instagram story dimensions

What are the perfect Instagram Story dimensions?

Instagram story is one of the best features of this social media network that lets you share temporary images and videos and automatically remove them from your page after 24 hours. Actually, most of the users prefer to share stories because they are faster to share, they can be created, and there are lots of things to share on stories such as polls, questions, and so many other things. But what are the perfect Instagram story dimensions? In this article, we want to discuss the reasons you may need to know the answer to this question and the best dimensions for Instagram stories. 

Why do you need to know Instagram story dimensions?

Imagine that you are a content specialist at a big company and you have to create and share well-edited photos. Or think that you are a professional photographer and you have taken some awesome photos using your camera. In these cases, you need to use your computer to edit your photos. Hence, if you want to share some of these contents on your Instagram story, you may need to crop your image in the proper size. Therefore, you need to know the exact dimensions of Instagram stories to avoid sharing photos in the wrong sizes. Actually, you can even share your content directly from your desktop

Perfect Instagram story dimensions

Instagram story dimensions

The best dimensions to share photos and videos on Instagram stories are 1080×1920 pixels which means your content must have 1080 pixels width and 1920 pixels length. This is also known as the aspect ratio of 9:16. These dimensions let you share your content in the best possible qualities. However, you can also share your Instagram stories in the following dimensions:

  • 720×1280 pixels, in this case, your content is still HD, but with faster upload times.
  • 450×800 pixels, Here your content starts to lose quality, but you will have much faster upload times

Moreover, you can share your content in other dimensions. But when you do this, you will have to choose a background for your content to make it fit in the Instagram story dimensions. 

How to share Instagram stories with the perfect dimensions?

To be honest, it may be difficult to share photos and videos using the exact dimensions we have mentioned above. So how can you share Instagram stories with the perfect dimensions easily? Actually, there are so many ways to do it and we discuss them in the following. 

Use the official Instagram app

Instagram story dimensions

The first, and maybe the simplest way to share Instagram stories with the best dimensions is to use the official Instagram application on your smartphone. Instagram stories let you:

  • Take photos and videos
  • Upload content from your mobile phone
  • Create stories

And so much more than this. Hence, whenever you want to share something on your story, doesn’t matter if you want to capture something, or just create it, you can open your Instagram application on your smartphone, tap on the story icon on the top left corner of the screen, and share your ideas with your followers. 

However, as we have mentioned, you can do this only when you want to post stories from your smartphone. Since the Instagram desktop version does not access users to share stories from their desktop, you may need to follow the steps we mention in the following section. 

Use third-party apps

Instagram story dimensions

Another way to share posts that fit in the Instagram story dimensions is to use third-party apps. Actually, most of the third-party apps let you share posts and stories from all of your devices. It means that if you want to share stories using your desktop, you can do it easily with this type of apps. Click Here to find some of the best third-party apps that let you share well-edited and qualified stories. 

As we have introduced in this link, the best app to share and create Instagram stories is AiSchedul. Open its website right now and sign up for free


To wrap it up, it is essential to know Instagram story dimensions for so many reasons. They help you to share high-quality images and videos, avoid your posts from being cropped in an inappropriate way, and etc. Actually, using the official Instagram app you don’t need to worry about the proper dimensions. However, if you want to post stories from your desktop, you can use third-party apps like AiSchedul to make sure that your content fits in the story dimensions.

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