How to Monitor Instagram Activity in 2024

Instagram used to have a feature that allowed one user to track another’s activity using the Following Activity feature. However, Instagram has long since removed it. While there are some inferior features, it’s different from when you could monitor Instagram activity.

A quick tip from Phonsee for Instagram will help you with this problem! You can also use different Instagram monitoring tools to keep track of someone’s activity on the platform.

In this article, we will explore how to accomplish that.

Why Would You Need to Track Someone’s Instagram Activity?

We’re going to get to the how of it all very soon. But before that, let’s answer the why. Why would you ever need to learn how to see someone’s activity on Instagram? There can be several reasons. Let’s check out a couple of those.

  1. Safety Concerns: If you feel that someone is in danger or you want to know they’re safe, you might need to learn how to track Instagram activity out of concern for their safety. By tracking the last known location where the account was active, it’s possible to keep tabs on someone.
  2. Relationship Dynamics: If you like someone and want to know their current relationship status, you can do it from their posts. You can monitor Instagram activity and posts to see if they have a significant other.
  3. Business Purposes: Businesses can leverage Instagram effectively. Learning how to track an Instagram account can provide valuable customer insights if you own one. Understanding customer preferences aids in personalizing services, enhancing engagement, and driving growth.
  4. Parental Controls: If your child is on social media, you might have concerns for their safety. There’s no better reason to learn how to see someone’s activity on Instagram.

Effective Ways to Track Someone’s Instagram Activity

There are a few ways to track someone’s Instagram activity effectively. You can use the traditional ways to keep track of someone’s public activity. You can do this by turning on Follow Notifications, the Bell icon on the top of a user’s account.

You can turn on Follow Notifications for the following things:

  • Posts,
  • Stories,
  • Reels,
  • Live Videos.

You can also track someone’s activity on Instagram through mutual follows. But again, you must remember that if the user chooses Followers Only from the privacy settings, this won’t work either.

If you still have a valid reason to learn how to track an Instagram account, you can always rely on third-party apps. Here, we will briefly talk about three of the most popular ones to give you an idea of how they work.


mSpy is the perfect tracking solution for worried parents. After installing the mSpy tracking app on your child’s phone, you can monitor Instagram activity. You can also keep track of the media files shared and know if someone’s sending a harmful link.

All of this also comes with a built-in GPS tracker. So even if Instagram doesn’t have location permission, you can still know where the phone is with the help of mSpy.


Eyezy is another popular choice to track someone’s Instagram activity, offering features similar to mSpy but with some differences. For example, like mSpy, Eyezy allows you to track messages and exchange media files.

Eyezy offers a distinctive feature to monitor Instagram activity: the ability to view the time and date of messages sent and received. This feature provides valuable information essential for making informed decisions.


uMobix is another tracking app that you can use to learn how to track Instagram activity. The app works with both Android and iOS. For Apple devices, uMobix allows users to monitor and control every aspect of Instagram activity. So, if there’s something inappropriate, you can restrict access to it easily.

The Android version of the app to track someone’s Instagram activity comes with these features, as well as a unique one. If you’re using uMobix with an Android phone, you can get screenshots of Instagram activities as frequently as every five minutes.

Why Is Instagram Popular among Users?

There are many answers to this question. The most obvious one is influencer culture. Following influencers and celebrities on Instagram is the easiest way for their fans to interact with them. Besides, Instagram is great for enjoying various content, including pictures, videos, and reels.

You might need to learn how to track an Instagram account if you’re concerned about your children following inappropriate content online. Using third-party apps lets you gain insight into their online activities to protect them from harmful content better.


In the following, we’ll be answering some common questions regarding our subject, how to monitor Instagram activity:

Q1. Can I Track Someone’s Instagram Activity Without Them Knowing?

While Instagram doesn’t offer a built-in feature for tracking someone’s activity without their knowledge, third-party apps like mSpy, Eyezy, and uMobix provide options to monitor Instagram activity discreetly.

Q2. Are Third-Party Tracking Apps Legal to Use?

The legality of using third-party tracking apps varies depending on your location and the intended use. It’s essential to review and comply with local laws and regulations regarding privacy and surveillance.

Wrapping Up

Since social media sites like Instagram are where people get exposure to modern trends, it’s important to know how to see someone’s activity on Instagram. In conclusion, gaining insight into someone’s Instagram activity can offer valuable information for various purposes, from parental supervision to safeguarding against online threats. However, it’s crucial to approach monitoring with respect for privacy and ethical considerations, ensuring a balance between control and trust in relationships.

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