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How to add a link to the Instagram story?

Want to get more Instagram visitors to your website? Adding links is always the best way to move traffic to sites in order to “make money on Instagram“.

Instagram has now added a new feature called Swipe-Up Link, which using this feature has special requirements.

Of course, as you know, you also have the permission to put a clickable link in your biography section, and by using this feature, you can direct traffic to the outside of Instagram.

In this article, we try to talk about how to add a link to the Instagram story and the best alternatives and provide you with the right solutions.

This seems a bit complicated because you will encounter two options that are almost similar.

But don’t worry because we’re going to explain this to you in a simple way and teach you how to add a link to the Instagram story.

In this case, there are two different ways that we can do this.

  1. IG TV swipe-up link (New)
  2. IG Story Swipe- Up Link

Let’s take a look at some of the differences between IG TV and IG Story

To create an IGTV account, first, you need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

As you know, Instagram has set limits for its users, some of which have improved over time.

One of these limitations is the video playback time, which was 15 seconds early and later changed to 60 seconds.

But now Instagram has introduced IGTV, to solve this problem, and users can use it to upload videos between 60 seconds to an hour.

In fact, IGTV is one of the options that Instagram has provided to users so that they can advertise products or other things.

Of course, Instagram Story is also used for this purpose, but it has some differences with IGTV, some of which we will mention below.

differences between IG TV swipe-up link and IG Story Swipe- Up Link

  • You can use the clickable link in IGTV without the number of followers being important, but to add a link to the Instagram story, the number of followers you must have is 10,000.
  • When you share a post on IGTV, that post will be displayed whenever you want, while in Instagram Story, your post will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.
  • The post you share with IGTV should be relevant to your business and should always have the same brand, but in Instagram Story, you can use different brands.
  • Videos you share on IGTV must have a vertical template.
  • One of the most obvious differences is the video playback time, as we said before, you can upload videos between 60 seconds to an hour.
  • With the launch of IGTV, Instagram is trying to compete with YouTube, and the audience that is attracted to this program is usually bloggers and video content creators.
  • IG TV swipe-up link will lead users to an IGTV video inside of Instagram but IG Story Swipe- Up Link will lead users to an external link on youtube or other websites.

Quick Steps to add a link to the Instagram story (swipe-up link)

The second type of swipe-up link that not send you to IGTV requires a couple of things that you may not have yet.

 three things to get to swipe-up link:

  1. You need to have a business account
  2. You must have 10000 followers
  3. OR your account should be a verified account

to switch your account to a business account you need to go to the settings menu.

on top of the page press three lines and go to the settings on the bottom.

then scroll and choose the “switch to business profile” option then it will ask you to link your page to a Facebook page and it will convert your page into a business page.

When you completed these steps get back to your Instagram story and you will see that you have the link icon on the top.

Then if you press the link icon you will have two different options.

First one IGTV video link and you get this by basically having an IGTV account and having a video there.

the second one and what we want to learn you is the URL link and if you press that you could literally type in any website blog video that you want.

So you could just literally send people to everywhere you want.

All you have to do is type in the URL of the site you want and press done, then share your story.

When someone enters your Instagram story, they will see “see more” on the bottom and if they press on it, it is gonna direct them to the URL that you typed in.

So you could promote your youtube videos or blog or your website here.

Can we use this feature without having 10,000 followers?

Yes, you can do it but in this case, you can just lead traffic inside of Instagram, not to a Youtube video or other websites outside of Instagram.

As we said at the beginning of the article, you can use two methods to add a link to the Instagram story, one of which is the IG TV swipe-up link.

There are brands on Instagram that have less than 10,000 followers, but they can take advantage of this.

To do this, you must first have an IGTV channel.

The link that actually put there doesn’t go to like a Youtube video but what it does do it goes to IGTV video.

So it is a great way to cross-promote your IGTV video.

Now we are going to learn you how could you do it.

Tip: If you want to use IGTV via Instagram, don’t worry at all, because IGTV and Instagram work together, so you don’t need a separate account.

create an IGTV channel

The link that actually put there doesn’t go to like a Youtube video but what it does do it goes to IGTV video.

So it is a great way to cross-promote your IGTV video.

Now we are going to learn you how could you do it.

To create an IGTV channel, first of all, go to your homepage icon on Instagram and you should have IGTV icon on the right top of your page. be sure you have the latest version of Instagram).

  • press IGTV icon on the right side
  • Click on the settings icon and choose “Create Channel” option
  • Press next and your channel created

Quick steps to add IG TV swipe-up link

  1. Upload a video on your IGTV channel
  2. Add a title and description for the video and press the post option
  3. Get back to your story and choose a photo then tap on the link icon.
  4. Choose IGTV video on the new page and add a swipe-up link to the video that you had uploaded.

before putting a link inside Instagram story to take you to a youtube video or to a website out of Instagram you need 10000 followers on Instagram but you can have a Swipe-up link feature without having this amount of followers using IGTV swipe-link.
using this feature just take you to an IGTV video inside of Instagram and you can not lead users to a youtube video or a website out of Instagram.

So this restriction has not been removed for all users yet, but you still have a chance and that is to use the link in the biography section!

Read the article to the end to get acquainted with newer solutions.

MyURL.bio by AiSchedul is the best alternative ways to share links on Instagram

We have explained to you two ways of how to add a link to the Instagram story.

Of these two methods, only one of them could direct your users to a place outside of Instagram.

Instagram allows you to use an output link in your biography as well.

Suppose you have a YouTube channel and you also have different channels on other social networks where you want to direct users, but you are limited to a single link on Instagram.

here MyURL.bio helps you to place multiple links in one link.

We suggest you use MyURL.bio to add external links to your feed and bio.

Click here to sign up and enjoy all the benefits for free.

After registering, you will be taken to a page called Dashboard, and you can add multiple Instagram accounts to this page.

how to add multiple clickable links to Instagram bio and feeds using MyURL.bio

  • After registering, log in to your dashboard and add your Instagram account.
  • Choose the account that you want to manage (tap on Manage Account).
  • Choose Bio-Link from the new page that opens.
  • Add as many URLs or social media you want.
  • Copy the link that MyURL.bio gives you and put it in your biography.

Now that you have completed the steps, your link will act as a landing page, meaning that if a user clicks on the link in your biography, they will be redirected to a page where all your links are located.

You can also link each of your Instagram feeds to an output link so if users click on your post will be redirected to the desired web address.

the following video will teach you how to work with this platform and will also tell you more features.

Features provided by MyURL.bio

  • Multiple URL in Bio
  • Connect each post to a URL
  • Add any other links in the form of buttons
  • Add your social media links to your bio
  • Schedule Posts Which Are Linked to External Pages
  • Connect Stories to external pages
  • Tag multiple products to a post
  • Collect Emails using an Email Me button
  • Retarget Bio visitors on Facebook, and Google
  • And more

Summary: In order to be able to drive Instagram traffic to a video or site outside of Instagram, you need to be able to use output links.In this article, we’ve look at two methods that Instagram has come up with, and suggest you an auxiliary method that could be a good alternative to both previous methods.

These methods include:
1-add a link to the Instagram story(IG Story Swipe- Up Link)
2-IG TV swipe-up link (New)
3-Using MyURL.bio to add external links to your feed and bio

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