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Top Fashion Hashtags to Grow Your Instagram Account 2021

Are you a fashion blogger and wish to show your Instagram followers the new season’s look? Or maybe a stunning range of new leisurewear? Instagram is a perfect paradise for models, fashion brands, or anyone who loves this significant and popular industry. But, you don’t have to be a supermodel, a fashionista, or a couturier to go viral on Instagram and grow your account. Actually, by playing some little tricks on your Instagram, you can win the competition. One of the tools that will save the day for you is fashion hashtags.
Hashtags are a crucial tool for generating targeted awareness on Instagram, and you can use them to bring your posts to the top of the exploring page.

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Why should you use Fashion Hashtags?

Hashtags are one of the most useful features of Instagram. You can search for a specific subject on your Instagram search page and find the latest trends. If you have a business page, it’s a great help in categorizing your posts. It won’t let them be like a mess. Also, now Instagram users can follow hashtags on Instagram to see the latest and most popular posts with hashtags on their feed.

Besides, using the right hashtags is a great way to increase your engagement rate and put you on the top search results. These digital filters and labels can help your content be visible for those searching for certain things, yet they don’t know you might happen to have them. Thus, if the searcher finds one of your posts attractive enough, the chances that they follow you is pretty high. So, do not underestimate the power of hashtags.

fashion hashtags

Moreover, if you struggle to find new content to publish, say for the launch of a brand’s latest collection, searching among top fashion hashtags can give you some insights and fresh ideas.

How to use Top Fashion Hashtags to Grow Your Instagram Account 2021

Using hashtags is easy. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post. Thirty is a very generous amount, but you should make the most use of them. Here are some of the best ways to manage your fashion hashtags to increase your engagement.

fashion hashtags

Use AiGrow Growth Engine

AiGrow is one of the best Instagram marketing platforms that offer a wide range of useful tools to boost your Instagram business. If you are a fashionista, a model, an influencer, or a fashion blogger, AiGrow can help you follow and grow your interest. Because AiGrow has a powerful Growth Engine that can guarantee your page’s improvement.


When you create an account on AiGrow, you can access the Growth Engine in your toolbar. Find the “Add Tag” section. Add at least 10 most popular hashtags to gain more followers, relevant to the fashion industry. When you enter a tag on this part, it shows the specific hashtag and other related hashtags. As you can see, this is a handy tool to discover fashion hashtags.


Moreover, to get an even better result, add the location you wish to find your target audience. Also, you can add influencer accounts. These are Instagram accounts that are related to your niche. With this option, AiGrow will follow the followers of that account; so, ass as many relative usernames as you can.

Now it is time to hit “Growth Now” and wait for AiGrow to do its job. Based on the data that you entered, it follows and likes the relevant content. As a result, Instagrammers with a high potential of interest in your account notice you, and there is a good chance that they follow you back. The best part is these new followers are real!

Bonus: If you use the AiGrow Managed VIP account, you can get at least 500 followers per month. Plus, an expert will dedicate 30 hours of manual monitoring exclusively for your account to make sure everything works smoothly.

Use AiGrow’s Engagement Groups

Using Instagram pods for gaining real engagement is all the rage these days. You can easily give and take likes, comments, shares, and saves using these engagement groups. This method is proved to be very useful to increase the level of Instagram engagement rate, even when the Instagram algorithm changes continuously.

AiGrow Pods

Luckily, pods are categorized based on similar businesses. There are many different types of pods on AiGrow that you can join in. When you sign in to AiGrow, you can click on Pods on the toolbar and then go to the discover tab. On the top right, type the word fashion to find engagement groups. Join as many fashion pods as you wish. The good thing about AiGrow pods is that they cover different subcategories of fashion. So, you’ll face many choices.

Use Telegram to Grow Your Instagram

After finish joining pods, it’s time to install Telegram Messenger and search for AiGrow Chatbot. Use the bot to add your selected AiGrow pods to your Telegram app. Now, when a group member publishes a post, you’ll be notified, and you can engage with it immediately. Remember, if you want the other members to know about your content and engage with it, you have to schedule your post first. To do this, you should use the AiGrow scheduler. You can also search and drop hashtags from there.

AiGrow Chatbot

So, how can you find top fashion hashtags in these pods? With linking to thousands of active accounts related to the fashion industry, you have access to many trend hashtags about the fashion industry. You can get ideas from your team-mate accounts and stay updated so that you won’t fall behind.

Here are some of the Best AiGrow Pods Related to Fashion:

To see more pods about fashion and style, create an account on

Use the Right Proportion of Different Hashtag Categories

As mentioned above, you can add up to 30 hashtags to each post. Also, as one of the most popular topics on Instagram, there are a tremendous amount of fashion-related hashtags. Have you ever wonder which one to choose?

Here is a suggestion to make the most use of hashtags: use a combination of general, trending hashtags + specific clothing and accessories hashtags + niche hashtags + location hashtags

General Trending Fashion Hashtags

You already know many of them, such as #fashion or #OOTD (outfit of the day). These are great hashtags to start with. Use around 15 of these hashtags on each post. It’s tempting to choose all the 30 tags in this category. But there is a problem with this approach. All other Instagrammers use the same tags, and your post will be lost among an ocean of photos instead of being found. So, only use 50% of your tags in this category.

fashion hashtags

Here are some of the general fashion hashtags:

#Fashion #OOTD #Style #InstaFashion #Vintage #FashionBlogger #Fashionista #StreetStyle #Stylish #MensFashion #WomensFashion #InstaStyle #LookBook #WhatIWore #FashionDiaries #StyleInspo #FashionBlogger #LookBook #WIWT #FashionWeek #FashionStyle #StyleBlog #Blog #StyleBlogger #StreetFashion #OutfitOfTheDay

Specific Clothing and Accessories Hashtags

These types of hashtags narrow down searches and put you in a better position to be found. So, retake a look at the photo that you’re going to publish. Is there any interesting accessory that you can use as a hashtag? What kind of dress or hat your model – or yourself – is wearing? Add them as a hashtag.

fashion hashtags

Here are some of the specific clothing and accessories hashtags:

#Shoes #NewShoes #Sneakers #SneakerHead #Boots #Booties #Heels #HighHeels #Accessories #Accessory #Accessorize #Jewelry #Bling #InstaJewelry #HandmadeJewelry #JewelryGram #Jewels #coat #swimsuit #bikini #reddress #comfypants #floralmaxi

Niche Hashtags

Use about five or even more specific hashtags about your niche. For example, are you using large or small models? Curve or skinny? Add them to the list.

fashion hashtags

Here are some examples of niche hashtags:

#loveyourcurves #size12 #petiteblogger #petitefashionblogger #skinnyblogger

Location Hashtags

Never underestimate the power of location tags. Using about 4-5 tags that contain your location is advantageous for people to find you, especially when they are in your own city. So, next time you want to upload a photo on Instagram, make sure you add the location hashtag, especially when it’s a famous or touristic place.

fashion hashtags

Tip: If you use brands, make sure you tag their Instagram account on your photo. This might be a long shot if you’re not a very famous fashion blogger or influencer. But if they happen to repost you on their account, imagine how many new followers you will get!

Last Word: Fashion is a big big world, but there are ways to survive. You can even make yourself a name on Instagram if you choose the right tools and services.

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