AiSchedul vs. RecurPost – Which app is better to automatically post on Instagram?

One of the best social media schedulers is RecurPost. According to their website “RecurPost allows you to automatically share your updates at the best time, saving you countless hours and increasing your social media engagement every week”. On the other hand, AiSchedul is one of the most popular Instagram schedulers that help you manage your Instagram account more professionally. In this article, we compare AiSchedul with RecurPost. 

Our comparison contains:

  • Setup 
  • Connecting your Instagram account(s)
  • Features
  • Maintenance and support
  • Price
  • Conclusion


AiSchedul VS. RecurPost- A comparison of two Instagram schedulers



To start with AiSchedul follow these steps:

Step 1) Open the AiSchedul Website

Step 2) On the dashboard, click on the “GET STARTED” button.

AiSchedul homepage

Step 3) on the following page, enter your name, e-mail, and password. Then click on the “Register now” button. 

AiSchedul signup

That’s it! Now you are an AiSchedul user for free. 


To sign up in RecurPost do the following steps:

Step 1) Open the RecurPost website and tap on “SIGN UP FREE”.

RecurPost homepage

Step 2) On the following page, enter your email address, name, and password. Then reenter your password and tap on “CREATE AN ACCOUNT”.

RecurPost signup

Connecting your Instagram account(s)


After completing the setup steps, log in to your AiSchedul account. The AiSchedul dashboard that you will see is like the picture below.

AiSchedul dashboard

Tap on the “Add Instagram Account” button to connect with your Instagram. Note that you can add multiple Instagram accounts. 

AiSchedul connect to Instagram

Then, enter your username and tap on the Next button. 

AiSchedul add account

Finally, enter your Instagram password and tap on the “Submit” button. 

AiSchedul Instagram login

Congratulations! Your Instagram account has been added successfully. 


When you log into your RecurPost account, you will see a dashboard like a picture below:

RecurPost dashboard

As you can see, you can add all your social media account to this website. However, to log on to your Instagram account tap on the profile button under the Instagram logo. 

RecurPost Instagram account

RecurPost logs in to your Instagram that has been added to the browser directly. If this is not the account you want to log in to, tap on the “not Username” to change account. Then Tap on the “Authorize” button.

RecurPost connect to Instagram

Done! You have added your Instagram account to RecurPost. 

However, after adding your Instagram account, you will see a message that lets you download RecurPost application on your Android or ios device and turn on notifications. 

RecurPost download app



Actually, AiSchedul is more than just an Instagram scheduler. Using AiSchedul you can:

  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts on the desktop at a place.
  • Schedule posts.
  • Edit and schedule stories. 
  • Auto response to comments. 
  • Tag people and locations. 
  • Edit posts and after scheduling.
  • Repost content. 

Using all the features above, you will become a professional Instagrammer. Moreover, you can save time and get more attractions. Continue reading to see how do the features work!

Schedule Post

To set a schedule for your posts on Feed, tap on “Manage Account” on the dashboard. Then, click on the “Schedule Feed” button. Easily drag and drop your content into the broken rectangle at the top of the page. After dragging your photo or video into the rectangle, click “Save” before you continue. Remember, you can also schedule multi-photo and even multi-video posts.

AiSchedul features

After uploading your photo(s) or video(s), you can:

  • Tag people
  • Crop your post (fit entire photo or crop to 1080px x 1080px)
  • Rotate your post

AiSchedul upload posts

From here, scheduling your post can be accomplished in 5 steps:

  1. Write your caption to make your post catchy
  2. Add your hashtags (your hashtags will be posted as a comment to make your caption look cleaner and increase post engagement)
  3. Choose the date and time you want to share your post (or check the box to “Post Immediately”)
  4. Choose which accounts you want your post to be posted on (you can schedule the same post for multiple Instagram accounts)
  5. Finish schedule by clicking the “Schedule Post” button

AiSchedule post schedule

After hitting “Schedule Post”, you’re post is officially scheduled. Come the date and time of your scheduled post, your post will automatically post to Instagram without any effort on your part.

You can see all of your upcoming scheduled posts from your dashboard, as well as all of your past scheduled posts too.

AiSchedul provides another interesting feature and it is “Auto Responds to comments”. Automated responses are active for all premium accounts. 

To know more about post scheduling, click here

Schedule Story

To schedule stories on Instagram, click on “Post on Story” on your dashboard. To upload the planned story, click the + button and edit it with the tools at the top of the story box.

After uploading your photo(s) or video(s), you can:

  • Tag someone in your Story
  • Draw on your Instagram Story
  • Geotag your Instagram Story
  • Add emojis onto your Story
  • Change the background color
  • Add a link to your Story
  • Add questions and polls to your Story

Click on the “Save” button when you’re finished.

AiSchedul schedule stories

Now,  choose a date and time that you want your Story to be published (or check the box to “Post Immediately”) and what Instagram accounts you want to post to (you can post the same Story to multiple Instagram accounts).

AiSchedul schedule stories


AiSchedul allows you to repost contents (both Feed & story) on Instagram. When on your dashboard, click on Repost and in the opened menu choose your method of finding the contents you like to repost.

You can search and find posts by Hashtags, Location, URL or Username. After finding a suitable post, you can repost it on your feed easily. 

  • Hashtags

You can search for hashtags and find the favorite content that you consider to repost on Instagram. Also, you can view the resulting contents before reposting them.

AiSchedul repost by hashtag

  • Location

Another option to find your desired posts is through a location search. Simply type the location and choose the posts related to the area.

AiSchedul repost by location

  • URL

You can copy the URL of the post you find interesting on Instagram and repost it with AiSchedul. Also, you can schedule it on your own Instagram. Here is an example:

AiSchedul repost by URL

  • Username

You are able to search for your favorite content by searching for usernames. Basically, you can see the posts shared by the user and pick the one you want to repost on Instagram. Don’t forget to keep them tagged so you give them credit.

AiSchedul repost by username

Once you have picked your favorite post by one of the options, you need to schedule it. It is just like scheduling a normal post which has been explained above.

If you want to know more about reposts and reasons to repost content, read this article.

When you sign in to your AiSchedul account and buy a plan, you can use all of these features and enjoy the easiness of working with it.



RecurPost lets you schedule posts only, but it lets you do it on different social media websites. To schedule a post using RecurPost, when you are on the dashboard, click on the “Add content” button and choose the option you want. 

RecurPost features

Then, you will see a page like this:

RecurPost schedule posts

Here, you need to choose the social media accounts you have entered to RecurPost. Then, write a caption and upload your content. 

RecurPost schedule posts

Actually, you can add media using different ways offered by the website. Choose the one you want and upload up to 10 images. To upload videos, you need to upgrade your account and buy a plan. 

RecurPost add media

Finally, schedule your post and tap on the “Schedule” button. 

RecurPost schedule posts

Done! You have scheduled your post. When you have done scheduling the posts, you will see them on your dashboard and you can edit the caption and content, or delete it if you want. 

RecurPost edit post

Maintenance and support


If you have any problems getting started with AiSchedul or face any issues, you may find a solution on the AiSchedul FAQ part. Also, you can find fruitful guides on the AiSchedul blog

AiSchedul help

In case you didn’t find your problem on this part, you can contact the AiSchedul help center and solve all the issues and problems easily. 


If you have any questions or problems using RecurPost, you can easily check their FAQ part to find out your answer. However, if you didn’t get the solution here, you can always send them a message using the “Support” button at the lowest part of your screen.

RecurPost help



AiSchedul offers two different plans for users. In addition, it gives new users a 5-day free trial which is not limited at all and you can examine almost all the features to know the app better and decide whether you want to pay for it or not. 

AiSchedul prices

One of the two plans offered by AiSchedul is always free but in this version, you can only access some of the features and you cannot enjoy the total ride of this application. Moreover, the other plan that gives complete access to features costs only 9$ per month which is economic in comparison to other apps.


Actually, RecurPost will offer you four different plans. One of the plans offered by this website is free, but it has so many limitations. For instance, you cannot upload videos, you can only add 3 social media accounts and you can not add the 3 of them from one social media website, i.e. you cannot manage 3 Instagram accounts using this plan. According to the website, the best plan costs 25$ per month and in this case, you can upload videos, manage 10 social accounts, and schedule up to 20 posts for each account. 

RecurPost prices


To sum it up. Both of the apps studied in this article are powerful schedulers. However, they have different features and you have to choose intellectually among them. RecurPost gives you the ability to download an application on your mobile phone and manage things easier. Moreover, it has a calendar that lets you see what you are doing during the week. On the other hand, AiSchedul lets you manage your multiple accounts on all types of devices and it has no limitations on the number of posts and stories. 

Compare the features and pricing of these to auto-post tools and select the one that matches with your requirements.

Want to sign up and try AiSchedul for free, click here.

Those who want to use RecurPost, click here and visit their website.

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