery time because it’s not too long, and literally, instant deliveries might look suspicious based on your current impression flow.

Customer Feedback

Most users doubt service providers because they think they will end up getting their accounts stolen or wasting their money. Nonetheless, such experiences occur when choosing an unreliable service provider. As long as you find a 100% real and fast service provider, you will receive real people as new followers. Accordingly, they will actively interact with your content.

This is why customer reviews are crucial. Reading customer feedback allows users to learn about real-life experiences and see the positive side of using service providers. You can see that there are many satisfied customers who promote their accounts with organic engagement. So, if you want to buy real Facebook followers and need some honest feedback, you can check Buyrealfollows’ review section. 

#3 Sidesmedia

Do you want to buy real Facebook followers but don’t know where to begin? Well, you can check Sidesmedia for the best quality without risking your security. Sidesmedia allows you to benefit from fast and organic services with just one click. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and 100% safe process, you can get the best outcome you have experienced so far.

The service is offered under two different sections: high-quality and premium. There are basic differences between the two options, including pricing, but no matter which package you select, you receive active and real people to boost your account.


Below are the benefits of Sidesmedia’s “buy real Facebook followers” service:

  •         When you buy real Facebook followers using Sidesmedia, you are guaranteed a 30-day free refill guarantee. So, if any decreases follow within a month of your purchase, you can promptly reach out to Sidesmedia’s customer support team to fix the situation.
  •         You can pick between high-quality and premium Facebook followers based on your needs, goals, and budget. 
  •         Sidesmedia provides swift delivery since they value your time. Besides, they know that you buy real Facebook followers for an instant improvement and don’t want to wait.
  •         Sidesmedia offers 7/24 available customer support, ready to help you with your inquiries and questions whenever needed.


Here are the probable weaknesses of Sidesmedia’s “buy real Facebook followers” service you can regard:

  •         As stated, Sidesmedia provides high-quality and premium followers, but you should keep in mind that its prices are comparatively higher than those of its rivals in the market. In other words, if pricing is your primary criterion, you might want to double-check before you order from Sidesmedia.
  •         The available payment options are not clearly specified on Sidesmedia. For this reason, you better contact customer support if you have payment-related concerns. 


As we’ve stated while talking about the drawbacks of Sidesmedia’s “buy real Facebook followers” service, pricing is not one of its advantages. If you choose the starter package for the high-quality option, you’ll pay $6.50 for 100 followers. If budget isn’t an issue, you can also opt for the premium service option, which costs $8.77 for 100 followers.

In other words, although Sidesmedia services are known to be fast, organic, and 100% safe, they are not really budget-friendly. However, if pricing is not a problem, you can buy real Facebook followers from Sidesmedia to see a 100% real and fast outcome.

Delivery Time

Buying Facebook followers is supposed to be a time-saving method. The real aim is to boost your Facebook account as effectively and quickly as possible. So, we assume that you wouldn’t prefer to wait long after placing your order. 

Although there is no set order tracking system and binding delivery date, Sidesmedia values your time and strives to deliver your order quickly. As soon as you buy real Facebook followers via their services, Sidesmedia automatically starts to process your order without losing any second.

Customer Feedback

So far, we have listed all the possible advantages and drawbacks of Sidesmedia’s “buy real Facebook followers” service. However, you still feel like you need to be convinced further, and it’s totally understandable. After all, it’s not so easy to trust a service provider and invest your money in it. 

Customer reviews are really helpful at this point because they give you real-life insight into what to expect or what to avoid. It seems that Sidesmedia totally agrees with this point as well because there’s a special section where you can read customer feedback on the page.

#4 Buysocialmediamarketing

Are you looking to effortlessly promote your Facebook page or boost your profile with more followers? We understand that building a solid presence on social media takes a lot of effort. Sometimes, you may not see the desired results despite your best efforts. You might even feel like giving up for good. 

In such cases, don’t lose hope! You can easily kickstart your organic growth by buying Facebook followers to increase your account’s overall engagement. With Buysocialmediamarketing, it’s just one click away. Get ready to experience 100% safe, sustainable, and instant fame!


Let’s check the benefits of Buysocialmediamarketing services:

  •         Only your account link can complete the whole purchase and delivery process. Buysocialmediamarketing values your privacy and doesn’t demand personal information that could risk your security.
  •         The delivery is promptly sent within hours. So you don’t even need to go through the order tracking process. It’s 100% safe and instant.
  •         Buysocialmediamarketing’s packages are reasonably priced, but who doesn’t want to save more, right? Well, you can use profitable discounts as well.


Below are the potential disadvantages of buying Facebook followers from Buysocialmediamarketing:

  •         Buysocialmediamarketing doesn’t offer a clear refill policy in case you need reassurance when buying Facebook followers. It’s not clear whether you can ask for a free refill if your number of followers drops later on. 
  •         The packages are quite profitable and affordable. However, there are only four available packages for you to consider.


Every customer likes cost-effective solutions. So, the best outcome at the lowest price is everyone’s ultimate goal. That being the case, Buysocialmediamarketing can make your dream come true. While providing active and instant engagement from real people, it remains affordable even for tight budgets.

There are a total of eight different packages available for purchase. The starter package includes 100 Facebook followers and is priced at $2.99. The second package offers 250 followers for $5.99, making it a more cost-effective option. 

The largest package provides 25,000 followers for $199.99. You can find the relevant discount codes by clicking “Learn More” below the packages if you’re interested in additional discounts.

Delivery Time

Buysocialmediamarketing doesn’t set a specific delivery date so that you can know precisely when to expect your order. Nevertheless, when you buy real Facebook followers, the delivery usually takes a couple of hours. In some cases, it might take up to 24 hours due to order density or quantity.

Basically, you need to wait for 24 hours at most, which is just reasonable considering the quality you will receive.  

Customer Feedback

Now that you have learned about all the pros and cons of purchasing Facebook followers from Buysocialmediamarketing, you may want to verify if the service lives up to its claims. Customer feedback is a great way to assess a service provider. 

Each customer can have a different experience with the same service based on their individual needs, goals, and preferences. Therefore, reading reviews can give you an idea of the overall experience. You can find the reviews from real people at the bottom of the “buy real Facebook followers” page.

#5 Popularitybazaar

Now that we’re getting closer to putting an end to the list, let’s add one more 100% real and fast alternative to provide you with enough variety to choose from. Popularitybazaar delivers fast and organic Facebook followers to help you boost your authority on the platform. 

Since your follower count is directly related to your credibility and reputation, it’s important to keep it up! When you have a considerable number of followers, you directly draw attention from visitors because they think you’re interesting. Thus, when you buy real Facebook followers, you gain more real people to interact with your content.


Below, you can discover the benefits of Popularitybazaar services:

  •         While many other service providers count on bots or fake accounts to boost your metrics, Popularitybazaar delivers high-quality service. Your account is boosted by 100% real and active people who organically interact with your content.
  •         Popularitybazaar promises quick delivery and will send your new followers within minutes of your purchase. So, be prepared to enjoy instant growth. 
  •         If you’re not happy with what you receive, you can reach out to Popularitybazaar’s customer support service to ask for a refund or free replacement. 


Now, it’s time to check the probable drawbacks of Popularitybazaar’s “buy real Facebook followers” tool:

  •         If you are considering bulk ordering for a jump order, Popularitybazaar might not be the ideal solution for you. The biggest package offers 10,000 Facebook followers in one go. Therefore, if you need large amounts, this might come as a slight disadvantage. Still, you can order again as many times as you require.


Popularitybazaar is an excellent option if you are looking for affordable pricing from a service provider. The prices are neither too cheap nor too expensive, and you can even use discounts for the starter package. If you don’t want to sacrifice quality but have a limited budget, this is a great alternative.

Let’s review the prices of the different packages. The starter package includes 100 followers and costs only $2.99. Next is the recommended package, which offers 250 followers for $5.99. The largest package provides 10,000 followers for $119.99.

Delivery Time 

When selecting a service provider, delivery time is another crucial factor to consider. If you choose to buy real Facebook followers, it technically means you want a quick and efficient solution. For this reason, the delivery time should not disappoint you. Fortunately, with Popularitybazaar, you don’t need order tracking as the automatic system begins sending your followers within minutes of placing your order.

Customer Feedback

We totally understand if you want to review previous feedback from others before making your final decision as a customer. Reviews help you evaluate other customers’ experiences so that you know what to expect.

For this reason, it’s a brilliant idea to visit and check the customer review section before you buy real Facebook followers. Popularitybazaar has a dedicated section where you can find customer feedback. Customers evaluate and rate the service to submit their reviews in this part.

How We Choose These Top Sites Selling Buy Real Facebook Followers?

So now you know all the best alternatives to buy real Facebook followers if you’re interested. Before ending the article, let’s quickly unravel how we compiled this list. We checked all the best sites to create the greatest of all time, and here’s what we have considered:

  •         Firstly, we only included the service providers that offer 100% real and fast followers and growth. This is vitally important in order to ensure that your Facebook profile or page will be boosted by active and real people only.
  •         Secondly, we value your security, which is why we prioritized service providers that do not require your personal information. Additionally, our chosen providers use secure payment methods to ensure 100% safe transactions.
  •         Thirdly, our list only includes fast and organic service providers, but they’re also affordable while focusing on quality.

Is It Safe to Buy Real Facebook Followers?

It’s natural to have security concerns when considering purchasing Facebook followers. After all, it’s a paid service, and it’s important to prioritize your account’s security and your money’s worth. 

Nonetheless, you can rest assured that if you choose a fast and organic service, your account will be 100% safe. Your new followers will be active, and real people will like your existing ones. You can basically think of it as adding new members to your online family. You will be just safe as long as you carefully choose a reputable service provider to buy real Facebook followers.

Final Thoughts

Just like each journey, Facebook could get tough, especially since it’s so easy to get lost among many other content creators and profiles. Therefore, you always need to put a great deal of effort into what you’re producing and doing. However, if you feel like you cannot do it on your own and need a little support, we are here to guide you.

You can effectively promote your profile or page by purchasing 100% real and fast Facebook followers. In fact, since we have only included service providers that offer active and real people, your growth will be sustainable and organic. 

So, it’s no different than your natural growth; expect that it’s more effective and fast. If you feel you are in the mood for a quick game changer, you can check the list and find your perfect service provider to buy real Facebook followers.

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