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7 Content Ideas for Instagram Reels

To do business today, it is simply vital to be present online. On top of that, having a website might not always be enough, and it is reasonable to establish some presence on social networks. Instagram has become one of the best platforms for businesses in particular in a relatively short amount of time as it allows you to visually represent anything in the best light possible. There are so many ways you can significantly increase your brand awareness and presence using the tools available on Instagram.

You can regularly post your product updates and inform people about new upcoming items or discounts and special offers using stories. And Instagram did not stop there. Realizing its potential for small business accounts, Instagram has recently released Reels feature that allows you to create fun and enjoyable video content to represent your business even better. And while the feature is relatively new, it’s more than worth using its full potential in order to turn it into a powerful tool.

Create Trends on a New Land

Reels feature was released on Instagram about six months ago on August 5, 2020, so the feature is still relatively new, turning it into an absolute advantage. If you’ve been using Instagram recently, Reels is a feature that allows you to film short 15-second videos, add some music or custom sounds to them, visual effects, and thumbnails. So, basically, it’s a TikTok integration for Instagram, which works well for businesses, nevertheless.

Considering the popularity of TikTok recently, the new Reels feature is about to become a trend as well, primarily due to the recognizable format, simplicity, and convenience of use. And the advantage of this is that you have nearly complete creative freedom regarding how to approach this new and potentially effective feature. Instead of following the trends of countless other small businesses and trying to get the attention of your followers that look through hundreds of other similar pages, you can set the trends yourself and boost your fame and fortune before Reels become mainstream.

 7 Bomb Content Ideas for Instagram Reels

Still, the novelty of the feature doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think outside the box and follow TikTok trends or merely create video versions of your stories. There are numerous truly creative ways to approach reels that take the unique nature of Instagram into account. Here are the top ideas that can boost your presence on Instagram due to their freshness and engaging nature in the first place.

1.Take your followers on a journey 

You can create a whole series of Reels that will get your followers through your business. That could be a short story behind your business’ public operations or brief presentations of the goods or services you offer. In any case, this type of Reels should humanize your business and make it relatable to your customers, which, in turn, attracts their attention more and, potentially, boosts your sales.

2. Show behind the scenes

Somewhat similar to the previous kind of Reels but with a greater accent on the presentation of the products and your approach to preparing and serving them to your customers. For instance, you can create a Reel showing you or your employees accepting the products from the delivery person or allocating them in the store. This way, you’ll show quite a priceless thing, which is your respect and sincere care for your customers who witness some additional steps of the product delivery to them.

3. Offer useful advice

Whatever you do, you can always show some tips and tricks related to the products you sell or the services you provide. Tiny lifehacks, microinstructions on how to fix, restore, or make something, or a simple “advice for the day” will work nicely. “Customers love it when we spell out a word of the day,” says a social media marketer for Supreme Dissertations who creates Reels showcasing the spelling of various words. This kind of content shows that you’ve always got something to tell your customers, thus, increasing their interest in you.

4. Make a joke

A bit of comedy is something that everyone would enjoy, especially in modern times. Film a physical joke, harmless prank, or just a humorous short scene (any of which can be accompanied by the corresponding music) to cheer your followers up. This kind of Reels will demonstrate that your business is an entity of action and will rather do some nice small things for their customers rather than say thousands of nice but insincere words.

5. Answer your followers’ questions 

If you’re doing business on Instagram for some time, you probably know what it’s like to have tons of similar questions coming from all sides. And, in order to show that you really care, you should answer as many questions as possible, which can be overwhelming. Reels are about to solve this problem for you. 

You don’t need to respond to each follower’s question under your posts. Just select some of the most frequently asked questions or those that you can answer immediately and create a short video responding to 3-5 of them. 

6. Use Reels and teasers or trailers

The idea is quite self-explanatory. Whenever you know that there’s some kind of important update coming up, you can always tease it in your Reels. Whether it’s a long-awaited supply of the products your customers have been asking you about for some time or a virtual event, like a podcast, store presentation, or a new website feature, you can always attract your followers’ attention by such kind of news.

7. Have fun at work

 Whether you have a busy workday or a relatively boring one, you can always show that you love what you do by having a bit of fun. If your employees are on a busy day, show off how hard they work. If the day is quite free, you can get silly at work to show that you always have something to do, like dance, sing, or make a funny scene to brush your boredom away.

And don’t forget that a formal aspect of Reels is as important as the creative one. Don’t forget to post at the most appropriate time of the day, use Grammarly, Word Counter, and TrustMyPaper to check the grammar and count the words in your captions, and apply appropriate filters. While making Reels should be fun, it should also be approached professionally.

 Making Reels Return Real Result


Everything can be approached professionally, and Reels are not an exception. If TikTok could have been turned into a platform that promotes serious business for real, then a similar Instagram feature must do the same, only for this social network. 

The most important thing here is to realize that the feature is still new, so it’s reasonable to use it actively while it’s still hot and invest all creativity you have at the moment in it. This would be a real professional approach to the novel thing with a serious potential to boost the effectiveness of social media marketing approaches for your business in the long run.

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