10 Ways to Engage Your Customers With Instagram Story Highlights

After years of being fruitfully used by businesses and organizations, Instagram is globally accepted as one of the best ways to market your business. Undoubtedly, it is leading the front with innumerable features with imperative potential for direct engagement and connection with the customers.
Features like Instagram stories, that can even contain your ideal link.(You don’t need a large audience to  have linkable stories, read this article to know how you can have links on your stories without a large audience)

Brands actively work to interact with their audience with posts, stories, tags, live videos, IGTV, and now story highlights which have recently gained adequate popularity. Masses witnessed its importance and within no time more than 500 million accounts started using and maneuvering proportionate customer engagement with the feature.

Your story highlights are live and constantly available on your profile, making it an incredible tool for new visitors to know easily about what your company and brand are all about.

Story highlights can be planned and strategize with layouts and features to stand out amongst the crowd. Highlights are a widely targeted feature that will help and build a loyal base of customers.

In this article, we will understand the different ways to engage visitors and customers with your story highlights. 

Let’s jump right into it.

What are Story Highlights?

An amalgamated and well-sequenced series of pictures, videos, and posts that you have posted on your stories are known as Instagram Story Highlights. Often referred to as albums, you can organize and plan these albums with various subjects and categories.

These Highlights do not vanish after 24 hours like your regular stories. They are permanently saved above your regular posts and below your bio section. You can add, delete, and save highlights anytime you wish to.

Well, let us also understand the simple process to create Instagram highlights. The foundational step for story highlights is to turn-on the auto-archive feature of your account. This will eliminate the worry of losing any important content shared in the stories. All the stories will be automatically saved to the cloud and you can add them to the highlights anytime you wish to. Even if your story has vanished after its 24-hour lifeline, it will be saved in the archive section.

Let us now dive into different ways to engage customers with your story highlights.

Ways to Increase Engagement through Story Highlights

Randomly adding all your stories to highlights certainly will not upsurge the engagement levels. However, it will confuse the customers and dilute their interest. Hence, it is important to segregate and pick the right stories for the highlight section. Multiple albums with specific categories are the ideal way to plan and strategize your story highlights.

Let us know different ways and ideas to engage your customers and followers.

Showcase Your Brand

You can post all your promotional stories under one umbrella and let customers access it with ease. All the important information can be accessed without any hassles. It is beneficial for both existing and potential customers.

Promote Your Products

The ideal way to promote your products or services is a well-planned highlight series. 75% of users take action like visiting the website or purchasing a product after scrolling through the highlight album.

It is practically not feasible for people to check your entire feed to know about your range of products, hence one album showcasing your product line is easier and faster to access.

Customers can easily find all your offerings, directly visit your website, DM you for a purchase or sign up for updates without the tiring process of scrolling through the entire feed.

Promote Your Events

Instagram is the best place to promote your events and let more and more people know about it. Commemorating all your successful events of the past and upcoming ones will build awareness of your brand and products.

Share All The Reviews

Let people know that your customers absolutely love your products or services. Urge your customers, to tag you when they post about your product and you can add them all in a single story highlight. Make sure you do not miss on adding any of the amazing reviews or comments by your customers.

A pile of happy customers will attract more!

Highlight Your Customers

Giving adequate recognition and importance to your customers will build a deeper connection with the brand. Customer appreciation is an important asset to your business as it displays your brand as affectionate towards its shoppers.

Q&A- Answer Your Customer Questions 

Run a question and answer session and add all the frequently asked queries about your business or products. If a new visitor to your profile has a few doubts then this highlight album will vanish all of it. An interactive album idea to capture the scrolling eye-balls.

Tips and Tutorials

An interesting way to build trust and establish credibility for your products and services is by sharing tips and tutorials about how to use it in the best way. You can share in-depth knowledge about your product that can entice more people to buy the product for its diverse functionality and ease of use.

Create A Series

You can create a series of things you do the most at work every day. A series of motivational quotes, coffee, sunrise, smiling pictures, funny quotes, and many other options you can choose from. The consistency in posting series will pull back customers for a long span of time.

This helps you and your brand to stay in touch with your customers.

Sales And Discounts

How can we forget the importance of sales and discounts? The key is to let people know about the discount and sales offers your customers can access. Such sales will trigger customers to buy more products. You can also use this to hype the dates and timings of your sale so that more people are aware of it.

Promote Your Collaborations

People should know about the various brand collaborations your brand has done. But it cannot be possible with uploading stories as they will vanish hence a highlight album for collaborations is a must. You can attract more brands to collaborate with you in the future.


The evolutionary path of social media and Instagram are unleashing various features to connect and increase your brand awareness. Almost a year old, Instagram Story Highlights is instrumental for businesses.

The highlights have added a new dimension of interaction with your followers and customers. If you wish to experiment and grow your business then story highlights are a must for our business Instagram profile.

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