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Woorise Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing & Features

Woorise is a platform that can help you run a viral giveaway.

If you are a creator or you want to reach a wider range of audiences, you may hear the name of Woorise – an Instagram giveaway picker

As Woorise is a content tool that focuses on the Instagram giveaway template copy and pastes, it has its own pros and cons. Also, we will look into its different pricing packages, so you can decide whether Woorise suits you best or should you be looking for an alternative.

Continue reading this article to understand everything about Woorise reviews and giveaways.

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What is Contest?

As we mentioned earlier, Woorise is a marketing platform that basically helps small businesses to run their contest marketing campaign, and it will let you use the feedback service. Regarding the price it offers, we have selected a more cost-effective alternative. In the following, you can briefly see how a contest marketing campaign works on both Instagram giveaway apps – Woorise and AiSchedul.    

Mobile device/ Website
Capability to Schedule giveaway posts

Customize hashtags for the giveaway

Optimize Campaigns Over Time

Powerful customer service
Giveaway feature
Reviews4.8 stars from 54.6 stars from 5
PriceFree, $7, & $15Free/ 23$/ 39$/ 79$

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Features of Woorise

Woorise has different features that you can use in terms of your needs. The features are promised to take care of your contest, from creating your content to publishing the giveaway post. Now we are going to introduce you to all the features of Woorise:

  • Design contest marketing campaign
  • Publish contests quickly
  • Manage your entries
  • Send personalized email notifications
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Different languages
  • Bio link tool

Pricing of Woorise

Woorise provides you with four different pricing packages. The first one is fully free, but it has very few features, the second one costs you 23$ with a little more features than the first package, the grow package with more features charges you 39$. Finally, the pro package is 79$; it has all of the features without limitations.

Pros & Cons of Woorise

Woorise has pros and cons that we got from its reviews on Trustworthy websites. If you want to buy a service, you should read its reviews to know the Users’ comments.

Pros of Woorise

  • It is user-friendly
  • It is a good viral giveaway platform
  • You can create your content
  • It can handle giveaways

Cons of Woorise

  • You have to figure out all the things by yourself, and it may waste our time.
  • Woorise has a Limited number of entries
  • Also, it is an expensive application
  • Woorise UI could be better
  • It doesn’t have a good backup service
  • It doesn’t have a UGC giveaway feature

UGC is a vital feature for users, yet most giveaway picker platforms lack it, despite the fact that the majority of users require it!

If you invite your audience to create content for you and post or story it on Instagram using your hashtag, you will be tagged. This is an Instagram UGC (User Generated Content) giveaway!

Why do we need UGC?

  • Users make content for you.
  • You can expand your followers.
  • UGC generates awareness.

If you tell them to mention 5 followers on that post, it can make organic and real followers for you!

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The best Alternative for Woorise

Users are always looking for the most powerful and cost-effective platform they can use. AiSchedul is a third-party app that helps you reach an organic audience and grow your business.

If you are a fan Instagram giveaway picker, you can use AiSchedul, as we said, but how:

  1. Sign up for free on AiSchedul, and connect its dashboard to your Instagram account, then tap on “manage account.”

2. Now click on the “post and scheduling” tab and go to “post and reward.” 

3. Now, click on “Schedule a contest” to set up your giveaway. To create your post, drag and drop up to 10 images and videos to make an Instagram carousel.  

4. Here is the best part of making a giveaway, you should make Instagram contest rules for your giveaways.  If you choose the regulations regarding the comment, you can condition entries to tag several people, enter a specific hashtag, and follow you. Moreover, you can ask users to tag you on one of their posts they want you to repost on your feed and follow you into the bargain. 

5. Here you can create an auto DM to notify your audiences and promote them about your content.

6. The last things you can do are write your caption, add Instagram giveaway hashtags, add location, and set the time for scheduling your giveaway!

AiSchedul boasts a whole host of features to create, optimize, and schedule content before they get published. Also, it is worth the budget you dedicate to it, even as smaller businesses or new creators. Additionally, you can use AiSchedul for free and get a taste for the features with some limitations about the number of times you can use these features during a month.

Here are Aischedul’s features:

  • Schedule social media posts, Stories, and IGTVs
  • Run Instagram giveaway, UGC giveaway, create all the formats of a giveaway, add popular giveaway hashtags, and write Instagram giveaway caption.
  • Repost Instagram posts, Stories, IGTVs, and also you can repost YouTube videos directly from YouTube without download needed.
  • You can mass delete Instagram posts with AiSchedul.
  • AiSchedul lets users manage their multiple accounts.
  • Users can use social media calendars too.
  • AiSchedul has Powerful customer support.
  • Hashtag generator tool and Instagram hashtag analytic tool.


All in all, having read a full review of Woorise and learned more about its pros, cons, and pricing, you can make your mind more easily about using this tool. Nevertheless, you found out our best alternative for the Woorise, and how it works differently to do a viral giveaway. 

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