Mute someone on Instagram

How to mute someone on Instagram? Posts and Stories

Do you know how to mute someone on Instagram?

It is absolutely normal if all the notifications you receive on your phone have been driving you crazy. Personally, if something that I don’t want to hear or see interrupts me in the middle of working and studying hours, I simply lose my concentration. What makes it even worse is the fact that you probably don’t want to unfollow them. 

So you should think of how to mute people on Instagram. 

I am going to share my experience based on my research about a different way of how to mute Instagram.

How to mute someone on Instagram?

Instagram is a platform that allows users to share Stories, posts, and IGTVs, moreover, you can send direct messages, likes, and comments on posts. As I mentioned earlier, you may not just be in the mood to listen to your Instagram notifications. Follow this Instruction to completely understand how to mute someone on Instagram.

How to mute Instagram Stories and Posts?

I am going to explain how do you mute someone on Instagram easily. Muting Instagram posts and Stories has the same way. What’s more, when you mute a profile, Instagram doesn’t notify them about your action.

So, follow this step-by-step guide to completely learn how to mute Instagram Stories:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Search the name of that username that you want to mute.
  • After finding that profile, tap the “Following” button found near the top of the profile.
  • Then, all you need to do is press the mute button.
  • Finally, choose whether you’d like to mute their Stories or Posts by turning the sliders on or off. 

Instagram Profile>Following>Mute>Posts/Stories

Now you know “how do you mute someone on Instagram” within some very easy steps.

How to know if someone mutes you on Instagram?

Truly there isn’t any exact way to let you understand if someone mutes you on Instagram but you can try this way:

  • The first step is to add them to your list of close friends. This strategy is excellent for determining whether a certain individual has muted your Instagram story. Next, share your story with your closest friends. Wait a few hours before checking to see if the person has viewed your Instagram story. If that user didn’t view your Story, that person is highly likely to have muted your story. 

How do you unmute someone on Instagram?

Wondering how do you unmute someone on Instagram?

Even if you’ve muted someone, you can always view their posts and Stories by going to their profile. 

Anyway, if you want to learn how to unmute on Instagram, here is  how to unmute Instagram:

  • Go back to their profile and hit the “Following” icon.
  • Then select the “Mute” option from the menu.
  • Here you can unmute the Stories and posts.

Instagram Profile> Following> Mute> Posts/Stories

All in all, you know the simplest approach to how to unmute someone on Instagram by following the instruction that I explained. 

What happens when you mute someone on Instagram?

You might have learned how to mute people on Instagram and how to unmute on Instagram, but you do not know what happens when you mute someone on Instagram. The good thing about it, when you mute the Stories and posts, Instagram doesn’t prevent the profile you had muted from contacting you and Instagram doesn’t notify users that you have muted them. While you will keep receiving their posts, Stories, and even DMs on Instagram, you may choose not to react to any of them. But this won’t alert the particular profile at all. There is no harm done in this case, neither to you nor to the one who has been muted.    

However, if you miss the constant noise of notifications, you also know how to unmute Instagram using the same simple steps.

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 Upload your feed<Add hashtags & location>Schedule

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It is easy to learn how to mute someone on Instagram and how to unmute someone on Instagram. Basically, you follow the same procedure for muting posts and Stories. Also, this gets even better when you realize that the accounts you mute will never be made aware of your action, and communications between you and those profiles will continue the same.

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