6 Smart Strategies to Increase Instagram Brand Awareness

6 Smart Strategies to Increase Instagram Brand Awareness

Businesses often strive to ensure that every marketing channel they invest in produces measurable results. Despite initial reservations, choosing Instagram brand awareness can provide powerful opportunities to enhance marketing strategies. 

In the past year alone, Instagram has achieved a remarkable milestone, with over 1 billion active monthly users. Notably, it has become the second most popular social platform.

The true value lies in the fact that 85% of businesses leverage social media platforms, including Instagram, to enhance brand awareness. Furthermore, Instagram users frequently engage with visual content, making it an ideal platform for businesses to showcase their offerings and connect with their target audience. 

Instagram is essential for brand awareness improvement. Many modern people find it difficult to perceive a brand if it is not on Instagram or its content is frankly weak. 

We will look at strategies that will help improve Instagram brand awareness.

Best Social Media Strategies for Improving Instagram Brand Awareness

Without further ado, let’s go over the top strategies that will help you boost your revenue:

#1 Improve SEO Optimization of Your Business Profile

Instagram offers valuable search engine optimization opportunities for businesses. While its search engine works differently from others like Google, there are still effective ways to increase your brand’s visibility with simple SEO techniques. 

The Instagram business profile is key to this strategy. By strategically incorporating keywords, you can attract more users and build a larger following. 

Let us guide you through the sections of your Instagram profile where you should focus on injecting your SEO keywords.

Username, also known as their ‘@handle’, is how users will search for their Instagram account. The username should be clear, easy to spell, and avoid using numbers or symbols that users might forget. The account name, on the other hand, appears in the Instagram bio. 

Here users have the opportunity to strategically include relevant keywords that are SEO-friendly and searchable. These keywords should be related to the products they create, the services they offer, or their industry. In Instagram bio, they have 150 characters to capture the attention of new users.

#2 Publish Stories and Reels Actively

Instagram Stories offers a variety of benefits to users. It enables better audience engagement by allowing brands to set up polls, ask questions, and tag people. 

Additionally, Stories provides a valuable opportunity to drive traffic to external websites through clickable links. Unlike regular Instagram feeds, Stories offer more flexibility in terms of content, allowing users to post a wider range of materials without compromising their brand’s aesthetic appeal.

IG Reels, on the other hand, offer several benefits:

  • Reaching new audiences: Content becomes visible to individuals who weren’t actively seeking the brand, thereby enhancing brand awareness.
  • Boosting engagement rates: Increased exposure prompts greater user interaction and interest.
  • Educating the audience: Utilizing IG Reels, one can create informative videos that aid the target audience in making well-informed choices.

#3 Use hashtags

Posts that include at least one hashtag generate approximately 12.6% more engagement compared to those without any hashtags. 

Furthermore, utilizing hashtags on Instagram not only improves the engagement rate but also increases the likelihood of followers sharing your content with their own network, thus enhancing visibility and Instagram brand awareness within the algorithm. 

Conducting comprehensive hashtag research proves beneficial in expanding the reach on Instagram. By having a custom list of hashtags available, individuals can incorporate up to 30 hashtags per post to effectively boost their presence.

For the successful development of the brand, you should not be limited only to Instagram. You can try new destinations, including Omegle, where you can promote products on your own or with the help of friends, influencers. 

Don’t be afraid if some of the social networks are not available, you can use the website unblocker. With it, you can get access to any content from all over the world. 

If you have an international brand or want to make it one, VeePN will be essential to your success. Nothing prevents you from trying the service, especially since it has a free trial.

#4 Team Up With Instagram Influencers

Influencer marketing platforms are great for enhancing a business’s presence on Instagram. In fact, studies show that digital influencers have influenced the decision-making process of 61% of consumers

Instagram, being the second most popular social media platform for influencer marketing, offers the perfect platform to bring your influencer strategy to life. 

What sets influencer marketing apart is its ability to connect your brand with a fresh audience of interested users. When executed effectively, it can expose your products and services to a multitude of new, high-potential customers.

#5 Create a Consistent Posting Schedule

To raise Instagram brand awareness effectively, individuals are encouraged to create a posting schedule that highlights the optimal times for sharing content when users are most engaged on the app. 

This approach ensures that the brand stands out during users’ active moments on Instagram. By studying the behavior of the audience and identifying their peak activity periods, one can establish a strategy that maximizes visibility and engagement. 

This unique approach allows brands to connect with their audience and capture their attention in a meaningful way.

#6 Build Effective Ad Campaigns

Boosting brand awareness can be achieved through the launch of ad campaigns. This involves running paid campaigns on their business profile to extend the reach of the brand. 

By employing this digital marketing strategy, businesses can accomplish several objectives:

  1. They can target a broader audience outside their current demographics.
  2. Companies can increase overall brand awareness.
  3. Driving more sales and conversions is also possible.

An exemplary case of utilizing this approach is demonstrated by the beauty brand Sephora when they aimed to raise awareness for their new fragrances. Sephora collaborated with creators to


Achieving brand awareness on Instagram is a multifaceted process that requires considerable effort. However, with dedication and strategic planning, businesses can successfully generate higher visibility and engagement rates on the app. 

Employing these tactics in combination with each other has proven to be successful for many brands.

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