Why you shouldn’t be using lately social? + Best alternatives

The social media management tools are made to help users save time, grow their accounts, experience a high engagement rate, etc. But it doesn’t mean all services are worth trying!

If you are in a dilemma of whether to use Lately Social on not, then wait a minute! Just make up your mind after reading the blog.

If you are looking for the best Lately Social alternative and want to skip the article, try AiSchedul to manage your Instagram account and improve your social media dashboard.

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What is Lately Social?

It is a social media scheduling tool that supports Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube platforms. Its primary duty is scheduling posts for the future.

Lately Social features

  • It comes on a cloud
  • Schedules posts
  • Supports several platforms
  • Analyzes the posts
  • Lets users add several accounts
  • Saves time

Lately Social price

It provides different pricing and plans that let users choose the one that fits them the best. The plans include:

  • Free
  • Personal – 9$
  • Agency – 14$
  • Enterprise – 24$
  • Business – 89$
  • VIP plans – 149$

Lately social pricing 1

Lately Social pricing 2

Why shouldn’t you be using Lately Social?

Well, the reason may vary from a person to another; we have gathered the main reasons once a user decides to stop using Lately Social (or “social lately”) that are:

  • There is no support for audience targeting
  • It doesn’t support conversion tracking
  • It is not a complete Instagram management service
  • There aren’t enough reviews
  • It is more expensive compared with similar services
  • Its dashboard is not easy to use
  • There is no review on Trust Pilot or Site Jabber
  • It is not suitable for personal usage
  • It has a limited number of reviews

Lately Social reviews

Unlike popular social media management tools, Lately Social doesn’t have many reviews on popular review websites such as Trust Pilot. Some users have shared their idea on Reddit.

Lately, Social review on Reddit

Lately Social on Reddit

Lately, social claims to be a convenient service for editing and scheduling posts, which may not be, based on the user’s experience!

Also, we wish there were more reviews about the service, but it seems that it doesn’t have many users, and we could hardly find a review about it!

What are the best Lately Social alternatives?

There are many good alternatives for Lately Social that work better and offer an affordable price. Let’s know more about them:

  1. AiSchedul

AiSchedul is one of the valuable services for Instagram users that offers beneficial services such as social monitoring, all in one bio link, a post and story scheduler, etc. You can have all the features at a very affordable price that is mentioned in the following.

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The primary services of AiSchedul include:

  1. Social monitoring
  • Monitor #hashtags and @accounts
  • Monitor your @account’s mentions
  • Find out about special events each month
  • Repost instantly
  • Schedule or save the post for future
  • Receive daily alerts
  • Find interesting story and posts’ idea
  1. All in one bio link
  • Add links on your Instagram bio (blog posts, social media channels, e-Commerce pages, etc.)
  • Get custom URL
  • Gather leads and do email marketing
  1. Reward
  • Reward your followers automatically
  • Schedule posts
  • Specify steps
  • Configure DM
  • Reward
  1. Post scheduler
  • Schedule Instagram posts and stories
  • Design posts and stories before publishing
  • Add effects, emojis, tags, etc. before publishing
  • Add carousel posts
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Repost any content
  • Schedule post deletion
  • Search hashtags

AiSchedul pricing and plans

AiSchedul offers three different plans that let users choose the one that fits them the best. It has the “free,” “starter,” and “pro” plans.

As you can see, compared to lately social, AiSchedul’s pricing is by far a better choice.
For most Instagram-based startups, businesses, or even influencers, it’s not worth spending up to even 149$ per active user/monthly for lately social Instagram management services.

    2. Loomly

It is another beneficial service for Instagram users with a lot of good features that are mentioned below.

Loomly features

  • Offers post idea
  • Provides content library
  • Offers optimization tips
  • Offers Ad mockups
  • Schedules posts
  • Offers analytics

Loomly price and plans

It provides “Base,” “Standard,” “Advanced,” “Premium,” and “Enterprise” plans.

  3. Buffer

It helps Instagram users manage their Instagram account and increase the engagement rate and other social media platforms.

Buffer features

  • Schedules Instagram posts
  • Provides analytics
  • Schedules Instagram stories
  • Provides link in bio
  • Provides the hashtag planner service

Buffer pricing and plans

It offers two plans for the “Publish” and “Analytic” services for users, brands, and teams.

All in all

is lately social safe? Yes, but in short, it is better to forget about using it since it offers a limited service, which is scheduling posts. Instead, choose one of the mentioned alternatives to get a high engagement rate, manage your Instagram account quickly, and access many services such as link in bio, post, reward, etc.

We highly recommend AiSchedul, which helps you reach your goals and get what you are waiting for.
AiSchedul is a lately social alternative with free trials as well.
Just give it a try!

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