does instagram notify when you screenshot

Does Instagram really notify when you take screenshots of a Post or a Story?

During the past few years, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media websites all around the world. With so many amazing posts being shared on Instagram, you may want to take screenshots and save some posts to use them. However, sometimes you may wonder whether the page owner is getting notified of the screenshots or not. In this article, we want to discuss the question “Does Instagram notify when you screenshot?” and find an exact answer to it. 

Does Instagram notify when you screenshot posts?

does instagram notify when you screenshot

Actually, the answer is “NO”. Whenever you take screenshots from regular posts on Instagram, users will not be notified. So you can screenshot all the posts shared on Instagram without worrying about anything. Moreover, this means that you cannot even find who has taken screenshots of your posts.

Screenshot alternative to save posts

In 2018, Instagram added a useful feature which can be an alternative to screenshots, This feature is the save icon that has been added on the right side of the posts and lets you save the posts that you want to watch and use them after a time. However, this feature may not be as good as screenshots for some reasons. A reason is that the posts you wanted may be deleted by the owner and you cannot access them after that. So, taking screenshots may be way better and you will still need them. 

Moreover, there is another alternative to save posts and stories. There is an Instagram-based platform named AiSchedul. Using AiSchedul and its repost feature, you can view posts and stories anonymously and save them on your desktop or mobile phone.

Does Instagram notify when you screenshot stories?

does instagram notify when you screenshot

The answer to this question is also “NO”. Actually, in the past years, Instagram announced that a new feature will be added to stories and this feature is to notify people when others take screenshots of their stories. This feature was added in February 2018 and tested for a few months. However, after a time they revised this idea and informed that this will not happen. Hence, by June this feature was retired. So, right no there is no possibility to find who has taken screenshots from your stories. Therefore, if you want to screenshot someone’s stories secretly, you can do it!

By the way, there is always the possibility that the feature could resume and Instagram may decide to add the story screenshots notification feature at any time that is not known by anyone!

Can you find who has taken screenshots of your posts using third-party apps?

does instagram notify when you screenshot

If you google “How to know who takes screenshots of my posts on Instagram?” you will find some third-party apps claiming that they will inform you when a person screenshots your posts and stories. However, it is essential to know that it is almost impossible. Actually, Instagram puts some strict limitations to keep its users’ information safe. One of these limitations is that it doesn’t let any third-party apps reveal secret information of users. Therefore, none of the third-party apps you find on Google cannot notify you of screenshots taken by other users. 

What can you do if you have already installed one of these third-party apps?

Third-party apps can access your Instagram account, post automatically and even access other apps on your phone. So, if you have added any of the apps that claim notify you of screenshots, you need to uninstall them as soon as possible and change your Instagram password just to be sure that you are keeping your account safe. Moreover, try to install an antivirus on your device to clean your device from viruses and trojans. 


In a nutshell, the exact answer to the question “Does Instagram notify when you screenshot?” is simply “NO”. Instagram does not notify users of taking screenshots of posts, stories, or even direct messages. In addition, all the third-party apps that were made to send Instagram screenshot notifications are totally out of work and they will not help you at all. So, if you want to take screenshots, you can do it freely and do not worry about any kinds of notifications.

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