how to delete instagram story

How to delete an Instagram Story from the archive?

Instagram stories can be defined as temporary posts that you can share on your Instagram account. These stories will be disappeared automatically after 24 hours. However, they will still remain on your Instagram archive. Actually, when a story disappears from the timeline, people cannot see what you have shared and they cannot access your archive. However, you may want to delete an Instagram story from your archive for so many reasons. In this article, we want to discuss how to delete an Instagram story from the archive. 

What are Instagram stories and how to share them?

As we mentioned above, stories are temporary Instagram posts that will be deleted automatically after 24 hours. When you open your Instagram app, what you see on top of the screen is the story bar. Here, you can see others’ stories. Or you can share stories on your own account. You can simply share and create Instagram stories by tapping on your profile icon on the story bar. Actually, Instagram stories need to be in specific dimensions. In the following, we want to find out how to delete Instagram stories. 

What is the Instagram archive?

According to Wikipedia, Instagram stories feature has been added in 2016. At that time, there was not anything called Instagram archive. But after some years, this feature was added to Instagram. Actually, the Instagram archive is a place that you can access and see all your past posts and stories and manage them. On this part, you can see the auto-removed stories you have shared through the time, and also posts that you have hidden from your audience. 

What can you do using the Instagram archive?

The Instagram archive has two separate parts: Stories archive, and posts archive. 

If you open the stories archive, you can see all the stories that you have shared through the time. Here, you can do the following things with your archived stories:

  • Reshare them as a story,
  • Share them as a post, 
  • Delete them from your archive,
  • Save the photo, 
  • Promote them if you have a business account, 
  • And save them on your highlight. 

On the posts archive, you can:

  • Delete photos, 
  • Unarchive the archived and hidden posts. 

Having all the features above, the Instagram archive is something really useful and lets you manage your account without the fear of losing any shared data. 

How to delete Instagram stories from your archive?

To delete an Instagram story from the archive, follow these steps:

Step 1) open the Instagram application on your mobile phone. Note that you cannot access your archive from the desktop version. 

Step 2) On the homepage, click on the profile icon. 

how to delete instagram story

Step 3) Now, Click on the three lines icon on the top right corner of the screen. Then, tap on “Archive”. 

Instagram archive

Step 4) Select the “Story Archive” by tapping on the triangle icon on top of the screen. 

Instagram archive

Step 5) Choose the story you want to delete and tap on it. 

Instagram archive

Step 6) Then, tap on the three dots icon on the right down corner. 

how to delete Instagram story

Step 7) Now tap on “Delete”. 

how to delete Instagram story

Step 8) Finally when the following message appears, tap on “Delete”. 

how to delete Instagram story

That’s it! You have successfully deleted an Instagram story from your story archive. 


As we all know, Instagram stories are types of posts that will be deleted automatically after 24 hours. However, Instagram saves them in a part called Instagram archive and lets users access their stories after being removed from the timeline. Actually, this part is essential because it lets you reshare your stories, save them on your mobile storage, delete them and etc. By the way, you may need to delete your Instagram stories from the archive to free up some space. Or you just need to clear up some memories. Whatever the reason is, you can always delete your Instagram stories by taking a few steps and get rid of the unnecessary ones.

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