How to Build Your Brand and Grow Your Following on Social Media Platforms


Meta description: Social media offers immense opportunities to grow and realize your brand growth dreams. But for this, you need to grow your followers with strategic ideas and knowing the best tools.

There was a time when getting traffic from Google was everything. Now, social media has boomed and given new horizons to marketers. Brands are making the best use of it by learning how to grow social media, which has to be organic. Growing your social media audience is more than just a numbers game. This article will answer these very ideas and equip you with actionable tips.

  1. Choose the Ideal Social Media Channels

Navigating the wide range of social media options requires strategic selection. Rather than spreading yourself across all platforms, identify where your target audience is. This can be done by conducting interviews, online surveys, utilizing social listening tools, and exploring relevant niche groups. Knowing your audience’s preferred platforms allows you to tailor your content accordingly

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  1. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

  • Use compelling images or videos. They should resonate with your brand’s essence. The visuals should capture the audience’s attention and convey your message effectively.
  • Ensure a consistent theme across all profiles. This will reinforce brand identity and make it easier for your audience to recognize it.
  • Enhance your profile’s visibility. To do this, strategically use relevant keywords in your bio. This increases the likelihood of being discovered through searches.
  • Provide functional links to your website and other profiles, This ensures seamless navigation for users wanting to know more about your brand.
  • Complete every profile section. Offer a comprehensive snapshot of your brand’s offerings. This will create a more meaningful connection with your audience.
  1. Decide Posting Time

Discovering the optimal time to share your content depends on factors such as your niche, platform, and audience. While various sources offer posting time suggestions, the best method is to analyze your own social media metrics.

Some platforms with scheduling features provide insights into when your posts get the most interaction. The options are many – Buffer, Agorapulse, TweetDeck, Loomly, MeetEdgar, etc.

  1. Prioritize Consistency and Value

Posting frequently is not enough. Consistency and value are key. Ensure your content is inspiring and actionable for your audience. To generate ideas:

  • Survey customers to uncover content preferences.
  • Leverage analytics to understand the best-performing content types.
  • Tailor content to each platform’s strengths.
  • Analyze competitor activity for inspiration.

To maintain consistency, automate your social media calendar. Use the best available to do this. Again, options are many – Sendible, Pallyy, PromoRepublic, NapoleonCat, etc

  1. How to build social media following with engagement tactics

View social media as a two-way street for communication. Engage genuinely with your audience by responding to comments, liking, and commenting on their posts. Share relevant content and spark conversations. This approach shows your brand’s human side and builds relationships.

Be mindful when commenting. Stick to your niche and do not be over-promotional. Your plans should be to engage naturally and be a part of the crowd while expressing your ideas like a real authority.

  1. Follow Relevant Brand Profiles

Extend your reach by following related brands in your industry. Engaging with their content adds value to discussions and gives a boost to your brand’s visibility.

  1. Utilize Social Listening Tools

Social listening tools enable you to track specific keywords. They monitor relevant conversations across platforms. This data helps you build a better content strategy. This has a direct impact on your ideas to address audience sentiments and preferences.

  1. Collaborate with Micro-influencers

The buck is not always where the big names are. You don’t need Kylie Jenner or Ariana Grande to promote your brands. Micro-influencers (with followers below 50K) are invaluable allies for brand growth. Their engaged audience and affordability make them your suitable social media partners. Choose micro-influencers that are in sync with your target audience. Who are you following should be based on your needs.

  1. Drive Traffic Across Platforms

Cross-promotion across social media platforms drives traffic and increases engagement. Post in a way that your audience becomes interested in exploring your content on other platforms as well. This will make your audience connect with you on other platforms, thereby growing organic followers.


Developing an engaged and organic social media following is an important step in your brand’s growth. Quality always should come before quantity. You will soon see your follower count grow in an organic way. If you’re keen to grow your social media presence, start working on these ideas today.

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